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25-03-2013, 11:29
Hi guys,

im not a skaven player ATALL so is this list is completely impractical then feel free to point it out

Ive reviewed your comments and made a revised list
gray seer with talisman of preservation and smoke bombs = 295

chieftain w/ shield and bsb and banner of clan = 102

1 assasin with sword +1 attack = 145

40 clan rats w/ shields and command = 160

80 clan rats w/ shields and musi/standerd = 372

40 storm vermin w/ war banner/command= 370

5 gutter runners with slings and poison / deathrunner and smoke bombs - 112

50 plague monks w/ command and standerd (armour piercing) = 420

2 doomwheel = 300

hell pit = 250

All comments welcome :)

The French Guy
25-03-2013, 14:36
I might be a bit rusty concerning skavens but I will try to give you some advices!
I usually mount my GS on a screaming bell, have you considered that?

Regarding the core units, I would do the following:
60 slaves
60 slaves
80 clan rats or 2 X 40 if you want some weapon teams like warpthrower, poison wind mortar...
40 stormvermin (here is where I usually put my screaming bell.)

I would only give musician and banner to the clan rats and vermins, champions aren't worth it IMO. No command on the slaves, maybe only spears if you have pts.

I would give slings and poison to the runners, and that's all. Then go warmachine hunting.
I would give the plague banner to the plague monks.
Hope it helps!

26-03-2013, 19:30
I would break-up the clan rats and slaves into 2 units each ( also only purchase a musician for the slaves). I would trim the storm vermin to 1 unit of 30. I would also shave points to put a warp lightning cannon in the list. I've never used an assassin. I would actually replace the assassin and shave the monks down to 30 and try to add a plague furnace and plague priest to go with them. I would also put the plague banner with the monks.

I don't have my book in front of me and apologize for not being able to add stuff up to see if it will fit. The above are just first impressions regarding your list.

27-03-2013, 01:01
I've updated with a new list with some of the advised changes :)

Grey Seer Kwokka
27-03-2013, 05:00
Couple of dot points to help you out...

- Grey Seers live and die by big spell casting. An Earthing Rod would be ideal to soak up bad miscast rolls (well, one) for that time you want to six-dice something nasty. Smoke Bombs can only be taken by Clan Eshin models (Assassins and Deathrunners are about it).

- The Assassin being given a +1 Attack magic weapon makes absolutely no sense because the Assassin comes with twin hand weapons by default, which you negate by giving him a magic weapon. So you're paying 25pts to swap +1 A for... +1 A (and lose your poison in the process). If you're going to take a magic weapon on an Assassin, go hard or go home. A Weeping Blade is a popular choice.

- Your banner choices around the list aren't very optimal. The Plague Monks should almost always have the Plague Banner. Stormvermin are generally better with the Razor Standard, Shroud of Dripping Death, Banner of the Under-Empire or maybe The Wailing Banner. Stormbanner should also find a place in your list if you want an opportunity to shut down the shooting phase and lock down flyers to be picked off.

- 40 models are probably the ideal number for most units except maybe Skavenslaves, dependent on whether you love shields on them. Personally, I always deck in 1-2 units of about 40x Shieldslaves. Ideally, you want to to at least split the 80-strong unit into two units. Some people will swear by Skavenslaves over Clanrats for everything sans bunkering, but Clanrats have merit (they don't *pop* once they run).

- You'll probably find the Deathrunner and Smoke Bombs in the Gutter Runner unit to be useless as Gutter Runners are better shooters than stabbers. The only time you would find real use with the bombs is if you were fleeing as the result of a charge which, in most situations, your opponent is unlikely to catch you anyway (that is, unless you want to slow them down for a reason).

27-03-2013, 12:43
Check out the UnderEmpire web page. They have excellent reviews on all of the units and a bunch of optimal builds and ways to use each unit. This web site was invaluable to me when I started playing Skaven.