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19-03-2013, 20:06
Hey y'all,

My FLGS is having an escalation style fantasy campaign where everyone builds an army. It's a mix of half brand new players, half players with armies already, so it's intended to have everyone finish painting their stuff and learn the game. Having played 40k for 9 years, I feel ready for this, but still want some help. Here's my army list:

500 points (Games tomorrow!)
“Artorias” Vampire – Enchanted Shield & Heavy Armour, Dread Knight

20 Skeletons – Swords & Shield; Standard Bearer – Screaming Banner
20 Ghouls
5 Dire Wolves

In two weeks, we move up to 750 points and here's what I've got planned for this. Bear in mind, all I have right now is the Vampires Battalion, and have grave guard on the way.
750 points
“Artorias” Vampire – Enchanted Shield & Heavy Armour, Extra Weapon, Book of Arkhan, Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate

20 Skeletons – Swords & Shield; Standard Bearer – Screaming Banner
20 Ghouls
6 Dire Wolves

10 Grave Guard – Great Weapons; Standard Bearer – Banner of the Barrows

Any suggestions? The only other option I was thinking in 750 would be to swap out the Fear Bomb for Quickblood and either a Ward or dawnstone.

19-03-2013, 22:21
500pt list looks great.

Vamp can't have 2 hand weapons and an enchanted shield. Drop the extra weapon. Looks good otherwise, fear tactics have worked well for me until about 1000pts, then people start taking LD9 generals and BSB's and it tends to be a waste of points.

10 Grave Guard is a bit useless. They're easily shot to pieces and 10 is just not enough. Banner of barrows makes them very expensive too. It'd be much better take go with black knights. They'll have a 2+ save, get stuck in faster and they hit just as hard. 48pts left. I'd get more skeletons and buy them a champion too. Remember if he dies he comes back first, so you can keep challenging a killy hero again and again and again to keep him from killing your other skeletons.

21-03-2013, 19:30
Thanks, ftayl.
I actually redid the Vampire to have quickblood and a dragonhelm instead of making him a fearbomb. I feel like I need ASF more, especially with a large number of elves in my area.

I see your point with the guard. I picked up some knights and a varghulf instead.
After actually playing last night, I find that my skeletons do absolutely nothing. They don't really kill anything and it's kind of a waste of points. I was planning on just dropping them to run the varghulf and knights. My question now is should I run the black knights or go with them as hexwraiths? I'll not glue them so I can run either option. I feel that as full etherals, they might take people by surprise, especially if they don't have magical weapons. And at 750, that should be very limited, right?

21-03-2013, 22:36
They don't really do anything themselves but skeletons are really important for taking away steadfast and providing rank and banner bonuses.
One of the scariest units to face is 50 skeletons with a vampire lord tooled up to be killing 7 or 8 guys a turn. The skeletons might only kill 1 model themselves but they add rank bonus and deny the enemy unit it's steadfast bonus, which is the most important bit.
Charge a black knight unit into some ranked infantry and they'll have to kill just about every man before it runs, but if get some skeletons in there too then they'll take away their steadfast by having more ranks and then you'll win and run them down.

Skeletons can be good when buffed with magic too. That WS2 S3 attack is much scarier when it re-rolls to hit and wound.
If anything your unit isn't doing anything because it's too small. Bumping it up to 25 or 30 would be a good idea I think.

If you like hexwraiths, take them. Are they better than knights? Not really, but they aren't much worse either they just cost more.

So overall, I'd take
Vamp with ASF, Dragon Helm, Heavy Armour, 2 Hand Weapons (you could go shield, up to you) and Book of Arkhan
29 Skeletons with hand weapon and shield, banner and champ
20 ghouls with ghast
6 wolves
5 hexwraiths

or something like that.