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The French Guy
17-03-2013, 23:01
Hi all!
Here is the list I made for a 3 000pts ogre army.
I posted it in the tactics section and got some good feedbacks but wanted to try to have more ideas.

I am quite happy with the unit selection, however I am still wondering if I did well regarding the lord+heroes equipments...
What do you think about them? Would you change or drop something?

Slaughtermaster (gastromancy):
Fencer's blades, Crown of Command, Earthing rod, Dragonbane gem, level 4. 387pts

Bruiser: BSB
Sword of striking, Enchanted shield, Dawn stone, Ironcurse icon, Heavy armour, Ironfist. 188pts

Heavy weapon, Dispell scroll, Rock eye, Opal amulet, level 2. 209pts

12 bulls: ironfists, standard, Bellower. 404pts (3 wide 4 deep)
9 ironguts: standard, banner of discipline, gnoblar, Bellower. 470pts (Lord and heroes, 4 wide 3 deep)
10 gnoblars: trappers. 50pts

6 leadbelchers: Bellower. 268pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
4 mournfang cavalry: ironfists, heavy armours, standard, dragonhide banner, Bellower. 350pts

1 ironblaster. 170pts
1 ironblaster. 170pts
1 Stonehorn. 250pts

TOTAL: 2 993pt

I have been told that the crown of command isn't a no brainer as ironguts won't lose combat often.
35pts+7 left would give me enough to get another leadbelcher/irongut or a bull and some stuff.

18-03-2013, 09:15
Slaughtermaster (gastromancy):
Fencer's blades, Crown of Command, Earthing rod, Dragonbane gem, level 4. 387pts

Should be 385pts, not sure where the extra 2 is from...
Anyway not bad, crown of command isn't necessary though. A big unit of ironguts should be winning combat. If you ever get them into something they can't beat then learn from that mistake... also you have a 6+ to cast signature spell that makes them stubborn anyway.

Bruiser: BSB
Sword of striking, Enchanted shield, Dawn stone, Ironcurse icon, Heavy armour, Ironfist. 188pts

Can't have ironfist and enchanted shield, they're both shields. Drop the ironfist. Then you only have a 3+ save making the dawnstone not really worth it unless everything is S3. Drop it.

Heavy weapon, Dispell scroll, Rock eye, Opal amulet, level 2. 209pts

Opal amulet is among the dumbest items in the game. 15pts to have a 50% chance of saving the first wound. No thanks. Would be better to spend the points elsewhere entirely or get MR1, as the whole unit will benefit from it. Rock eye is pretty situational too. No skaven and few DE players take assassins so really you're just looking at goblins. And not a great many people take fanatics anymore either.

I think you have too many eggs in one basket too. One pit of shades, purple sun or curse of the bad moon goes over that unit and on average 1 of them aught to die. Dwellers would give you a 50% chance that one of them would die.
Would put your BSB and general with the ironguts but definitely move the firebelly to the bull unit.

immortal git
18-03-2013, 18:05
Scarily similar to my 3k to be honest. I agree that putting all your eggs in one basket is an awful idea. Firebelly in the bulls is a good idea.

I would keep the crown of command, mine is usually on my bsb and helps out a hell of a lot, all it takes is a bad roll to hit with the unit and you can lose a round rather easily.

The French Guy
19-03-2013, 09:39
Thanks guys!
Would you put the ironcurse icon with the ironguts or the bulls?
One of my main opponents plays O&G with fanatics so I wanted to keep the rock eye but maybe sending some sabretusks close to the gobelins would be enough?

Dropping the crown would help me adjusting the equipment.
Would you go for a traditional 3+/4++ BSB (and AHW), or do you have another combination?

I will drop the opal amulet, should I give the firebelly something else?
between the pts left over and little adjustments I could drop a bull and add an irongut to keep two units of 12 ogres characters included.

The French Guy
20-03-2013, 13:59
I retooled my lord and heroes equipments and here we go:

Slaughtermaster (gastromancy):
Fencer's blades, Talisman of preservation, Scroll of shielding, Ironcurse icon, level 4. 385pts

Bruiser: BSB
Sword of striking, Enchanted shield, Talisman of Endurance, Heavy armour. 184pts

Fire belly:
Heavy weapon, Dispell scroll, rock eye, level 2. 194pts

I dropped an irongut, add a bull and my pts total comes to: 2 947pt
So, still 53 pts left over.
What should I do?

20-03-2013, 15:04
One more trappers, at 50 they are a steal. I prefer to play 2-3 of those instead of the sabertusk

The French Guy
21-03-2013, 11:19
Quick recap of the modifications:

The SM still got WS10 and +1A, 4++, 6++ against warmachines for the unit, and one use 4++ for the unit against spells. (should I keep that or go for an earthing rod?)
The BSB hit most things on 3+ in HtH, and got a 3+/5++. (would you change anything?)
The Firebelly got a dispell and a rock eye, still 20 pts I could use here, got an idea?

Thanks for the answer a18no!
I also was thinking about 10 other trappers.
Would you drop some of the sabretusks in the list?

21-03-2013, 16:58
I need to find the place where people discuss of their utility. I don't see it. They are too small for redirector or anything like that. Unless you use them for cheap drop to give you an edge in the deployement, I don't see them as usefull. I prefer 2 ironguts instead of 4 sabertusk.

Too much protection on your slaughtermaster. The only spells that will hurt you, are those that won't allow ward save. With your mvt 6, you'll be in close combat on turn 2 at worst. At best, your opponent got 1 turn to nuke you.

I really, REALLY can't go out without Enchanted shield, HA, talisman on my Bruiser BSB. He NEED the 3+/4++. The strength of the ogres is more in the impact hits and stomp than from their attack. You already hit rank and file on 3+, hitting characters on 3 won't save you against a 1+ armor save and 4+ ward.

Good luck!

The French Guy
21-03-2013, 17:45
I could give the BSB an armor of destiny: heavy armor so 5+ and a 4++ and then an ironfist for 4+/4++
Or I could dropp the talisman off the SM and give it to the BSB for the 3+/4++ but it is the best protection my SM can get (keeping it RAI, so no armor)

I could go for the earthing rod, if you think I won't need the magical protection for the unit.
I believe sabretusks might be very useful, warmachine hunters, wizzards hunters, redirectors.

21-03-2013, 18:54
50pts +4pts for the fist, for the same price 45+5+4 for HA you got 3+/4++ with the enchanted shield.

The Armor of destimy is when you want 2 hand weapons or GW.

Warmachines hunter with the sabertusk??? how can you kill a dwarf stonthrower with that?? Even an empire canon is limit. For wizard hunter, if I see your sabertusk, the mages will stay in a unit. So my unit can kill you sabertusk before he strike (provinding he don't get an Ini 5+)

The French Guy
21-03-2013, 20:51
"50pts +4pts for the fist, for the same price 45+5+4 for HA you got 3+/4++ with the enchanted shield."
I perfectly know that, the only problem is what would I give to the SM then? I don't want to give him an armor and the best talisman is this talisman. So, yes, I only have a 4+/4++ but the SM has a 4++ too.

The sabretusk:
WS4 F4 T4 W2 I4 A3 Fear.
I wouldn't like one or two of them to go warmachine hunting in my backyard.
It could also inflicts a wound against a wizzard, even if bunkered in a unit, should be striking before basic infantry.
Great redirectors too, cheap as chips.

immortal git
21-03-2013, 21:17
I use my sabertusks as speedbumps more than redirectors. Either they do their job, or get killed by magic which could of been used on my ogres. either way they're quality little things on the board.

22-03-2013, 19:05
So I prefer 10 gnoblar with trappers. They could act as redirector. And many player just don't want to charge them in the front, so it more then often give me 1-2 turn more to place for a correct charge.

With 3 attacks, they don't kill warmachine very fast. Against human you get 3+/3+. So can normally kill1 guy per turn. Still 3 turn to win.
Against dwarf warmachines, you're in big trouble. At 4+/4+, you could get no wound.

To kill wizards, just bring your big unit of bulls or ironguts!

For the slaughter, It's why I play the light armor trick. When hit on 6+, only a 5+ ward is enough.