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26-03-2013, 17:33
Hi all.me and a friend have a long story driven campaign going that I won't bore you with now but sufficed to say the below list is fluffy as I need to feild a monster army next year at some point.so,here goes.

+++ New RosterMonster list (2501pts) +++
+++ 2500pt Warriors of Chaos 8th ed Roster (Standard)) +++


Warriors of Chaos 8th ed (Standard) Selections:

+ Lords +

* Daemon Prince
Chaos Armour , Level 4 Lore of Nurgle, Mark of Nurgle (
* Gifts of Chaos
Chaos Familiar , Flaming Breath,, Scaled Skin, Soul feeder
* Magic Items
Charmed Shield, Luckstone , Sword of Striking

+ Heroes +

* Unique Characters (Heroes)
The Troll King Throgg

+ Core +

* Trolls (Core)
* 17x Troll
17x Additional Hand Weapons

+ Special +

* Chimera
Flaming Breath , Regenerating Flesh

* Chimera
Regenerating Flesh

* Dragon Ogres
3x Dragon Ogre , Shartak (Champ)

+ Rare +

* Chaos Giant
Mark of Nurgle

* Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
Extra Hand Weapon

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So, I wondered if anyone had any suggestions on the above. Just a couple of things, first is yes,I want a Giant. Second is no,I don't want a BSB.
Cheers all.