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24-03-2013, 09:02
I have been going over different 2400pts lists and this is one of the 'alternative' list I have come up with. I want to keep the sorcerer lord, the three exalted heroes, and their respective knight units. I would like some advise on the magic items on the exalted heroes, and my core choices.

The list:

Chaos sorcerer lord (390); level 4, talisman of preservation, dispel scroll, charmed shield, mark of tzeench, disc of tzeench.

Exalted hero (221); talisman of endurance, dragonhelm, biting blade, third eye of tzeench, mark of tzeench, barbed chaos steed, battle standerd bearer.

Exalted hero (194); filth mace, talisman of protection, burning body, mark of nurgle, shield, barbed chaos steed.

Exalted hero (184); sword of might, potion of strength, dragonbane gem, shield, barbed chaos steed.

2x Chaos chariot (115); mark of slaanesh.

2x 10 Marauder horsemen (190); standard bearer, mark of khorne, flails.

5 Marauder horsemen (85); mark of slaanesh, flails.

5 Chaos knights (235); standard bearer, mark of tzeench, ensorcelled weapons.

5 Chaos knights (235); standard bearer, mark of nurgle, ensorcelled weapons.

5 Chaos knights (245); standard bearer, banner of eternal flame, mark of khorne, ensorcelled weapons.

I hope to get some good advise on how the set up my magic items and core units, if you don't agree with the current set-up.

24-03-2013, 10:54
I would try to find points for all the exalteds to get a darmonic mounts. It gives them an extra wound and better strength on steeds

24-03-2013, 11:07
At this point level I can only put 600 points into heroes, and I'm at 599 right now. If I wanted to put them on daemonic mounts I'd have to lose 56 points on other things. Suggestions?

24-03-2013, 11:41
Burning body won't work as flaming attacks don't work with magic weapons as per rulebook.

Marauder Horsemen with Slaanesh can't flee as a charge reaction, which makes them a bit weak as charge blockers.

Your Heroes have way too many magic items that you don't really need. For instance, drop the potion and sword on the last one. A simple halberd is good enough. When do you really need S9?

I'd drop the last hero and one unit of knights to increase the other two to 8 each (and a Hero on Daemonic Steed to make it 5 per rank).

The Marauders of Khorne are also dubious. Your pay lots of points for one S4 support attack from rank 2. Keep Marauders cheap and 5 strong to block or redirect. 5 are also enough to kill a cannon crew if that's the intended target.

Give the Lord the Third Eye and Dragonbane Helm to have a 1+/3++ to keep him alive. If you add Flaming Breath, he can take on cannons, single characters or even monsters (if he charges, he has +1 combat res. and should sneak one hit through with the flames, making most monsters lose combat and chasing them down). Alternatively, he can land next to a Horde, magic into them and then flame 20 odd models.?Remember that you can cast direct damage spells when you are in combat, only magic missiles can't be cast then. Go Metal as it is better than Tzeentch as it grants buffs, murders enemy cav and can thin out hordes.

The BSB could have the Helm of Many Eyes for rerolls and a Halberd to deal damage. With the Dawnstone, he has a rerollable 1+ and a 6++. That build could benefit from Flaming Body to get rid of regeneration.

Aren't the Chariots better with Mark of Tzeentch? It's only a 6+, but 10 points to potentially save a 120 points model are still a good buy.

I'd also replace some Marauders by Warhounds.

In essence, drop a Hero, some Magic Items and one Knight unit to get the other two to 8 plus Hero on Monstrous Beast, drop the Marauders to 5 each to block or redirect. Make the Lord unkillable and use him to drive away single targets.

24-03-2013, 12:52
After reading your advise and looking up some rules. I have now the following setup on my heroes:

Exalted hero; talisman of endurance, biting blade, third eye of tzeench, mark of tzeench shield, barded chaos steed, battle standard bearer.

Exalted hero; filth mace, talisman of protection, mark of nurgle, shield, chaos steed.

Exalted hero; halberd, potion of strength, dragonhelm, mark of khorne, barded chaos steed.

I really want to have the S6 (S8 with potion) on the khorne hero, I want to be able to kill monsters with it (getting flaming attacks from the magic banner in the unit of knights). Preferable in one round of combat. The points I saved, with exchanging sword of might to a halberd, dropping dragonbane gem, and removing burning body I have put to flaming breath on my lord. Just to try it out. (I did intent to go with lore of metal even though I didn't mention it, sorry for the confusion)

I don't understand why marauders with mark of slaanesh can't flee, they automatically pass panic, fear, and terror tests, they aren't immune to psychology. This is also why i prefer to have slaanesh on my chariots and not tzeench, not rolling for panic seems better than running away when marauders are dieing (and marauders are going to die).

I appreciate the advise on my core and special choices, but they aren't going to change. I really want advise on the lord and heroes I intent to use. I'm not going to drop any of them, but I'm open to different items

24-03-2013, 14:31
Quick few things:

Marauder Horsemen with Slaanesh can't flee as a charge reaction, which makes them a bit weak as charge blockers.
False. Mark of Slaanesh =! Immune to Psychology. Mark of Slaanesh makes units with the majority having MoS automatically pass Fear, Terror and Panic checks.

I'd drop the last hero and one unit of knights to increase the other two to 8 each (and a Hero on Daemonic Steed to make it 5 per rank).
The Daemonic Mount is a different base size to the Knights so he has to join on the side of the unit (meaning they won't be 5x2).

Aren't the Chariots better with Mark of Tzeentch? It's only a 6+, but 10 points to potentially save a 120 points model are still a good buy.
I personally don't think a 6++ is worth jack. You're better off with MoN if you want protection, MoK if you want damage output or MoS if you want to be sure they wont panic.

24-03-2013, 14:54
A 6++ on a unit with 4 wounds and a 3+ can keep it alive for a round or so longer. It is also a good psychological weapon to randomly tilt an opponent or get them into overcommiting. But just personal preference I guess.

I was under the impression that MoS was still ItP. None the less, I don't see why you should invest points in marks for marauders. Warhounds and smaller units might be a better investment.

Why the need for 3 units of knights? Wouldn't 2 bigger ones just have more punch?

24-03-2013, 14:57
Bigger units might have more 'punch' but I don't intent the change anything in the list, except the equipment on my lords and heroes. So i don't think this is the place to discuss marks on chariots or how many knights you should have in a unit for optimal results.

24-03-2013, 15:22
Just working on the heroes won't make the list as a whole better...

24-03-2013, 15:46
I just want help with the 'optimal' build for the lord and heroes. I don't want your opinion on the rest of the list, I really DON'T care if you do or do not like marauder horsemen. The only reason I posted the full list because it might change your opinion on the item build to use.

24-03-2013, 16:01
Also... Where is the daemon prince?

24-03-2013, 17:11
Why do I NEED a daemon prince?

24-03-2013, 19:40
The question right now is:

Why do you need advice if you manifestly know everything better?

24-03-2013, 23:13
If you would have attempted to read you might have known I was asking for advise on the item builds of my heroes. I put the rest of the list there because it might have changed the kind of items I should take. You might ignore that I don't want advise on my core or special choices, but don't complain when I ignore that advise.

24-03-2013, 23:44
First of all: if you ask for advice or criticism, you should endeavour to keep your replies civil, because your replies make you come across as very aggressive and arrogant. I amsure that that's not how you intended to sound, but you leave that impression. Just as an aside. I work with children from disadvantaged families and hear a lot of stuff every day and I still felt offended.

More importantly, characters, even Chaos Heroes, won't win a battle if they have no synergy with their units. Running 5-strong units means that it takes one casualty and your heroes no longer benefit from Look out Sir! and will end up as cannon bait. Likewise, your characters don't have the necessary output to remove enemy ranks quick enough. Your small units will get bogged down by steadfast enemies and ground down, regardless of how optimized your magic items are. How do you expect to take on White Lions, Ironguts or other elite infantry?

25-03-2013, 21:51
I think the question is, why do you not want a daemon prince?