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20-03-2013, 03:42
I have a problem with starting new armies and I just found an awesome deal on Mantic Dwarfs + I love converting stuff. We always play at 3000 points.
Here's what I came up with:

Runelord (244pts)
Great Weapon
Master Rune Of Spite
2x Rune Of Spellbreaking

Thane BSB (160pts)

Master Rune Of Gromril
Rune Of Cleaving
Rune Of Resistance

Dwarf Warriors (415pts)
40x Great Weapon

Longbeards (535pts)
40x Great Weapon

Rangers (435pts)
30x Qaurreller Rangers
Great weapons

Cannon (130pts)
Rune Of Burning
Rune Of Forging

Cannon (130pts)
Rune Of Burning
Rune Of Forging

Grudge Thrower (105pts)
Rune of Accuracy

Grudge Thrower (105pts)
Rune Of Accuracy

40x Hammerers (498pts)
Great Weapons
Standard Bearer

Organ Gun
Organ Gun

total 2997/3000

This is my first ever foray into dwarfs. This is a very rough draft. Thanks!

20-03-2013, 04:03
Now im not a dwarf player, but having played against them il give some easy tips.

Get a Anvil, in 3000 p you have the space for it. Being able to charge on a 2+ in the shooting phase really offsets the m3 value on the dwarfs, and can suprise your opponents.

Rune of penetrating on the grudge thrower is pretty good, having S5 instead of s3 on the template is pretty good imo, better then rerolling scatter dice.

To make space for the anvil, you can throw away one grudgethrower and one cannon. I think one cannon is enough with 2 organ guns and a s5 stone thrower.

Also, im just saying, you only have 6 warmachines and 4 hordes. Not only for your opponent, but for your its gonna get pretty boring with that setup. Try to get some more variety and utility in the list.

Ive seen single Dragon Slayer naked, and with combination of runes, being used as chaff/redirectiors and chaff killers to very great effect. If you go against some armies with a lot of mobility, they can get through to your warmachines with ease and dance around/redirect the slow moving dwarfs. Why a anvil also helps here.

And last argument against that very horde heavy, with alomst 500 p per unit your inviting your opponent to go death/shadow and pit/sun you to death, even dwellers will take away a chunk on each casting.

Small units of miners, albeit unreliably, can get to bunkers and stuff and they hit hard.

So the sum, Diversify! Although if your meta is most big units slugging it out it may work out just having few big units, i guess you know that better then me.

Grey Seer Kwokka
20-03-2013, 05:25
You can't have the same combination of runes on anything, including those war machines.

20-03-2013, 12:40
I would get a engineer in there some where and also I would drop the 40 warroirs get another 10 xbowmen. Also 2 more organ guns never hurt any one. There the best artillery in the game make the most of being able to use 4

just my to cent

20-03-2013, 20:45
You need to give the rules for adding runes to things a thorough reading as you have multiple mistakes.

20-03-2013, 20:54
Simple fix for the warmachine runes - drop a rune of burning from a cannon and pop it on a grudge thrower, problem solved.

21-03-2013, 16:43
I am not a dwarf player but i would say that your army is very small and risks getting majorly outflanked by mobile armies with tons of shooting ie Wood elfs. Also scouting units (even worse scouting skirmishers) and ambush units combined could really cause trouble s for you, as your army is slow moving.apart from one hell of a shooting phase with war machines. Also flyers could be used quite effectively against you. You also don't generate much in the way of dispel dice apart from 2 dispel scrolls so potentially against high magic armies like chaos/daemons/elfs. you seem to have all your points concentrated on 4 units which i think is risky especially against 3000 points.
To improve take a engineer so you can reroll a miss or two.
Sort out those multiple ruin as everyone else had said
anvil of doom there great! Making dwarfs charge!!
Miners are great
another runesmith maybe?
get some more diverse units and split your massive units.