View Full Version : WoC 2500pts --- "It came from above"

21-03-2013, 02:32
Daemon Prince with the following:
-----DoN, Lvl4 (Death), Sword of Striking, Dragonbane Gem, Charmed Shield, Scaled Skin, Flaming Breath, Poisonous Slime, Soul Feeder, Chaos Familiar, Flight & Chaos Armor

Exalted Hero with the following:
-----BSB, MoT, Disc, Third Eye of TZ, Talisman of Pres., Enc. Sh, Flail

Chaos Warriors x13 w/ MoK, Halb, Mu & Std
Chaos Warriors x13 w/ MoN, Halb, Mu & Std and Gleaming Pennant
Chaos Warriors x12 w/ MoS, Halb, Mu & Std
Chaos Warhounds x5
Chaos Warhounds x5
Chaos Warhounds x5

Chimera w/ Regen & Breath
Chimera w/ Regen & Breath
Chimera w/ Regen & Breath


This comes out to 2500pts even. It has four breath attacks, about as much mobility as is possible with WoC and gets to absolutely choose its battles. Warrior blocks are mostly there for banners for Blood and Glory, and gives a "battleline" feel in addition to the monsters. Most people will focus on the nasties, and those warriors can clean up as-is.

The DP has Death for wizard sniping, and then dealing with generals and the like. Purple sun is just a bonus.


22-03-2013, 01:25
Looks pretty good.

Prince: Poisonous slime ward is useless as he has a 5++ anyway. I wouldn't pay 15pts aka 1 chaos warrior with a shield to get poisoned attacks when you're already S6.
I understand lore of death's appeal but Lore of nurgle is an amazing lore and the lore attribute means your prince will be getting progressively tougher and means that your opponent has to worry about little spells going through rather than ignoring them because on a 6 your daemon becomes T6 then T7 and gets more and more wounds. Both are good though.

Hero: Great.

Everything else is good.
Mark of slaanesh warriors? Why? I'd trade them for more nurgle warriors, with shields rather than halberds so you can afford it. Gives you a really tough anchor for if you need it. Move the gleaming pennant to here just in case.