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Fighting Newfoundlander
23-03-2013, 22:58
Playing a game tomorrow. I'm taking 2000 pts and my team mate will be running 2000 pts of mostly goblins (1 unit of big uns and BO w/ goblin hord). Facing 2 players, either 4000 empire or 2000 empire and 2000 stunnties.

Here is my list. All thoughts welcome

Lord: Orc Warboss w/ Ar of Destiny, GW 171
Orc Great Shaman Lv 4 , 5+ ward, reroll miscast, Iron Curse 260

Hero: BO BSB w/ 4+ ward 160

Core: 51 Big Unz w/ 2hw M/S + Razor 524
(hord- Gen +BSB here)
35 Orcs w/ Shld M/S 265
(5 wide)
Special: 50 Black Orcs w/ M/S 620
(hord - shaman here)

Total: 2000 even

PS - playing on a 6 ft board, so really only have to deal w/ 3 ft of frontage.

24-03-2013, 00:05
Your lack of chaff units, redirectors and anything to deal with enemy chaff units and redirectors will hurt you.
You don't need 50 orcs per unit either, 40 is plenty to get to combat with 3 horde ranks usually.
So I'd make that 40 Blorcs, 40 biguns. I'd take the BSB's ward off him too and give it to the shaman, the BSB doesn't need a ward.
I'd go for glittering scales over armour of destiny on the warboss. Save a few more points and leave him still fairly well protected too. So you have 225pts to get some chaff and anti-chaff.
A good example would be 2 boar chariots and 2 units of wolf riders. Or you could take a chariot, 1 unit of wolf riders and some arrer boys. Something other than just large blocks is needed for a good army otherwise you can just get redirected around the board all game while getting shot pieces - especially against empire and dwarfs.

Fighting Newfoundlander
24-03-2013, 07:57
Thanks, I think I'll be using 5 orc boar riders and chariots for the job, but yes, I see what you're saying. Thanks