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17-03-2013, 18:49
Does Epidemius still get look out sir if you hide him in a unit of plaguebearers for example ?

I mean I know he is classed as a MC does that mean he has to join a unit of beast of nurgle or can he still hide in a unit of plaguebearers?

What do you think the best plan for him depolyment wise is?

17-03-2013, 18:52
He's monstrous cavalry. He wouldn't get look out sir from plaguebearers (infantry) or beasts of nurgle (monstrous beasts). He would get a 4+ look out sir when near plague drones (monstrous cav).

17-03-2013, 19:41
He cannot join Bloodcrushers or Plague Drones, so yea, 4+ Look Out Sir, while ON HIS OWN within 3" of drones or crushers (not in a unit of plagubearers thats within 3" of drones, that doesnt work).
But that unit of drones or crushers needs to be 5 model big without counting the champion.

17-03-2013, 22:21
Epidemus: "Hi guys! I figured I'd join you guys and go kill that cannon over there."

Bloodcrusher1: "**** off, Epidemus. No way you're stinking up this unit!"

Epidemus: "Oh come on guys. Our bosses might not see eye to eye, but we can rise above this!"

Bloodcrusher1: "Are you deaf, butt-wipe? I told you- Hey GET DOWN!" (splat!)

Epidemus: "Oh my god! Literally! Did you see that? He gave his life to save me! You guys DO love me! This means I'm in, right?"

Bloodcrusher2: "No. **** off!"


18-03-2013, 04:00
Well now I have to Invision it that way from now on

18-03-2013, 14:58
The very worst case of Tsundere...

18-03-2013, 15:00
<funny stuff edited down for space>


That was hilarious T10. I'll have to remember that if I ever see it happen on the tabletop.