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23-03-2013, 22:28
Ok so I've recently come into possession of a smallish lizardmen force. My friend wanted to play with his (gorgeously painted) full army of 4000 empire, so I've borrowed models from all over and I can proxy a couple of things to play him in a big 4k game. Problem is that my experience with the scalies is pretty limited. I've done some fairly extensive reading of lizardmen tactics on this forum, however I haven't seen any army lists or tactics for a game this big. This is my first attempt, I understand it will probably need some big tweaks:

Slann with Metal (general), free pd every spell, enemy wizard discards sixes, power stone.
Slann with Life, loremaster, free pd every spell, forbidden rod, bsb 385 points.

Skink priest with scroll 90
Skink priest with cube of darkness 105
Scar vet on cold one with gambler's armour, great weapon, dragonbane gem, venom of the frog 146
Scar vet on cold one with dragon helm, great weapon, dawnstone, light armour 151

2x blocks of 30 saurus with hw/s and musician and standard bearer
6x units of 10 skink skirmishers with blowpipes

2x blocks of 24 temple guard with full command
4x units of 8 cham skinks

3x units of 2 salamanders

So from when I've played against lizardmen in the past their biggest strength has always been magic, but in larger games magic plays less of a part. That's why I've tried to really maximise my magic phase to try and keep it still central, with the power stone, forbidden rod and free power dice with every spell I should be able to cast any spell I want, and with 2 dispel scrolls I should be able to shut down his purple suns and pits of shades I know he loves.

Chameleons should deal with his artillery. I'm kind of relying on my metal slann to deal with the demigryphs and knights and stanks I know he will have. I hope he's up to the task. It helps that I've got a could of skink priests that he can cast searing doom and gehena's hounds through. That should pretty much give me unlimited range across my side of the board at least, so his armoured units can't hide.

So what do you think? Will it work? (while this is a friendly game technically, we are both very competitive by nature, so I've got no problem with maxing my list)

23-03-2013, 23:51
Firstly the forbidden rod is forbidden for a reason. Especially on a 300pt slann. I would trade lore of metal for light on the first slann. Light has very low casting values and is awesome for saurus and temple guard.
I see the virtues of metal against Empire though.

Scar vet on cold one with gambler's armour, great weapon, dragonbane gem, venom of the frog 146
Gambler Armour is very overpriced, a 6+ ward is essentially useless if you only have 2 wounds anyway. Why would you want poisoned attacks when S7 anyway? Waste of points I think.

Scar vet on cold one with dragon helm, great weapon, dawnstone, light armour 151
Nice but I don't think necessary. Light armour, shield, great weapon and cold one is plenty of gear and he really doesn't need the magic stuff. 1+ against shooting 2+ in combat with 4 S7 attacks. The extra shiny bits aren't needed.

With the changes there you have 134pts left. I'd use that to get another vet cowboy.

Have fun!

24-03-2013, 00:18
Cheers that sounds great, especially the scar vets builds who I really wasn't sure about. Personally though I have a soft spot for the lore of metal, so I'll probably be keeping that :P silly I know, but still :D

24-03-2013, 01:41
I usually run a scar vet cowboy with a gw and votff. its a cheap way to get a S7 magic attacks. Though, its probably not necessary in this game since you won't see any ethereals.

Just saying... its a valid item combo, but maybe not in this particular game.

24-03-2013, 02:53
That's probably why I've seen it before then and blindly copied it haha :)

24-03-2013, 11:53
Remember and let us know how the game goes, gl! I always do badly against empire for some reason :P

24-03-2013, 12:01
Sure, the game is today so I'll post you guys the result, wish me luck!

24-03-2013, 14:00
Yea the massive shooting is probably why

24-03-2013, 23:59
Holy crap. I just typed out a whole damn report for you guys, and then lost it because of a power shortage. Damn.

Quick Summary:
His list: grandmaster with protective items and mace of D3 wounds, lvl 4 with shadow, lvl 2 with fire, BSb with protection, two warrior priests, one on horsey one on foot and a naked engineer. 2 big blocks of halberdiers (50+) with detachments of handgunners and halberdiers. Archer bunker for the wizards. Innercircle knights containing the priest and general. 4x2 chicken knights. 2 cannons. 2 stanks, 2 volley guns and a luminark.

Lizardmen won hooray! Two scar vets died pointlessly thanks to my bad tactics but one killed a stank with just a little help from enchanted blades and then got smashed with a single blow from the mace of S10 D3 wounds. My metal slann got the other stank in the second turn and then repeatedly drew out dispel dice thanks to his fear of searing doom. The life slann buffed me up with +4 toughness and also, in combination with a skink priest, windblasted his wizard's bunker into a wood and then cast awakening of the wood on them obliterating them! One of my saurus blocks was run down thanks to a combined charge of chickens and knights, but they were then both routed by a charge from my temple guard buffed with enchanted blades and +4 toughness. The other saurus block charged and killed the other unit of demigryphs. The other TG charged and took a beating from the halberdiers until help arrived, sticking thanks to stubborn Ld9 rerollable cold blooded. My skinks were blasted to pieces by the helblasters. The other block of halberdiers was torn a new one by the absolutely amazing salamanders. Wish my VC had a unit like that!

That's about it! The most fun thing was using the slann to be honest. It was just so refreshing to just completely dominate the magic phase. I hope they don't nerf that when the new book comes out. Thanks for all the help!