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24-03-2013, 14:04
They said it was crazy, they said it was impossible and they said it couldn’t be done but did that stop Hannibal from crossing the Alps, Brunnel from building the Clifton suspension bridge or Robbie Williams getting back with Take That.

My challenge was harder then all these put together, I would take Night Goblins to the Throne of skulls and would walk away the ultimate champion.
To make it slightly more difficult I would take what would be regarded as poor Night Goblin options marshalled by a man who plays 40k 90% of the time.

My practice games held me in good stead where over a few weeks at the club I was trampled by Ogres, ripped apart by Chaos(twice) and tabled by Wood Elves.

After learning a few things, mainly Night Goblins can’t fight for Toffee; I plumped for this killer list.

Nog Axewound

Night Goblin Warboss
Light armour
Great Weapon

Clang Shagnasty

Level 3 Goblin Shamen
Arachnarock Spider

Torc Ringsplitter

Night Goblin Big Boss

The Killas

48 Night Goblins

The Shaftas

50 Night Goblins

The Snarky Gits
25 Night Goblins
Short Bows

All of the above had 2 fanatics and nets

6 Trolls

Big Nog


Nik Nak

Giant(with two heads)

Rock Lobber

So it was with dreams of glory in mind I set off for Nottingham in the wee hours of Sat morning with wife in tow( would be her first time in the hallowed land). I think anyone who has any idea of Warhammer Fantasy armys would agree I had put together a filthy list that would crush all before it, I could not lose.

So here we go………. Game One was against Scott Creed with a very nicely painted Empire army, the Scenario was blood and glory and he had the following, more or less

Two Units of Swordsmen( 30ish)
3 Demigryph Knights
1 Steam Tank
1 Cannon
5 inner circle Knights
Level 4 with Life
May have been some other bits I cant remember.

I won the roll for sides and as I couldn’t be bothered walking around the table I elected to stay where I was.
There was a small building on my left flank and a forest on my right. In my deployment I placed a giant on each flank. The goblins and Trolls were all central to take advantage of my Generals LD 7 and BSB, I placed my spider behind the building knowing it could scuttle over it with out penalty.
He placed his Demigryphs to oppose my giant on the left, had his main troops face mine and set up a cannon on the other flank facing my second giant. The steam tank was in-between his Swordsmen and Demigryphs, one other thing that would have a bearing later in the game he rolled Throne of vines and dwellers as two of his spells……

The first couple of turns were quite edgy with just my rock lobber damaging his stream tank and he tried to charge my giant with his Inner cicrle knights, so far his cannons had fluffed and we had rolled low dice for the magic phase, end of turn two my giant had seen off his knights with Yell and Bawl( would be a recurring theme) and it looked like I was about to charge his swordsmen with the trolls, the Demigryphs were out of the game as they were worried about my second giant things were looking good, then turn 3……..

At the start of turn 3 Scott remarked that we were playing blood and glory, after a quick check of my army he realised that if he just got rid of my big unit with the general and the BSB I would lose, I was not too worried they were still 50 strong and I had managed to get the Trolls in combat to the front of the swordsmen and Nik Nak in the flank, then came the magic phase, he rolled big cast throne of vines and then it was 6 dice into dwellers, 20 dead goblins. Still I had combat If I could break him I could overrun with the giant into his generals unit and charge with the trolls. So Nik Nak was up and he rolled……….1 yell and bawl, combat over, no attacks from the trolls. The next few turns can be summed up thus……..

Turn 4 Dwellers and general dead goblins panic, Giant yells and bawls again
Turn 5 Dwellers Unit down to ten models and is scampering off board, Giant…….OH YOU FAT USELESS B*****D, ************ YELL AND BAWL AGAIN…………..

Game Over…………There were some other bits like my spider trying to take on the demigryphs but that didn’t go well either.
I had a great game against Scott and it was close up to the point where he remembered what battle we were playing, it was pretty much down hill after that.
Afterwards as I was going over my battle with the wife (who had stayed to watch the entire game) she gave me this insightful piece of advice” Get rid of those spiny ball things and get a steam tank”

With that advice ringing in my ears, I downed my Stella and checked who I had next….Warriors of chaos, I suddenly felt sick, maybe the lager was off!

Game Two

My next opponent was James with a Warriors of Chaos army, now they say never to judge a book by its cover but after looking at James’s army, I would say this cover depicted a man being disembowelled and fed his own small intestine, on a nice flayed human skin backing.
This is what James had

Daemon Prince of Nurgle( Flying)
18 Trolls in one massive unit
Mutilith Vortex Beast
Hell Cannon
Chaos Hounds

The scenario was Meeting Engagement and I won the roll for table edge and deployment. Now this time I had to use some tactical nous on a table with very little terrain, so I decided because I couldn’t be bothered walking around I would stay where I was.
Rolling for reserves I managed a large number of 1s including my Giant, Trolls and Bad Voc( Squig rider)
I did very little Turn one except shuffle slightly forward terrified of his massive unit, I did send Big nog up the Left flank to have a go at his Vortex beast and Nik Nak up the Right I would catch him in a clever pincer movement.

James started with all his on the table, it was at this point I realised I had made a terrible mistake; I deployed my stone thrower on the right flank with no cover as Bad Voc was off the table. James deployed his hounds made a vanguard move, charged and killed my stone thrower turn 1!!!

The rest of his army steam rollered forward, the Deamon prince flew into my face and started firing off lots of hideous spells.

Turn 2 and I managed to charge his vortex beast with Big Nog, charged his demon prince with my generals unit and sent the spearmen and Trolls up against Throgg and his boys, Nik Nak had closed on the rear of the vortex beast. The combats over the next two turns were bloody and very very very very one sided…….

Continuing in the dreadful manner of Nik nak in the previous game, Big Nog decided to headbut the Vortex beast three times in a row, which duly passed its ward save and eventually killed me, meanwhile the Hell Cannon misfired, had gone berserk and charged Nik Nak the Vortex Beast turned around and helped finish of my second Giant.

Now remember all those lovely Goblins and Trolls I had well at this point they were being totally and ruthlessly minced, in a final act of desperation I sent in my spider to assassinate Throgg, he duly called a challenge, saved all the spiders wounds and attacked my mage upstairs, now Str 8 and 5 attacks will make a mess out of most things but when you are two foot tall and only wearing a dressing gown, its not pretty.

Among other things in this game Throgg rolled some tasty EOTGs rolls making him even more of a killing machine and his Demon Prince and managed to regenerate the one measly wound I had taken off him.

All in all an unmitigated disaster, James cheered me up when he informed me he had lost in his fist turn during the last game but in this one he had butchered me by the end of Turn 4.
The wife only watched part of this game so it was with a heavy heart I had to go back into Bugmans and inform her, I had been crushed into a green smear, She glanced up from her book smiled sweetly and said “ I told you to use a steam tank after the first game”
“But I have goblins and I can’t….and you cant add units half way through….oh never mind get the Stella in”
The next game was make or break, I still had a shot if I won my last three games, someone easy I thought, crossed my fingers and checked the board…. Mork farts in my face once more, it would be Tomb Kings.

Game Three was Dawn attack against Diego Balosssini, now I have played against Tomb kings a couple of times and the one thing LD 5 Night Goblins and flammable Trolls don’t want to see is Screaming Skull Catapults and the Casket of Souls, well I was bang out of luck because he had two of both!!

Tomb Prince Settra on chariot
10 chariots( I think)
20 bowmen
2 Catapults
2 Caskets
5 level 1 mages

This was an interesting game for one main reason Diego was Italian and didn’t speak great English, to be fair to him his English was better then my Italian, of which I know none. The other thing is I have tried to play with Tomb Kings and that in its self is like learning another language.
Diego won the roll for deployment which was good because on this occasion I had decided I couldn’t be bothered walking around the table if I had won.

He deployed his massive unit of chariots in the middle his mages all joined the bowmen at the backfield and his hideous war machines went in each far corner.
My dice rolls for deployment were rolled and this time the two giants went hand in hand opposite the chariots, my two big blocks next to them, Spider on the far left and bad Voc and the Trolls faced his archers.
My plan was as simple as it was ingenious, the giants would take the chariots in the face( what harm could those skinny things do to my fleshy mountains) they would then smash them to bits, meanwhile my other units would race towards the war machines before they could do too much damage, simples yes, well actually no……..

Turn One and after reading up on the rules of tomb kings (Diego had provided me with an English army book), He set off moving his chariots forward slightly and then rolled an insane amount of channels, I managed to dispel one casket but the other took several wounds of my spider. In his shooting phase he targeted the spider and trolls with the catapult and missed both!

My turn one and I started by falling an animosity check which meant my two big units started throwing their soiled underwear at each other and did nothing, the Trolls then failed their stupidity and stumbled forward 6 inches, I was starting to get a sinking feeling. Still Bad Voc on his great Cave squig bounded forward an impressive 16 inches straight towards the mages. My giants advanced on the chariots they would have to charge me or be charged, my trap was set for turn 2.
The Rock lobber fired at his casket and missed.

His turn two and he declared a charge on the giants, he seemed fairly casual about this, I would have thought he would be terrified. I held and prepared to destroy them. In his magic phase he managed to kill the spider and targeted the Trolls with the second casket, this was when something truly wondrous occurred, I had to roll under 4 0n 3d6 or take that many wounds……the dice rolled and came up, three ones!!!!!
In his shooting phase he targeted bad Voc who was bouncing towards him on 600 pounds of beige psychotic fury, a screaming skull hit him right on the noggin, which bounced straight off, Dragon Helm I love you.
Things were looking up, we moved into combat, it was at this point I remembered impact hits and the special rule with tomb king chariots, Big Nog took 5 Str 7 hits and Nik Nak received 5 Str 6 hits, dear god. They were both blooded but not down and I had better initiative then the skellies, I rolled for Nik Nak……hooray Yell and bawl again combat over and he only lost two wounds. Oh and my rock lobber missed again!

Turn 3 was a mixture of death dealing from the catapults and caskets on my goblins but the trolls and bad Voc remained untouched, this turn was decisive in the combat phase where after he got back his two wounds from casting a spell, the Gaints hardly covered themselves in glory by headbutting one chariot! And doing two more wounds with swing with club, at the end of this combat Big Nog was dead; he didn’t even have the decency to fall on them.

My turn 3 saw Bad vok charge the mages unit with the trolls failing another stupidity test and bumbling forward again, the combat this turn saw Bad Vock murder a few skellie bowmen and Nik Nak decided to swing with club caused a few wounds and was despatched, he also didn’t fall on the enemy, bloody giants! This turn I actually forgot to fire my rock lobber!

Turn 4 and he charged my big goblin spearman unit, his magic phase was poor and caused me little damage, his chariots ground down a few goblins but I passed my steadfast test, Bad Voc killed the last of the skellie archers and was faced with 5 mages who would now challenge him one at a time over the last couple of turns.

My Turn 4 and miracle of miracles the trolls made it into combat with the catapult, my shooting phase and I managed to hit a casket but it bounced off, The Trolls destroyed his war machine and overran into his casket and Bad voc continued to eat level 1 mages one at a time, this was when I realised the game was up his massive unit of chariots killed my spearmen and lined up the generals unit, the writing was on the wall.

Turns 5 and 6 Bad voc was getting sick of the taste of skeleton mages my generals unit was slowly being torn apart and the Trolls after taking out the casket had sat down and stared eating grass, with a side order of cow pats while considering their true meaning in life, was all this violence worth it and how tasty bovine faeces is.

Amongst all this carnage I forgot to fire my rock lobber again……

I had lost again but even though we had a massive language barrier, Diego was a good laugh and I enjoyed the game immensely.

My wife was waiting in the bar how could I face her, how could I explain my failings and would I resort to violence if she mentioned that bloody steam tank again……..

Day Two awaited me I had seen the blackest part of the night, the Dawn would bring fresh hope renewed optimism, nothing could crush my new found faith………

First Game Day Two, Ogres, my faith was crushed under a size 16 boot.

More soon

Shadow Lord
24-03-2013, 17:22
A very refreshing read! I'm on a 24hr guard duty and this little gem just lit up my watch...can hardly wait to read the next part. Pls, good sir, continue...this is awesome! Oh yea, and as I don't play Fantasy myself I'm not going to comment on your army composition nor tactical accumen...I do hope you had more luck the second day...

24-03-2013, 17:37
Thanks, glad your enjoying it, I will post part 2 shortly. I think it was my total lack of tactics that was the problem and not so much my luck.

24-03-2013, 18:13
Day two started with some good news and awful news, the good news my army had been nominated for best painted, the awful news I had to face Ogres.
It just so happens that I was facing a beautifully painted army all mounted on lovely scenic bases and with some nice conversions thrown in. Roger Barnett was the man responsible and he had also been nominated.
Now after saying all that, even his lovely models couldn’t hide the sheer horror of what I was seeing,
Level 4 Mage Gut magic
10 Ironguts
Slaughter master?
3 Mournfang
4 hunters
4 Lead Belchers
2 sabretusks
1 Iron Blaster

The game was watchtower and Roger won the roll to control the tower, this was a stroke of luck as I couldn’t be bothered reading the rules for occupying a building.
My set up went like this trolls facing the Watchtower, next to the Generals unit, Bad Voc( the hero of the last game went far Left) learning from my previous games I decided that I needed power on one side and set up my two giants with the Spider on the right flank, my spearmen kind of hung out in the middle, the rock lobber went at the back.

Roger set up his mournfang iron blaster and hunters to face the giants and spider, the ironguts went into the watchtower and his gnoblars went on the other flank to face Bad Voc, the lead belchers hid behind the building.

Turn 1

My trolls had the easy task of ridding the iron guts from the tower, my generals unit squabbled, and bad Voc bounced towards the gnoblars, it was cat and mouse on the other side with me moving forwards slightly with the three big gribblers.
In combat the Trolls failed to rid the tower of the ogres (surprise).

Ogres Turn 1

The lead belchers entered the lean to attached to the watchtower and he cunningly manoeuvred his sabre tusks to march block my spider and get rid of some fanatics, magic and the iron guts became tougher and acquired regen(Jesus Christ). Shooting phase and Big Nog took a cannonball in the face( 4 wounds) and the trolls took a peppering from the leadbelchers, the hunters opened up on Nik Nak and I was surprised by the damage they put out.

My Turn 2

Bad Vok bounces into the gnobblars and the Trolls attack the building the generals unit goes in to back them up, I decide to get the giants and spider in there with a big move, but the spider fails his march test the giants are on there own. My rock lobber targets the watchtower and kills one Ogre. Trolls lose combat( big surprise again), Bad Voc fluffs and the combat is drawn.

Ogres Turn 2

He charges the sabre tusk into my goblin archers, that combat lasts for the next three turns so I won’t be mentioning that again.. Mournfang charge Nik Nak who stands. More gut magic more regen, then shooting and now it gets horrible, Big Nog takes a cannon ball in the groin, which finishes him off. The Hunters unleash a volley of Flaming poisoned shot at the spider, several of which hit the mage, again his black nighty is no defence against the deadly shot and slumps sideways to his death. The lead belchers blast the Trolls, who are now down to three. Nik Nak is slaughtered in the most horrible way by the giant kitty cats.

Turns 3 to 6

I will highlight what happens next as we can all see where this is going.

Over the next few turns Bad Voc kills the gnobblars and is then blown of the face of the planet by the hunters. The Kitty Cats kill the spider with the help of the Cannon which has also charged him, by the end of the game I have 1 troll and about 15 goblins trying to shift the regen Iron guts from the tower, I think I managed to kill 3 in 6 turns.
The standout point of the game was the unit of 50 spearmen, who faced a charge by the mournfang, if it wasn’t hard enough to kill theses monsters with goblins they decided to make it more of a challenge by throwing their nets on them selves two turns in a row.

We had a riot during the game (mostly at my incompetence) but when he won to control the tower, I think I was facing an up hill struggle.

So there we have it defeat again, the wife was back at the hotel so I sent her a text informing her of my defeat, I received a short message comprising of just two words,


I had one last chance to redeem myself, my last opponent was Beastmen, I read all the internet wisdom that said they were rubbish. I had never played them before but knowing anonymous net geeks are never wrong, I looked forward to my imminent victory….

Final victory coming soon…..

So here I stood on the brink of total disaster, my entire weekend was hanging by two slender threads. I still had a shot at winning best army, although the seven other army’s were painted to a very high standard. My second hope was my last battle against Beastmen.
This was an army I had never faced before but I heard and read countless tales of how they are under powered, difficult to win with and generally a load of dross.

So it was dross versus dross in my final game…….

The final game was Battle for the Pass and I would be up against Andy Isherwood and his Beastmen( another player nominated for best painted) his army looked like this

Level 4 Bray Shamen( what is it with all these level 4s, pattern forming)
40 Gors
40 Bestigors Great Weapons
40 Bestigors Additional hand weapon
2 Razorgors
2 Level 2s
2 units of Herpys
1 Hard stone
Now this time I won the roll for table sides, this left me in a bit of a dilemma, as I didn’t have to walk anywhere, so took the end of the table with very little terrain( ie none) because I couldn’t be arsed faffing about with woods and such like.

My deployment was the standard blind luck over judgment, I set up the two big gobbo units central my two giants went hand in hand again on the right, spider on the far left, rock lobber way behind me bad voc and the trolls went between the Spider and goblins.

Andy had his bestigors with additional hand weapons face the giants, Bestigors with greatwepons face the goblins and Gors the spider, his herpys skulked at the back and his hardstone was in his rear with herpys about to fly from it, I had no idea what it did but it looked cool! The razorgors jammed themselves in the gaps between the gors.

Now before we got started Andy was asking me all kinds of questions about the spider, he was particularly scared of it and concerned about its game changing potential. I put this down to two things A: He had never faced an Arachnarock and B: He had never played me. Nether the less he was worried about it, It was about time I showed him the error of his ways!

Goblins Turn 1

Right no messing about lets get stuck in, I just threw everything forward, my thinking was thus, I had tried this suicide tactic in 5 previous battles, the law of averages told me it was bound to work one time.

Beasts Turn 1

Andy was just as keen for a scrap and charged Nik Nak with his bestigors and Razorgor, the rest of his line shuffled forward a bit, the two lots of Herpys flew down in front of his gors, one unit right in front of Bad Voc. His magic phase, now I found out what his hardstone did and it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me.
Three mages in 6 inches and he was rolling lots of dice, I cant remember all the names of the spells but one made the bestigors against the Giant stronger and gave them more attacks( I think). He then called down a flock of crows to peck out big Nogs Eyes, I scoffed at the absurdity of it, when the crows were finished he had one good eye a limp and several missing digits, bloody Nora 4 wounds from some flying vermin!
Then he turned his attention to the Spider that he was so worried about and he cast Amber spear at it, of course I failed to dispel but luckily for the Arachnarok it caused no wounds as the spear hit his level 3 mage armour!!!!

During this weekend my Arachnorck has been carrying a very special piece of kit; I believe I have stumbled onto an unseen tactic. For only 145 points extra you can add some ablative armour in the shape of a level 3 wizard, your spider need not fear any missile weapon, war machine or charging character, the mage will simply sit up top failing to cast or dispel anything worthwhile and then when the time comes will leap in front of anything sharp or killy!! It’s brilliant.

In combat Andy rolled some dice and announced he hated me! I was later to discover it was not his personal feelings towards me but simply a beastman special rule(Later in the game I was to find out Beastmen were a thoroughly cross bunch of chaps were hated everything!!) Anyway Nik Nak failed to do anything and was hacked down and at this point he did the most useful thing he had managed in two days and fell on them! Get in 9 dead Beastmen.

My Turn 2

One unit of Goblins squabbled and Bad Voc bounced into the herpys, my other Big unit of goblins advanced into a forest in front of them, this turned out to be a venom thicket, excellent poisoned attacks! The spider advanced forward ready to charge next turn. My magic phase was non existent, as my mage was speared to a tree somewhere. In combat Bad Voc made short order of the Herpys and bounced into no mans land. The Trolls advanced next to the spears.
As the beastmen had overrun into my Giant on the pervious turn we had this to resolve, now they started by hating me again on a double 1( which turns out means they really disliked me), Big Nog decided to pick up and scoff one of the little hairy chaps( great at this rate I will win combat by turn 30) and then as he was chewing this tasty morsel he was hacked down in return. Then miracle of miracles he also fell on them killing another 9 Beastmen!!!

At this point I think its worth re capping what my two mighty Giants managed to accomplish in 5 Games, so here is the not so impressive list…….

Shouted at some Swordsmen……lots
Headbutted a Vortex Beast( that has no head)
Headbutted a Chariot……..WTF
Shouted at a chariot……….WTF again
Did nothing against the Ogres
Snacked on 1 Beastman
Threw them selves on the same unit twice( 18 squashed sheepheads)

I think you will agree 400 points well spent.

Beastmen Turn 2

So far I had seen no sign of the Beasts legendary weakness, they were giving me a right good kicking and so it continued…..

He charged my Generals unit in the Venom Thicket and placed his Herpys in front of the Spider, I f I charged and won I would probably go off the board. His other massive unit charged Bad Voc and the boys who hated the giants surged into my back lines towards the stone Thrower( which had killed a couple of Beasts last turn).
The magic phase and lots of things happened which I couldn’t stop, He cast Curse of Anraheir on my goblins, made his Beasts more deadly in combat and launched an Amber Spear at my spider. As my spider had been robbed of his Mage shield this bad boy struck home and cast on the higher Value caused a mighty six wounds!!!
In combat I was minus 1 to hit with my generals unit and lost combat but I was steadfast and passed my test, meanwhile Bad Voc was massacred! He overran into my other Goblins unit.

At this point you may be wondering what has happened to my fanatics, well they were useless so I am not wasting ant time writing about them…..well apart from that last sentence.

Turn 3
I charged the Herpys with my badly limping spider, no magic phase and forgot to fire my rock lobber!!!Great.Oh and the Trolls were stupid.
My spider butchered the heryps and legged it off the board( failed to restrain) In the combat between the spears and the beasts I lost and ran away and then they were into the Trolls.

This is where the game slipped from my grasp. In the combat between the Generals unit and Beasts I won and he fled, Hooray!!! All I had to do was restrain turn and I could help the trolls but oh no my little chaps had other ideas and pursued.
Unfortunately it is not a good idea to pursue through a venom thicket when you have Curse of Anraheir cast on you, many many many goblins died, who then panicked and ran back through the venom thicket, many many many goblins died.

Turns 4, 5 and 6

The beastmen hated me and many many many goblins died oh yeah and a dirty great spider carped it too.

And some trolls

And a rock lobber was burned to the ground.

And I learned that the Beastmen were quite good in a fight after all, even though they are a right grumpy bunch.

Summary of my weekend.

I had failed to win any games or Throne of Skulls, I had been beaten in the awards for best painted(this went to a magnificent Dark Elves army which actually got my vote).

What I did get from the weekend was five excellent games, played in a competitive but very sporting manner. I experienced five very diverse army builds and leaned a few things along the way (Night goblins cant fight for toffee). I had a very enjoyable time and would recommend the throne of skulls to anyone.
I think most of all I had a good laugh and hope my opponents enjoyed the games as much as me.
One last thing all events in this battle report are real, none of this was made up for comedy value. It really is this much of a rollercoaster when you use Night Goblins and I love the little gits.

On my way out of Warhammer world I stopped at the shop and bought my self a Steamtank.

Treg Almighty
25-03-2013, 08:38
Thanks so much for this thread. I loved every minute reading it. Very well written and made my commute home a pleasure.

Threads like this is why I decided to join warseer. Props to you mate

As a fellow greenskin, I appreciate the yell and bawl, die and hope you fall on them tactic. As of yet I have not refined it to kill anything but I remain optimistic that internet wisdom will catch up to my tactical brilliance eventually

25-03-2013, 11:04
Excellent report.
Props for bringing in double giant to a tournament. They are nothing but fun.
It's probably not a bad idea for you to go check out the O&G tactical threads to look for some tactical advice on how to win games with NG.
I would have bought an arachnarok instead of a steam tank though...

Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk 2

25-03-2013, 12:23
Thanks for the comments.

My next foray to nottingham will be April with nids(no steam tanks or giants). I will do another report but I cant promise the same laughs, Tyranids are much more serious and stabby then goblins.

As for giants, I love the models and every now and again you roll the fabled, jump up and down and just as your celebrating, that's when they fall over!

25-03-2013, 14:37
Hilarious, you should write more often!

25-03-2013, 20:22
Excellent read!! Always a massive gamble playing night goblins, especially with two giants!!

25-03-2013, 21:31
Some people might say I am a maverick, a bold risk taker with a devil may care attitude.

Other people say, you are only taking two giants and an arachnarok because you can't be arsed painting 835 points of Night Goblins.......I ignore these people.

25-03-2013, 23:07
Others say you should be bothered to read the rules. 10 iron guts cannot be put in the watch tower at the start of the game, but they can move into it! :p
Great report by the way. Saw your goblins, loved them but voted for the Dark elves. Traitor!

25-03-2013, 23:16
Ha very true, it was pointed out to me after the game but I don't think it would have had much bearing on the outcome. These mistakes happen and it was still a good game.
Yes those dark Elves were pretty tasty with some excellent conversions, the standard of painting in all the armies nominated was excellent, the wood Elves were also up there with them.

26-03-2013, 02:07
Oh. Oh. Can't stop laughing...too funny. That actually hurt me!

Good show sir. Good show indeed. I sincerely do not see how others can doubt your tactical brilliance. Go forth and stab has been the hallmark of many a great Waaaghh! over the years and Die/Fall on Them has served many Giants well (albeit only once each.)

Shadow Lord
26-03-2013, 13:23
Oh. Oh. Can't stop laughing...too funny. That actually hurt me!

Good show sir. Good show indeed. I sincerely do not see how others can doubt your tactical brilliance. Go forth and stab has been the hallmark of many a great Waaaghh! over the years and Die/Fall on Them has served many Giants well (albeit only once each.)

True, sooo very true!!

26-03-2013, 13:38

Thanks for these fun reports...
I hope that no real goblins (or giants) have been harmed in the making of this BR...

On top of that, I have never played a tournament (so I am not an expert) but I think that "James deployed his hounds made a vanguard move, charged and killed my stone thrower turn 1!!!" was an illegal move as you can't charge when you vanguard (if I am right ...which I think I am ...since I have been cheated the same way at my local gaming club)...
But I also think that it is an easy rule to forget...

26-03-2013, 19:12
You can charge, if you don't go first.

I went first and was too distracted by his 2 foot square unit of trolls to notice the sneaky warhounds.
Also as I didn't take fully detailed notes during every turn( I was too busy sweeping up crushed goblins) there may be a couple of small errors re lists etc.
It's certainly the case no one tried to cheat, maybe a couple of honest mistakes were made but we are all guilty of that from time to time.

Glad you enjoyed Little Nogs adventures, he will be back!

Lord Inquisitor
26-03-2013, 19:31

29-03-2013, 07:17
You win warhammer.