View Full Version : Warriors of Chaos 2500 list

The Koala Bear
19-03-2013, 02:47
Feel free to criticize:
Lord: Nurgle Daemon Prince with soul feeder, nurgle's rot, dispel scroll, chaos armour, lvl 4, scaly skin
Heroes: Exalted hero with mark of Khorne on juggernaut, shield, battle standard, and the biting blade

Core: Six trolls with additional hand weapons

20 warriors with mark of Khorne, shields, full command

19 warriors with mark of Nurgle, shields full command

5 warhounds with vanguard

5 warhounds with vanguard

Special: Gorebeast chariot with Mark of Khorne

Rare: Skullcrushers with banner, champion, and ensorcelled weapons

This is still a little shy from 2500, and the things I'm wondering about is do I have too many warriors and heroes, and are the skullcrushers worth it.

immortal git
19-03-2013, 18:51
Khorne and sheilds is almost pointless because you can't parry when you are frenzied.

I also wouldn't take a banner on a skullcrusher because if they lose combat and flee the banner will die and thats a lot of points.

19-03-2013, 19:48
Khorne warriors with Halbreds or add hw and run unit 6 by 3. The nurgle unit is good with shields an also run 17 plus festus. In my opinion through and trolls are only good if there are more trolls. I would drop them and the gorebeast chariot and add something with some pop. Either a monster, knights, small units of forsaken or even a hell cannon