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26-03-2013, 14:00
I tried to do it as competitive as possible. Sorry but i dont have the codex in english so I am not sure about the name of some items, so I explain them.

Spellweaver: Lvl 4 (Lore of life) dispell scrol, talisman of endurance= 305pts
Highborn: Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Dragonhelm, (3+ward save until he fails), light armour, 2 handed weapon and steed = 272pts

Bsb with the (10 points magic bow) and the (just one use, 3d6 S4 arrows)=130pts

5 Glade riders: musician= 129pts
12 Glade Guard: standard bearer, musician = 126pts
10 Glade Guard= 120pts
10 Glade Guard= 120pts
8 Dryads = 96pts

6 Treekin= 390pts
6 Treekin= 390pts

1 Treeman= 285pts
1 Giant eagle= 50pts
1 Giant eagle= 50pts

How could i improve it? Less wood and more elves with lore of beasts??. The glade guard unit with their own standard bearer is just in case i play the random special scenarios

I still dont know how to deal with things like a daemon prince, a great demon, the tank of the empire...

27-03-2013, 13:48
If you're going for competitive, you need to add standards for more than just one unit. Although it's not an automatic loss, you are just a single standard over breaking point on Blood and Glory - lose either the general, BSB or that one unit with a standard and you lose. Possibly trade out the dryads for standards and perhaps a few more elves in each unit (no need to go overboard, but 12 each with a standard should do - make them a bit more effective without making them too attractive a target!)

Is the highborn going in the glade riders, or floating about by himself?

Treekin are good, and probably them or the treeman, buffed with life spells, are the only way to deal with big things, or at least hold them up.

27-03-2013, 13:58
Glade guard would be better in 1 unit and with a full command. Also I would make your heros either a bsb or mount home on a stag and but him with tree kin. I don't how much you own already however enternal guard are much better as your dryad units aren't big enough and wil riders as useless. So invest a big unit of enternal as your high born makes them core

27-03-2013, 14:47
I would go beasts instead life, even with trees, it will help against the tougher stuff you mentioned and also make the treekin more dangerous.

Your dryads are fine as an 8, but I would try and fit in another unit, dropping the glade riders to make the points.

More banners and glade guard would be nice too, but the rest of your list is pretty combat focused so I would concentrate on that and use the glade guard to clear what chaff they can.

27-03-2013, 14:50
2500 Wood Elves Eternal Line: this should run a lot better

Lords: (517)
Highborn – Armor of Destiny, Annoyance of Netlings, Sword of Might, Shield (242)
Spellweaver – Dispel Scroll, Level 4, Life (275)

Heroes: (384)
Noble(BSB) – Hail of Doom Arrow, Asyendi’s Bane (140)
Noble – Stone of Crystal Mere, Great Weapon, Gambler’s Armor (129)
Branchwraith – Cluster of Radiants, Murder of Spites (115)

Core: (1108)
19 Eternal Guard – Full Command (258)
19 Eternal Guard – Full Command (258)
10 Glade Guard – Musician, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame (148)
10 Glade Guard – Musician (126)
10 Glade Guard – Musician (126)
8 Dryads – (96)
8 Dryads – (96)

Special: (390)
6 Tree Kin – (390)

Rare: (100)
Great Eagle – (50)
Great Eagle – (50)

Total: 2499

27-03-2013, 16:53
You'll do better with the orginal list you posted which is less bad than Craskie's, Eternal Guard are awful. One of the worst 3 units in the book, regardless of metagame.

My advice would be to drop all 12 Treekin, as unless your metagame revolves heavily around infantry they'll be worse than useless. Also, a single Treeman is a very easy target to kill, they need to be ideally be taken in pairs or trios so that you have some redundancy.

However, there are a few tweaks you could make without changing the overall shape of the list too much.

The Highborn gets no real benefit from being on a horse, it just makes him an unnecessarily inviting target. Putting him on foot and swapping the Dragonhelm for a Charmed Shield and throwing on Annoyance of Nettlings will get you a very solid build.

The 5++ is essentially wasted on the level 4, with bad defensive stats if she's taking wounds she'll likely die even if she had a 3++. Instead, give her the Moonstone for some trickery and swap the 5++ for MR2, it will give you far more benefit as it will also help her unit that she is in. I'm also of the mind that Beasts is a far superior lore (both in general and specifically for Wood Elves) than Life magic.

Unless you're building a list specifically designed for double flee avoidance (and even then), Glade Riders are awful. Dropping them for another 10 Glade Guard would be much better. It may make for an inviting idea to use them as a bunker for the Highborn, but they only need to lose one model before he has no LOS.

The 12 Glade Guard need to go up to at least 15, preferably 20. As it stands, it's far too easy for that unit to be shut down at which point the Hydra/Abomb will kill your entire army with ease.

You could really do with a second unit of Dryads.

As I've mentioned already, I don't rate Treekin unless you play in a weak metagame that revolves around infantry. As soon as you start running into cavalry or monstrous cavalry, or people who have taken the tools to deal with those, Treekin become a massive liability. Dropping them would get you more Glade Guard, more Dryads and an Eagle Noble as well as a 2nd Treeman.

1 Treeman is just too easy to kill with a spell or war machine or even just a fluffed Stubborn re-roll, and once he goes there's no redundancy. You really need to take them in pairs to get the best out of them, so that they can gang up on units and also you have a back-up in case one of them dies too early.