View Full Version : Khorne WoC - 3000pts of Chariot/Juggernaut Madness

19-03-2013, 16:02
Hi guys.
Having another crazy idea about running a Khorne WoC list with 7 Chariots in it and a large block of Skull Crushers.
The whole list comes in at 2999pts and could be quite nasty.
Please feel free to comment/critique as always.


Chaos Lord (General)
Mark of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut
Talisman of Preservation, Crown of Command, Sword of Might
Flaming Breath, Soul Feeder

Exalted Hero
Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne, Halberd, Juggernaut
Armour of Destiny
Scaled Skin


5 Chaos Chariots
Mark of Khorne

4 units of 5 Chaos Warhounds


2 Gorebeat Chariots
Mark of Khorne

2 Chimaera's
Regenerating Flesh, Flame Breath


6 Skull Crushers (Lord and BSB here running 4*2)
Ensorcelled Weapons
Standard, Musician
Banner of Rage

The main idea behind the army would be that the Chariots provide as much target saturation as possible while the big hammer unit of Skull Crushers with Lord & BSB crunch into unit after unit.
The Chimaera's would be used as War Machine hunters and then flank/rear charging, while the Warhounds take up their traditional role of baiting, fleeing (no panic to other due to MoK/Frenzy) and being pincushioned to death.

Obviously, there is no magic in the list at all, so I guess some armies could have a total field day against it.

The Lord has 6 S6 attacks, a 1+/4++, re-gains wounds on 6+ and a nifty one-use breath weapon.
The BSB has 5 S7 attacks, a 1+/4++ and an extra wound for being on the Juggernaut.
Their whole unit (1209pts!) will never lose their frenzy, and are Stubborn on Ld9 with a BSB re-roll.

Lance Tankmen
19-03-2013, 16:47
looks great, i made a small khorne list before all the new toys, gotta say i like yours, its fast and hits hard. One thing, hows the BSB have S7 with a halberd?

Fighting Newfoundlander
19-03-2013, 18:47
why do you say that the breath weapon is only 1 use? I thought you could use it during each turn of combat?

19-03-2013, 19:55
Khorne armies are always going to be hard and I commend any effort to make them work, and you've gone for a very clear theme for your army which is also fun.

If I were to keep the general theme of your army while also making it more competitive, I would shave off a chariot or two and a juggernaught or two, stick your lord on a horse and plop him down in a unit of khorne knights. That gives you two attacking options making you slightly more competitive while keeping your theme.

Sadly I look at most of my army lists and just think that they would have a field day against your original list, redirect your frenzied deathstar and kill everything else with artillery/combat resolution/magic.

Although it would be a lot of fun to play with and against, and if fun your only consideration then I say BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!