View Full Version : Need help for last 53pts, 3 000pts OK.

The French Guy
25-03-2013, 11:19
Hi all!
So, I am quite happy with the army list I came up with thanks to members' feedbacks.
I am building it up step by step.
However, I would like some advices on how to spend the last 53pts.

Opions available IMO are:
10 trappers
a 7th leadbelcher and 10 pts (irongut champion/item for firebelly)
a 11th irongut and 10pts (irongut champion/item for firebelly)
a 12th bull and 20pts (irongut+bull champions/item for firebelly)

Don't hesitate to propose something else!

Army list: 3 000pts.
Slaughtermaster (gastromancy):
Fencer's blades, Talisman of preservation, Scroll of shielding, Ironcurse icon, level 4. 385pts

BSB, Armor of destiny, Ironfist. 184pts

Fire belly:
Sword of Striking, Dispell scroll, rock eye, level 2. 200pts

11 bulls: ironfists, standard, Gnoblar, Bellower. 377pts (Fire belly, 3 wide 4 deep)
10 ironguts: standard, banner of discipline, gnoblar, Bellower. 470pts (SM+BSB, 4 wide 3 deep)
10 gnoblars: trappers. 50pts

7 leadbelchers: Bellower. 311pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
1 sabretusk. 21pts
4 mournfang cavalry: ironfists, heavy armours, standard, dragonhide banner, Bellower. 350pts

1 ironblaster. 170pts
1 ironblaster. 170pts
1 Stonehorn. 250pts

TOTAL: 3 001pt

The French Guy
27-03-2013, 00:17
I feel like 2 trappers units might be too much.
I want to field one to screen the leadbelchers from charges, letting them fire behind the tiny gnobs.

Does anybody feel like the 20 last pts available to the firebelly could be spend on a useful item?

The French Guy
28-03-2013, 17:36
Hi again!
So, here is what I'll do:

I will add a 7th leadbelcher, seems to me like the most efficient addition (compared to a bull/irongut)
Then I will drop the GW off the firebelly and give him a striking sword (to have a magic weapon in the bulls and help his crappy WS3)
And I will add a look out gnoblar in the bulls to help the firebelly.

Lead me to 3 001pts.
What do you say?