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19-03-2013, 18:15
I have been running this army since the last book came out. As an old Orc and Goblin Player I had a few trolls kicking around and always thought they were fun. When I saw Throgg I knew what army I had to make.

With the recent Warriors of Chaos Book I made a few tweaks and changes but essentially it is the same. The nurgle spells just fit so well I had to add the deamon prince.

It is a fun list that has been doing very well in the recent campain in the Bunker. Though everyone keeps bringing flaming banners for some reason!

Lords (16.2%)
Deamon Prince: lvl 3 wizard (Nurgle), Chaos Armour, Scaly Skin, Dragon helm, luckstone (405)

Heroes (16%)
- Throgg the Troll King (195)
- Exalted Hero: BSB on Demonic Mount, Barding, Charmed Shield, Sword of Striking (205)
Core (40.6%)
- 17 Chaos Trolls (595)
- 6 Chaos Trolls (210)
- 6 Chaos Trolls (210)

Special (10%)
- 2 Warshrines (125 each)

Rare (17.2%)
- 2 Giants: Mark of Nurgle (215 each)

2500 points


Just figured I would share I have had a lot of fun with this lately, and it has been a blast. Most games it either goes REALLY well or REALLY badly. ha! Just avoide Blood or Glory.. it is the only reason the BSB is there haha.

The Sword of Striking/luckstone have been switched around ultimately i just had 20 points to play with.

The other reason I love this army was the look of it.
- Deamon Prince has a troll body and head with DP legs and arms and tail and all the extra armour plates
- BSB is a Troll with lots of extra armour (including a LOTR Isenguard troll shield) and a Ogre Banner In one hand the troll is holding a human (Giant bit) which is "the warrior" on his mount
- Warshrines: Both are my old Orc chariots pulled by Trolls. On the back of the chariot are large carved idols to Gork and Mork
- Giants: have greenstuffed the pair of them - one looks like a giant stone troll the other looks like a river troll.

Let me know what you think. I know there are some holes but it is a lot of fun.

19-03-2013, 18:22
Why the warshrines? Do you know they only work on characters, unit champs and chosen?

19-03-2013, 18:32
Shrines are partially for look (They worked better last army book)... once I get some more trolls I might remove them. But I essentially juice up Throgg and the BSB as I am marching up the feild. And when I get closer to 18" then the DP can start unleasing spells

Before he hits if throgg can get an extra attack or 2.. or more toughness all the better.

19-03-2013, 19:54
I would drop shrines and giants. On DP I would switch gear for charmed shield, dragon bane gem and sword of striking. With extra points I would add more big monsters like chimeras and mutaliths because the have regen and nurgle spells buff that really well. Also more trolls is an option. Skull crushers could work too.

19-03-2013, 22:09
Just play the warshrines as chariots if you want to keep their look. The warshrines are doing pretty much nothing for your army while a chariot or 2 would do quite a bit.

maze ironheart
20-03-2013, 00:11
I have faced a similer army to this but instead it had chimeras rather then war shrines that is what I would say go for.

20-03-2013, 06:29
How do you deal with stupidity?
Is that all about using Throgg's Ld?
If so, I can't see how Trolls in a non-Throgg list work very well.

20-03-2013, 13:23
Chariots or Chimera might be interesting idea to run with.

Back with the last book it I found the Shrines essential to try beef up the trolls before something hit them (shooting for the old ward save stubborn) I remember one paticular epic game vs Empire a couple of Lore of Heavens comets were delayed in arriving until all three hit at the same time.. the knights and other empire units didn't fair so well but by then I had a 4+ ward and MR3 haha!

As for Stupidity... With trolls you need a babysitter. When I played with Orcs and Goblins I had the general near by or a space cavalry hero (usually a goblin wolfrider looking like a park ranger) to give a bit more leadership.

With Warriors of Chaos. Throgg crown gives him an 18" bubble to use his leadership for Trolls (and some other units). So that is an LD 8 for stupidity.. having the BSB helps also. The Demon Prince is the higher leadership so the general.. so he also has a bubble for leadership at LD 9. Between the two you should be good. However I have had more than one game so far where a unit gets vigorous in its overrun and ends up just doing a slow stumble forward 1d6 at a time.