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20-03-2013, 19:11
Faced an Ogre army yesterday with my WoC. List below.

I got rancid visitations, plague wind, purification ( poisoned ) and curse.

Sorcerer lord lvl 4 nurgle

Dispel scroll
Scaled skin
5+ ward

BsB tzeentch
4+ ward
Enchanted shield
Third eye

18 tzch warriors fc
2 x 5 dogs with vanguard
2 x 5 horsemen slannesh flails

19 nurgle chosen halberds fc banner +1 movement.

10 knights nurgle fc

3 skull crushers musician

Ogres had:-

Tyrant gw luckstone, armour destiny
Slaughtermaster / ironfist (death)
Lvl 2 fire belly
Lvl1 butcher (maw)

11 ogres adhw no command
11 ogres ahw no command

3 x 2 mournfang with ironfists


5 leadbelchers.

It was an interesting game. I got first turn, advanced pretty much everything up ( had dogs and horsemen covering knights on one flank and skull crushers on other.

His Turn 1 lost a skullcrusher to iron blaster, lost 5 chosen when horsemen fled 2 mournfang who then hit chosen in flank. Held that.

Turn 2 counter charged rear of 2 mournfang in chosen flank with skull crushers. Killed them and overran 3" ( showing scrush flank to two more mournfang) reformed chosen to face ranked ogres with Slaughtermaster and tyrant.

On other side tied up the other ogres with chaff whilst moving tzch warriors up against other ogre block with lvl 1.

Knights charge 2 mournfang, dogs into leadbelchers. Knights break mournfang and charge them down. This panics the other bus of ogres with lvl 1 who run to edge of board.

Turn two he charges chosen with character bus and 2 mournfang. I flee!

His other ogre bus doesn't rally, runs off board ( they took 1 wound total)

He Redirects taking character bus into tzch warrior front. Mournfang go into flank of skull crushers.

Combat turn 2 (his) I face down character bus ogres and win with tzch warriors ( champion accepts tyrant, forces a wound through! Then dies lol). My lone skull crusher model in flank does 5 wounds, 3 saved, I pass break test and reform front.

My turn three. i rally my chosen, and big magic phase sees me 6 dice curse on my tzch warriors (bsb in there), no miscast but lots of 5's. he fails to dispel ( had drawn his scroll earlier). I roll "6", so toughness 7 warriors!

To rub it in I then cast putrification on one dice to give them poisoned attacks too!

2 skullcrushers win without frenzy and run down the two mournfang.

In the warrior combat, I cause 8 wounds he manages just 2, he is not steadfast, so he fails and I run him down, he concedes.

It was a weird game. Three turns and with vanguards (4 with horsemen and dogs) I was in his face from turn 1/2.

Obviously with ogres you want to charge in, but I think the lack of ironguts really hurt the list. Only being str 4 except for tyrant/mournfang, and with plenty of nurgle in my list, it prevented his combat elements from doing very much.

Obviously the big swing was turn 3 magic, but even tgh 5 would've made a big difference.

I just feel that ogres do suffer when facing warriors because unless you go shooting heavy, you are heading the same way and with little casualties either side before you get there. Once there, the -1 to hit for nurgle is massive for the ogres.

It was fun, but I feel the strategic cast of leper really swung the game
(he had reformed to be 5 wide with his character bus and would have had more attacks that round).

Looking forward to playing with the list again, especially against a shooting army. I feel that this was a optimised opponent for the list.

22-03-2013, 01:41
I think his list was bad. Blocks with no command ,small units of mournfangs,and no Ironguts. Bad list.