View Full Version : 2400 DOC for Tourney, need help

21-03-2013, 09:05
Hi all, I am planning on joining a tourney in April, but I can't decide on the list I want to use. The tourney uses the ETC comp system, so no dual cannons, huge units and so on.

the current list I am trying out is this

Daemon Prince, mark of nurgle, lv 4 mage (nugle lore), wings and 1 greater gift

Herald of nurgle, BSB, greater locus (regen)
Herald of slanesh, steed, lv 1, greater gift, lesser locus

25 Plague Bearers med full command (5 point banner, dont remember the name)
20 Deamonets, standard, flaming banner

4 Beasts of nurgle
4 beasts of nurgle
1 beast of nurgle
5 Seekers of slanesh
5 Seekers of slanesh

1 Skull cannon of khorne

With this I still have 75 points to spare and I need help. I donít know how to spend the last points. But first just some details. I selected a daemon prince over the GUO because of the flexibility in movement, 20 inch flying move can bring me in much better positions to use plaguewind and the signature spell of nurgle then a 12 inch march of the guo. The guo can take more damage, but I still think the movement is better. the 75 points can be used to make the prince into a guo if need be

I have been debating if I should drop the prince and make it into a KoS, but I think that will make me change to much in the core department, more of both units since the plaguebearers cant get more people, and if I go shadow for mindrazor I need more demonets to make them effective.

The herald of slanesh I originally planned to use as a mage hunter, since the absence of scrolls can really hurt the daemons, I can exchange the lesser locus with the exalted version and she is ready for mage hunting, but then she will cost 260 points.... and she is only protected by the seekers, witch I am guessing will quickly come under fire since they are my cast cav and redirectors. So the plan is to get the lash on her and hunt chaf and the enemies fast units witch can bog my heavy hitters down. I tried her once and she diddent impressed, but what do people think?

Model wise I have almost everything that daemons have to offer so that is no obstacle.

All help is much appreciated :)