View Full Version : Killing Night Goblin Fanatics and Mangler Squigs by moving onto them

26-03-2013, 17:16
From the Fanatic's entry in the Orc and Goblin book

"Fanatics cannot be charged, but models can move into contact with them. Any unit that moves into contact with a Fanatic takes D6 Strength 5 hits for moving into the Fanatic and a further D6 Strength 5 hits due to the Fanatic's death throes (all hits are Armour Piercing). The Fanatic model is then removed and the unit may carry on its move."

It's a similar paragraph for the Mangler, but with a different amount of hits and a different strength.

After re-reading the above, it looks like the Fanatic is ALWAYS removed if an enemy unit moves THROUGH it, not just if the enemy unit ends its move ON TOP of the Fanatic. Plus, they ALWAYS take 2D6 hits. Is that correct?

(I seem to remember in the old days, you could only kill a Fanatic by ending your move ON TOP of it).

At the same time, why have they worded it like this? Does the unit have to survive the first set of hits before the Fanatic is removed? (would stop tiny, expendable units killing them off).

Would love to hear your thoughts as i think I've been playing it wrong... :shifty:

26-03-2013, 17:34
Seems pretty clear that a unit voluntarily moving through a fanatic, instead of the other way around, kills it in exchange for it doing 2D6 hits out of turn, and doesn't slow the unit down.

As for the wording, it's to make it clear that a) there is a second D6's worth of hits and b) that these are in addition to the normal D6 hits. Given the ways some people have argued in the past, if GW had simply stated "a unit moving over a fanatic in its own turn takes 2D6 hits" someone would have asked if those 2D6 hits were instead of, or in addition to, the normal hits for coming into contact with a fanatic.

26-03-2013, 17:59
Agreed.the over writing on that rule entry is our fault as players for refusing to read rules without trying our best to misunderstand them for our own gain.