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26-03-2013, 20:30
So a little while ago I had my battle report thread "The Obsidian Thirst" moved from this forum over to the Fantasy Project Log forum. I was hoping that with the superior traffic that forum seems to receive, that I would get more readership, comments, and feedback. Disappointingly, I was mistaken. In the meantime, I have finished another battle report over there, and it occurred to me that I never actually mentioned anything in this forum about my thread's change of location. So, with the hope that maybe there were some followers of my battle reports that perhaps just wondered where my thread disappeared to, I'm posting a copy of my latest report here. And who knows, maybe I'll get some new readers as well.

I doubt I'll be posting any more battle reports in this forum, as they will most likely go over to my plog that is now located in Fantasy Project logs, but if the response to this one is overly positive I'll likely reevaluate my plans. If you want to find my project log's new location, it's as easy as clicking the link in my signature.

26-03-2013, 20:30
Battle 12: Unlikely Allies. 2500+2500/5000 points.
Scenario: Pitched Battle

Vampire Counts List 2500 points:
Vampire Lord, Kayosiv. Level 2, heavy armor
Vampiric Powers: Quickblood, Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile
Magic Items: 4+ Ward save, Enchanted shield, Ogre Blade (+2 strength)
Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Hellish Vigor.

Necromancer, level 2, with dispel scroll
Spells: Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Danse Macabre

40 skeletons with full command
40 skeletons with full command and banner of swiftness
20 zombies with musician and standard bearer
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
Special :
12 Black Knights with lances, barding, full command, and Warbanner.
5 Hexwraiths
8 Crypt Horrors with Haunter
4 Vargheists with Vargoyle
1 Spirit Host

Skaven List 2500 points: (Because I am unable to get the list from the player, this is a rough estimate)
Warlord on Bonebreaker. 4+ ward save, halberd, other trickster's shard, Warpstone Armor
Grey Seer
Spells: Cracks Call, Warp Lightning, The Dreaded 13th, Scorch

Battle Standard Bearer with Enchanted Shield and heavy armor
Assassin with Potion of Strength and Weeping Blade
Assassin with Blade of Corruption

40 clanrats with ratling gun
40 stormvermin Doom-flayer, full command, and Razor Standard
20 slaves with shields.
Special :
10 plague monks
6 gutter runners with poisoned slings
7 Warplock Jezzails with Sharpshooter
Warp Lightning Cannon
Hellpit Abomination with Warpstone Spikes

Warriors of Chaos List 5000 points:
Valkia the Bloody
Chaos Sorcerer, level 4. Charmed Shield and Infernal Puppet.

Festus the Leech Lord
Throgg the Troll King
Exalted Hero, Mark of Tzeentch, Halberd, chaos steed, dragon helm, talisman of endurance.

6 Trolls (core because of Throgg)
23 chaos warriors with mark of Slannesh, Halberds. Stander bearer with Banner of Eternal Flame.
23 chaos warriors with additional handweapons and flag carrier with banner of frenzy.
20 marauders with mark of Slannesh and shields.
5 chaos warhounds
Special :
10 Hellstriders with whips, standard, and musician.
20 Chosen with Champion and Standard Bearer. Favor of the Gods and the Wailing Banner. 1+ armor save gift.
10 Chaos Knights with standard and musician.
Scyla Anfingrimm
Shaggoth with great weapon
Hell Cannon
5 Skullcrushers with standard, musician, and glimmering pendant.

Kayosiv stood relaxed and confident, surrounded on all sides by halberd tips pointing at his neck. An enormous rat ogre lumbered up to him with a large black furred and heavily armored skaven on top. He addressed the vampire with the overconfident pomp of someone who believed they had just outsmarted their greatest rival.

"So let me make sure I understand your offer-deal dead-thing. You wish to help us fight-fight the chaos-things, and in return you want 25 claws of warpstone and 100 slaves.

"That's right" the vampire said nonchalantly. The vampire's easy demeanor in what should be a life threatening situation unnerved the warlord slightly, but he hid it successfully enough that none of of the surrounding skaven noticed.

"Well then, I have for you two query-questions. What does a dead-thing want with 100 live-slaves? And, why shouldn't I just kill-death you right now?

"To answer your first question, I don't plan to keep them alive for long. They're of far more use to me reanimated than living." At this there was some some audible unrest from the present slaves, but they were silenced by a single glare from the skaven warlord. "And to the second, your forces are no doubt... formidable, but they are no match for the coming chaos forces.

The Skaven Warlord sneered and puffed his chest out proudly. "High Warlord Slitquick has never been defeated! Chaos-things are no match for him or his armies!" The present skaven squeaked and cheered their approval at this statement. After the buzz of excitement had simmered down, a lone gutter runner coughed awkwardly. All eyes, even Slitquick's, went to him. A complete hush fell over the area as they strained to hear the meek mumbles of the ratman.

"Um... most unbeatable of warriors... there may be a tad-smidgen of bad news..."

"Get on with it!" the warlord bellowed.

"Oh, uh, yes-yes. I have just come back from scout-spying the chaos camp... and the dead-thing is right. We are outnumbered." Slitquick frowned deeply at this statement and gently kicked his rat ogre bonebreaker in the shoulder. The beast quickly raised up a meaty fist and smashed the gutter runner flat into the jungle floor. The rat ogre lifted up his hand from the skaven pulp and began licking the gore off the bottom of its fist.

Slitquick turned to the vampire and spoke in a quick and hushed tone. "5 claws of warpstone and 25 slaves."

"What!?" Kayosiv shouted, outraged. "You are on the precipice of certain doom and you're trying to haggle with me!?"

Slitquick looked thoughtful for a moment. "Fine-fine, 10 claws... and 75 slaves. Final offer."

"You will give me 50 claws of warpstone and 1,000 slaves for the sheer audacity of trying to shortchange me when I am the only thing standing between you and certain death. And believe me, if anyone knows death, it is I."

Slitquick's eyes went wide at this offer. Murmurs began to rise up in the skaven ranks. No one had ever stood up to the warlord with such conviction before... and lived. Even the storm vermin surrounding the vampire looked to their leader for his reaction. It was uncommon for anyone to speak down to him in such a manner, and his pride demanded the vampire slain for his arrogance... but he knew that he needed him.

After careful deliberation, the warlord spoke. "25 claws or 100 slaves, you pick-choose."

Collective focus went back to Kayosiv, who in turn reflected thoughtfully at the offer. "Very well, 25 claws of warpstone." There was a collective whoosh of relieve from every slave in the vicinity and Slitquick ordered his guard to drop their weapons.

"Good-good" the Warlord said, now go ready your dead-thing army. You get paid after fight."

"Half now, and half after."

"Grrrrrrr" the warlord growled. He barked some orders behind him in his native language and a heavily burdened skaven plodded forward, hunched from the weight of many heavy bags.
"Give this dead-thing 12 claws of warpstone" Slitquick said with annoyance.
The skaven accountant poured the contents from one of the bags on his back into his hand and counted their contents very meticulously.

"13 claws" the vampire smirked.

"12 and a half!" the warlord shrieked, startling the counter and forcing him to start over.

Hefting a bag full of 12 and a half claws of warpstone, Kayosiv smiled as he walked away from the skaven to prepare his forces. He couldn't care less about the warpstone, but he knew that the skaven would be suspicious if he offered his services for free. Things like common interest and mutually beneficial ventures did not register in their culture. What did register was greed, greed and survival. Kayosiv was just being a good negotiator. By acting as the warlord would have acted and preying on what he knew the skaven wanted, Kayosiv got Slitquick to do exactly what he wished while the warlord thought he to was getting what he desired. The poor fool.


Deployment ended up being a bit difficult because we were just so cramped for space. I've played larger games than 5,000 points before, but never on a single standard sized 4"x6" table. A lot of stuff had to simply be squeezed in, such as the terrorgheist fitting sideways because he just wouldn't fit anywhere else. Overall it worked out, but we had to spread a tad thinner than we wanted and the jezzails couldn't fire at anything on turn 1 due to the hill. Our side won first turn however and we were determined to make the best of it.

Unlikely Allies Turn 1:
Movement: Moving from left to right across the battle line, the following moves take place. The warlord and her storm vermin march up, accompanied by their doomflayer. The jezzails move up to the hill to secure good shooting position. The hellpit and wolves go towards the left, giving the hellpit a good selection of targets and the dire wolves a good position to charge the chaos hounds on turn 2. The slaves move up some and the warplock engineer moves up far enough to get a solid line of sight to juicy targets with his doom rocket. Both units of skeletons march up, and the terrorgheist fits behind them, still squished in sideways. The Black Knights and vargheists move up some but not maximum movement, hoping to not get charged but instead attack things during turn 2. The hex wraiths are content to sit back behind the sinister statue biding their time. The entire right flank moves up with the exception of the grey seer, some into the river which turns out to be a normal river, confident that chaos wont be able to score a first turn charge.

Magic: Magic is uneventful as low dice are rolled and most of the skaven spells are out of range and the vampires lack offensive magic.

Shooting: The warplock engineer takes aim at the chosen with his doomrocket and lets fly. He ends up getting a near perfect shot, also cliping Festus' warrior unit. He ends up killing 4 chosen and 2 of the Nurgle warriors.
Doom rocket... OF DOOM!!! 164316

The Warp Lightning cannon attempts to shoot down the skullcrushers, but ends up short as well. Despite it's poor bounce distance, it still hits the back of the hellstriders and kills 2. The doomwheel fails it's leadership test to restrain from pushing buttons and pulling levers, causing it to shoot lightning at clanrats, killing 2.

Warriors of Chaos turn 1:
Movement: The hellstriders charge the warhounds in front of them and automatically make it. The knights, not being stupid, slowly back away from the Hellpit and pray it doesn't notice them. Valkia's warriors do the opposite, inching up just out of average hellpit charge range, putting them just slightly in the river. The warhounds move into the river as well. Festus' Nurgle warriors move up and angle to fight my left skeleton block and the warshrines all move with various warrior units, but stay safely behind them. The marauders with level 4 sorcerer occupy the house and the rightmost warshrine goes around behind it towards the skull crushers, whom themselves garrison a fence. The chosen and trolls with Throgg only move up slightly, angled behind chaos warhounds, hoping that my vampire lord or crypt horrors will take the bait and be stuck fighting near invulnerable chosen and set up for a flank charge by trolls. Scyla shoots up super far, but not far enough towards the doomwheel, stopping just a few inches short of it. The shaggoth is more hesitant, hanging back and hoping he can get a charge off on the doomwheel on turn 2.

Magic: A good number of is rolled on the winds of magic and the chaos sorcerer tries to cast Mindrazor on the hellstriders. Unfortunately... the roll doesn't pan out too well for him and he rolls triple 1's. With that wizard no longer able to cast, Festus casts magnificant buboes on the Skaven warlord, but it is easily dispelled with our remaining dispel pool.

Shooting: The hell cannon takes aim at the terrorgheist, but scatters way off target into empty space. The right and center warshrines both bless the chosen, granting them +1 toughness and a 4+ ward save with stubborn. The left warshrine blesses the trolls and gives them +1 strength.

Combat: The hellstriders manage to kill 4 dire wolves, who can't kill any back in return and crumble to death. He reforms wide after the battle.

End of Turn 1: Note that this picture is before the hellstrider/dire wolf combat.

Unlikely Allies turn 2:
Movement: My dire wolves on the left flank charge into the hounds in the river and the clanrats charge into the hellstriders on the right flank. The doomwheel smashes into Scylia but the hellpit abomination isn't so lucky and stops in the river a few inches short of Valkia's warrior unit. In the remaining moves phase, the skaven warlord and stormvermin unit march up and angle towards the center of the board. My hex wraiths zip 18" through Festus' warriors and kill a few while positioning in front of the hell cannon but also threatening the leftmost warshrine. my left skeleton unit marches up in front of Festus' warriors and my terrorgheist lands just to their left, with the vargheists right behind. Skaven slaves and zombies shuffle around a bit but don't do anything important. My knights and crypt horrors move forward and both angle to the right of the board, threatening a plethora of targets. The Grey Seer and his plague monks walk into the river to make sure he has targets in the range of his spells.

Magic: An eventful magic phase for the skaven, with the first spell being a successfully cast scorch on the trolls. The spell itself only does a few wounds but takes away their regeneration. The ensuing warp lighting does several more and the trolls lose 7 wounds from the two spells total. My necromancer tries to cast van hel's on the left skeletons, but it is dispelled.

Shooting: The warp lighting cannon shoots off a shot at full power, once again aimed at the skull crushers, but this time impacting gloriously. One skullcrusher is reduced to scrap metal. The jezzails take aim at the chaos knights and manage to pick one off. The terrorgheist screams at Valkia's warrior unit and rolls in the double digits, killing an impressive 7 models despite their 5+ regeneration save. The Doomwheel tries to fry Scyla but ends up misfiring and hitting itself for 3 wounds.


Combat: Making up for his earlier incompetence, the doomwheel gets 6 impact hits and squishes Scyla flat before he can even fight back, overrunning forward. The clanrats reveal an Assassin who is able to handily defeat the Hellstriders. The rats kill 4 and they break from combat, but are able to easily outpace their skaven pursuers. The dire wolves on the left flank totally chump all of their attacks against the chaos war hounds and suffer a wound in return, tying the combat.

Warriors of Chaos turn 2:
Movement: The chaos knights charge my dire wolves, losing 1 knight to dangerous terrain, who is worth as much as the entire wolf unit, so I am OK with this. Valkia's warrior unit charge the hellpit abomination, also losing a few warriors to the river's currents. The leftmost warshrine charges my terrorgheist and Festus' warriors charge my unit of skeletons. The skullcrushers charge the clanrats in the front and the chaos hounds in the center make a long charge into their flank. Lastly, the Shaggoth charges the doomwheel. Last and certainly least, Throgg and his trolls charge my Vampire Lord's unit of black knights, but fail by only rolling a 3, going 2 measly inches forward. The centermost warshrine positions between the hex wraiths and the hellcannon, hoping to intercept a charge that would clog up the only chaos shooting on the board.

Magic: All spells were either dispelled or failed to cast, but the Chaos player manages to make us use our dispel scroll.

Shooting: The hell cannon tries to shoot for my Vampire Lord, but misfires without any negative consequence. The rightmost warshrine blesses the skullcrushers with +1 strength.

Combat: In the clanran vs skullcrusher combat, the skaven player reveals YET ANOTHER assassin, who has drunk a potion of strength. After suffering the loss of 4 wounds from the two assassins, the skullcrushers opt to go for the squishy clanrats instead of trying to kill the assassins, worried about losing the combat. They manage to kill 7 while the flanking warhounds kill 1 more. The clanrat's attacks bounce uselessly off the skullcrusher's armor, but manage to kill a dog. The skaven lose but are steadfast and hold.
Before Combat:164569 After Combat: 164570

Festus' unit goes to town on the skeletons, killing 8, while the skeletons deal 0 in return. However, the skeleton champion manages to wound Festus in their challenge before being hacked to bits. Losing by so much, the crumble is particularly bad and the unit is reduced to half size.

Valkia the Bloody licked her lips as a nightmarish patchwork of flesh rumbled towards her and her unit of Khore's chosen warriors. The beast gurgled a sickening roar from half a dozen throats as it pulled itself ever closer with desperate reaches of it's mutated limbs. The warriors of khorne, waist deep in the river's currents, began to unsheathe their weapons, but Valkia barked an order for them to hold.
"The monster is MINE" she almost screamed at her men.
Hardened warriors all, most shrank back at the sound of her voice as Valkia prepared for the charge of the skaven monstrosity. One warrior however, was too battle hungry and remained at the side of his mistress with his weapon at the ready. Infuriated, the Bride of Khorne decapitated him, prompting the other warriors to take yet a few more hasty steps back. Valkia took to the sky moments before the abomination would have flattened her and fluttered around the beast, hacking off heads and cutting deep gashes into the flesh of the thing as it roared its outrage. Her warriors only looked on in awe and jealous anticipation. Hopefully she would leave something left for them to fight this time.

Valkia rolls insanely well and does 4 wounds to the Hellpit herself, easily hurting it due to her unit's flaming banner. The chaos warriors actually roll fairly poorly, but it is just enough to put exactly the last 2 wounds on the hellpit, killing it for good before it even gets to fight back.

Over on the left flank, the exalted hero in the chaos knights butchers the dire wolves and they opt not to overrun, fearing the dangerous terrain tests of the river. On the opposite flank, the shaggoth shrugs off the doomwheel's rat attacks and hacks the already weakened wheel into firewood and turns to face the clanrats. The last combat of the turn is uneventful, as the warshrine and terrorgheist are unable to hurt each other. Because of the 1 combat resolution for charging, the warshrine wins and the terrorgheist crumbles for 1 wound.

Concluded on next post

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Unlikely Allies turn 3:
Movement: On the left flank, the storm vermin and accompanying warlord charge into the chaos knights in the river. The hex wraiths opt to charge the warshrine in front of the hellcannon instead of moving through it for free hits, hoping to win combat. Both the black knights and crypt horrors charge the chaos trolls and make contact.

The vargheists move up, single file, to sacrifice themselves to Valkia's chaos warriors in hopes to spare the terrorgheist. The slaves move up on the hill behind them and next to the jezzails with the intent of doing the same once the vargheists inevitably die. Skeletons, zombies, and spirit host all move around a little bit but are generally blocked by the sphinx in the center of the board or combats they can't move past. The grey seer and his plague monks move out of the river and into range of a plethora of juicy targets.


Magic: The dreaded 13th spell is cast on the chosen, but the dice fail to meet the casting value. Invocation and van hel's danse macabre are then both easily dispelled by the level 4 chaos sorcerer.

Shooting: The terrorgheist screams at the warshrine, once again rolling in the double digits with an impressive 10. The shrine rolls pathetically on it's ward saves, only scoring 1 save on a 4+ out of 6, and dies outright. The jezzails take aim at Valkia's warrior unit and manage to kill 1 chaos warrior, but one jezzail also explodes from misfiring. The ratling gun has no legal targets.

Combat: On the left flank, the storm vermin and Slitquick roll unbelievably terribly and only manage to kill 2 knights despite their plethora of high strength armor piercing attacks. The knights roll much better and kill a decent amount of skaven. Because of the river the skaven have no rank bonus, lose combat and cannot claim steadfast. They fail their break test and flee. All is not lost for the Warlord however because despite the swift-stride of the knights, the skaven do what they do best and successfully run away.


The hexwraiths manage to deal 2 wounds to the warshrine and beat it by a combat result of 3. It fails its break test and flees, but manages to outpace the hexwraiths. The pursuit however does bring them in contact with the hellcannon, effectively clogging it. In the skeleton/Festus warrior combat, the skeletons manage to once again do absolutely nothing to the unit, but take a single wound off of Festus. The champion of nurgle can't make a regeneration save to save his life... literally. Despite Festus' death, the warriors tear the skeletons to pieces and the unit crumbles completely and is destroyed. I had hoped to have a few left to keep the warriors from charging into the terrorgheist, but was very happy at least that Festus was dead so the unit no longer had poison or regeneration.

Kayosiv and his knights + the crypt horrors badly hurt the chaos trolls, reducing them to half number before they can even strike. The remaining trolls roll awful and their vomit can't even wound any knights and barely scratches the high toughness of the crypt horrors. They are beaten badly and fail their break test. Despite being chased by 2 units, 1 with swift stride, the trolls escape. The crypt horrors peruse into the building housing the chaos marauders and sorcerer and Kayosiv and his black knights hit the unit of chosen.

Valkia gazed longingly across the battlefield at a monstrous melee between skeletal knights, gigantic ghoul creatures, and Throgg's trolls. She desperately wished she could be part of such a glorious combat, but her expectations were soon shattered. Instead of the fighting being a brutal clash of titans, it was a one-sided massacre. A Dark warrior, beautiful in his terrible violence, slashed the trolls to pieces with a strength that impossibly exceeded his form. A worthy opponent. She must have him.

Throgg's trolls were completely outmatched and even the troll king himself could not turn the tide against such odds. After a very brief fight the trolls fled, pursued by their attackers. Valkia's eyes went wide as the Knights veered away from the trolls and into the chosen of Tzeentch. This dark warrior was deliberately attacking the chosen? Valkia feared nothing and even she knew that a fight against them was fruitless. Was he a fool? Insane? Perhaps he was truly the worthy adversary she had been seeking. She began to walk towards him, but was interrupted by large humanoid bat monsters filling the sky and dive bombing at her and her accompanying guard. She screamed at them as she took to the skies and fought the largest of them.
"Out of my way you damned monsters, the dark warrior is mine!"

Without the aid of their potion of strength, the assassins do much worse against the skull crushers, doing a measly single wound in combat. The clanrats do even worse, getting 0 wounds, although they do kill another chaos warhound. With their ranks diminished and their leadership low, the clanrats break from combat and are taken off the board by the pursuing dogs and skull crushers.

Warriors of Chaos turn 3:
Movement: The chaos knights charge the jezzails, who flee, and successfully redirect into the storm vermin's doomflayer. Valkia's unit charges the vargheists, losing 3 warriors to the dangerous terrain tests from the river. Festus' warriors, now sans Festus, charge the terrogheist. Both the fleeing warshrine and trolls fail to rally, with the warshrine running completely off the board and the trolls going dangerously close to the edge. The rightmost warshrine starts to move up past the house, followed by the warhounds, shaggoth, and skull crushers after a successful reform, all angling towards the center of the board and the grey seer's unit.

Magic: A low roll only gives the chaos forces a few dice to work with. A desperate mindrazer is attempted on the chaos marauders in the building with all the dice, but the casting result consists of triple 1's and a 2.

Shooting: With the hell cannon clogged by hex wraiths and 2 of the 3 warshrines dead, there is no shooting.

Combat: The chaos knights obliterate the doomflayer and reform towards the center of the board. Valkia gets in a challenge with the vargeist champion and kills it easily, causing the unit to lose by 5 and crumble heavily. The frenzied chaos warriors roll like crazy and despite needing 6's to wound, do 5 wounds to the terrorgheist of which it saves 0, killing it and allowing them an overrun into the skaven slaves' flank. Having sacrificed the vargheists to save the terrorgheist, I can't say I was happy about this turn of events.

The chosen prove to be extremely resilient with their 3+ ward save and only take 2 wounds combined from the knight unit and Kayosiv. In return they kill 2 knights, but still lose the combat by 1 thanks to the black knight's war banner. The chosen then fail their stubborn 8 break test on an 11 and flee! I opt not to pursue, hoping that the chosen will flee far enough to hit the hexwraiths and bounce through the hell cannon and off the board. My gamble pays off as the chosen flee off the table and the black knights reform to face the center of the board.

Slicing a Vargheist clean in half, Valkia quickly glanced at the Tzeentch Chosen, and her mouth went agape. They were... retreating. Defeated, broken, running like dogs. They fled the blade of the dark warrior, who's armor was now colored a slick crimson from being completely drenched in blood. Letting the Chosen flee like cowards, he commanded his troops to face Valkia's warriors. Her heart began to beat faster.
"Hurry you weaklings!" she yelled at her warriors as they finished off the last of the vargheists. "Charge the knights, the knights! But the dark warrior is not to be touched!"

The crypt horrors manage to easily defeat the marauders, but they roll a 3 on their break test and manage to hold. The hex-wraiths and hell cannon can't do any damage to each other.

Unlikely Allies turn 4:
A jubilant smile formed on Valkia's face as the skeletal knights charged towards her and her warriors, the dark warrior at their head. Her triumph proved to be premature however, as the knights turned to the left and plowed into the back of Festus' personal guard.
"No... NOOOOO!" she screamed in defiance. "Fight ME! Forward my warriors, forward towards glory and death!"
She whipped her warriors into a frenzy and they charged out of the river towards the black knights' flank. This challenge was everything, and she would not be denied.

Movement: Kayosiv and his Black knights charge into the rear of the additional hand weapon warriors, while skeletons charge into the flank. Warlord Slitquick and his storm vermin rally and face towards the chaos knights on the hill, but the jezzails fail and continue to flee. The zombies and necromancer go behind the skeletons, getting close enough for a 6" invocation. The spirit host spins around towards the shaggoth in hopes that it can keep it trapped in a combat that it can't win. The grey seer faces towards several threats bearing down on him from the right flank, hoping to teach them the error of their ways with his magic. A group of gutter runners come on the board on the right flank and move towards the center of the board.

Magic: Not everything goes the grey seers way as his first spell of the phase is a warp lightning targeting the skull crushers on 2 dice. One roll of double 1's later, the spell fails and so does the phase for the skaven wizard. Kayosiv does better by getting off invocation with irrepressible force. The ensuing miscast costs him a wizard level and the rest of our power dice, but he is able to revive 2 black knights and 5 skeletons.

Shooting: The warp lightning cannon decides to show what a REAL lightning attack is, and hits a bloodcrusher with a strength 10 shot, vaporizing him. The ratling gun follows the example of the grey seer and not only accomplishes nothing, but misfires and explodes. The gutter runners take aim on the last remaining skull crusher but are unable to get past it's 1+ armor save.

Ready... FIRE-FIRE!!! Aim...166801

Combat: In the predictable combats, the crypt horrors once again beat the marauders, this time running them out of the house, and Valkia's warriors easily kill the remaining vargheists and reform towards the center of the board. The hex-wraiths and hellcannon tie again.

In the massive combat at the center, things do not go my way. My vampire lord rolls three 1's to wound and so can only do a couple of wounds to the chaos warriors. The knights do decently killing a few more, and the skeletons and slaves kill one each. Sadly, the total between all the attacks of 3 units is only 6 dead warriors. The warriors on the other hand roll amazingly awesome and manage to kill a lot of slaves and even a lot of skeletons even with only 2 models in base contact on the flank. 3 black knights also die to chaos blades and the warriors only end up losing by 2. They pass their break test on a roll of 6 and suddenly everything is in jeopardy. I never dreamed that the warriors would hold and now suddenly my most important unit is being faced down by Valkia on it's flank. On the plus side, the slaves are able to reform so they are no longer flanked and turn to face the warriors.


Warriors of Chaos turn 4:
Movement: Lots of charges this phase. The chaos knights charge the flank of the skaven slaves while Valkia and her warriors charge the flank of Kayosiv's black knights. The shaggoth and warshrine charge the grey seer's plague monk unit but only the shaggoth makes it. The lone remaining blood crusher charges the warp lightning cannon. The trolls fail to rally again and flee off the board. The chaos mauraders with the chaos sorcerer also fail to rally and continue fleeing. The unit of chaos warhounds on the left flank move up at an angle to redirect warlord Slitquick and his storm vermin unit. The other unit of chaos warhounds moves between the shaggoth and my spirit hosts, also hoping to redirect.


Magic and Shooting: With chaos' only wizard fleeing and their only shooting plugged with hex wraiths, there are is no shooting or magic. The remaining warshrine blesses the shaggoth with +1 armor.

Combat: The blood crusher easily crushes the blood out of the warp lightning cannon crew and reforms towards the center of the board. The shaggoth rolls extremely poorly and only manages to do 2 wounds to the grey seer and only does 1 thunderstomp. Sadly, the plague monks can't wound his toughness 5 despite their numerous attacks and he is dealt no wounds in return. The plague monks lose combat by a few points, fail their break test, and are run down grey seer and all. The hexwraiths manage to wound the hellcannon, but it is unlikely they'll kill it before the game ends.

Valkia desperately tried to find the undead lord in the swirl of melee combat between the various sides. She cut a swath through the black skeletal knights in her search, and finally she found the object of her recent obsession. There he was before her, slicing chaos warriors apart as if they were defenseless children.
"YOU, Lord of death!" she directed at the vampire, "A challenge!"
He dispatched another chaos warrior before turning in the direction of the fierce female voice. Her heart fluttered a bit when he looked up at her.
"Perhaps another time" he said with a smirk.
Valkia was confused. "Wha.... no, NO! We battle here and now, in magnificent single combat!"
Kayosiv did not respond, but simply began to glow with a bright light. For a brief moment, the light became blinding, and Valkia hid her eyes behind her demonic faced shield. When the light faded, she was horrified to find that the vampire was gone.

Furious beyond rational thought, the Bride of Khorne lashed out at anything within reach while screaming at the top of her lungs. Black knights and chaos warriors alike fell to her blade and soon all backed away from the long reach of her deadly spear.

Slitquick watched the berserk woman from the top of the hill.
"Knew I should have paid undead-thing after battle was over" he grumbled to himself.

In the now even more gigantic combat in the center involving 6 units, Valkia and the 2 units of warriors manage to kill an impressive 8 black knights while the black knights, skeletons, and Lord Kayosiv kill 8 warriors of chaos. The chaos knights and hero kill 11 skaven slaves and when combat is all said and done, the combat is lost by 7. The remaining black knight dies and Kayosiv crumbles to death with him. The skeletons crumble twice from the loss and general's death, and the skaven slaves explode but cause no casualties in the chaos knights. Crumble is fairly lax on my army as I pass most of my leadership tests but notably my spirit host is destroyed. Valkia's warriors and the exalted heroes knights reform and so do the 2 remaining chaos warriors facing the skeletons.


Unlikely Allies turn 5:
Movement: Slitquick's unit of storm vermin charge the chaos warhounds and automatically connect. My crypt horrors move out of the house towards the center of the board. The gutter runners move after the fleeing mauraders on the right flank, hoping to chase them off the board.

Magic: Being our only wizard left on the board, my necromancer 6 dices invocation of nehek. The resulting resurrection brings back 8 skeletons and 9 zombies. He tries to cast Vanhel's Danse Macabre with his 1 remaining dice but rolls a 2 and fails.

Shooting: The gutter runners shoot their poisoned slings at the fleeing marauders, killing 2.

Combat: The skeletons manage to kill both of the remaining additional handweapon warriors and reform so they can't be flanked by either the knights or remaining chaos warriors. Slitquick's storm vermin easily kill the 3 chaos warhounds and reform to face the flank of the chaos knights.

Warriors of Chaos turn 5:
Movement: The chaos knights predictably charge the front of the skeleton unit. Unpredictably, Valkia charges out of her chaos warrior unit and flies over the skeletons into the flank of the zombies containing my necromancer. I was feeling confident about this until the shaggoth makes a long charge into the rear of the unit. The 3 remaining chaos warhounds in the center charge the doom rocket warplock engineer and make it. The marauders with chaos sorcerer manage to finally rally and spin around to face the gutter runners. The remaining skull crusher heads towards the left side of the board.


Magic: Miasma is cast on the gutter runners, reducing their ballistic skill by 2.

Combat: The shaggoth and Valkia both roll like champions and kill a dozen zombies between them. The resulting crumble completely destroys the unit, my necromancer, and my entire army crumbles again. The hexwraiths all die and the skeleton unit takes heavy losses. This compounds with a savage beating from the chaos knights and the skeleton unit is destroyed completely. The warhounds also manage to kill the warplock engineer.

Slitquick stares down the remaining Chaos forces at the end of turn 5.

Unlikely Allies turn 6:
Movement: With nothing left to do and our armies all but decimated, 3 charges were declared with the 3 units we had left on the board. The crypt horrors declared a charge against the shaggoth, and the Bonebreaker riding Warlord charged the chaos knights. Sadly, the crypt horrors failed, but Slitquick made it into combat for an epic stand. Lastly, with their ballistic skill reduced to virtually nothing, the gutter runners charged into the marauder block containing the level 4 chaos sorcerer. The jezzail team sadly fails to rally and runs off the board.

Combat: Slitquick and his unit roll significantly better in round 2 against the chaos knights. Despite their armor piercing banner bearer now being dead, the unit manages to kill 3 knights instead of 2 like last time, and they put a wound on the exalted hero. The skaven beat the knights by 1 but thanks to the nearby presence of Valkia, they pass their second break test and hold. Overrunning or persuing past the line of sight of the chaos forces was Slitquick's only chance at survival... but at least the knight unit was all but destroyed and wouldn't contribute much in the final combat of the game. At the end of the combat, the storm vermin reform 5 wide to help preserve their ranks. The gutter runners fare much better, defeating the dwindled marauders by 2 combat resolution and chasing them right off the board.

Unable to break through the chaos lines, there is nothing left for Slitquick to do but weather the oncoming storm.

Warriors of Chaos turn 6:
Movement: Everything left standing dog-piles the storm vermin.

Combat: Valkia challenges Slitquick while the other chaos forces stomp the storm vermin into the dirt. The storm vermin manage to deal some damage, killing several warriors, the last chaos knight, and wounding the shaggoth. After the shaggoth attacks and thunderstomps though there is literally nothing left of the unit. Slitquick truly goes out with a bang as he and Valkia reduce each other to 1 wound remaining each. unable to cope with such a disastrous defeat of his unit though, Slitquick breaks from combat and is subsequently run down to end the game.

End of Game: Victory to the forces of Chaos

26-03-2013, 20:59
Awww, I was hoping this would be with the new book.

Either way it looks like you had a ton of fun (and thanks for posting fluff!).

26-03-2013, 21:39
Hmmm fair point, the battle report is on an old battle, my apologies for getting your hopes up. It was probably the most fun game I've had in 8th edition. Not so much because it was big, but because it was just a mad butcherfest where everything was dying and nothing was going according to plan for either side.

26-03-2013, 22:10
Hiya, was a very enjoyable read, the first of your reports I have read. Sounds like you had a fun time playing the game and writing the report. I assume Kayosiv is a recurring character in your reports?

26-03-2013, 23:37
Glad you enjoyed it! Yes, he is the Vampire Lord character I use in most of my games. There's a brief Synopsis of all the characters in the first post of my battle report thread.

Shadow Lord
27-03-2013, 08:40
A truly epic battle! I've read most of your most enjoyable batreps but I don't often make a comment (mostly because I'm a 40K-player and hardly know anything about Fantasy), but I love your batreps...period! So, I hope lots of people will react on this post and keep it alive for many battles to come! Keep it up!!

27-03-2013, 10:36
I've read most of your most enjoyable batreps but I don't often make a comment (mostly because I'm a 40K-player and hardly know anything about Fantasy), but I love your batreps...period!

Wow, thank you. The battle report thread moved to fantasy project logs 7 weeks ago, and so far has had a grand total of 3 people comment on it... and one of them was somebody telling me that my pictures didn't work for them. What's sad, is that number is more than the amount commenting in this forum. It makes it really hard to stay motivated to bother updating it. I just hope there's a lot more readers like you out there who enjoy the content but just don't post. My biggest worry is that it's a lot of work to do, and nobody sees it. So again, thank you for your post and the encouragement. I'm glad I posted battle 12 here just for that comment alone, because quite frankly I was getting desperate for any kind of acknowledgement that readers were out there.

27-03-2013, 17:12
This is an excellent battle report. Often read them but rarely comment as I have only just made an official account. Shame the Chaos player wasn't using the new book but that has been mentioned. Really enjoyed the character fluff pre and mid battle, IMO this is how White Dwarf should do their battle reports. Keep it up.

27-03-2013, 22:24
It actually takes me so long to write these reports, that when this battle was fought, the new book hadn't even been released yet. He's got the current book now and let me tell you my Vampire Lord is jealous of that new snazzy demon prince of his. I already have too many battle reports against skaven and warriors of chaos (because that is what my 2 friends play) but I'm sure there will be more in the future.

Shadow Lord
28-03-2013, 08:12
If I may give a personal view on the project log?

When I log in to Warseer I'm always checking the same 3 or 4 subfora. Battle reports Fantasy and 40k, sometimes some background discussion and maybe a rules question for the 40K bit. It's a habit...and it's hard to break. Project logs are fantastic but I rarely check them out because mostly people will talk/comment on the painting/conversion or something technical like that. Not that it doesn't interest me, but when I log in, I wanna read epic fights between passionte generals with teethgrinding suspense till the end... . And the best thing is the fluff people think up and keep by so the characters start to grow on you...like your Vampire Lord Kayosiv...or your Skink Priest. You see, when I read your batreps, your passion shows through in the words and it's like I'm there...inside my head...I'm there, following the fight between Kayosiv and Valkia or any other fight...and I love that! Hope this helps to clarify why I'm not a huge project log fan?

28-03-2013, 09:45
I moved it to the project log forum because that forum gets significantly more "user traffic" than the battle report forum. I do realize that the project log forum is WAAAAAY down the list away from general/tactics forums at the top. I also realize that people generally are at the project log forum to look at pretty pictures and not to read long essays. I thought about all of that stuff for quite some time before I requested the moderators to move it. I was hoping that the increased traffic would bring the post more views, and according to the view counter, it absolutely has. What it hasn't done was increase the comments. I suppose I would call that a net win, but more feedback would be nice.

I just kind of feel like the kind of battle report that got me into the hobby a decade ago is a dying breed. Youtube reports are popular and growing in quality all the time, and they are so much EASIER TO MAKE that a lot of people are gravitating towards them. The kind of living battle report log that is constantly updated is vary rare in this forum now. I view my project log very much as a living piece of art. It is both visual and written. I probably spend an equal amount of time painting/modeling, playing, and doing my battle reports, which means it takes me a lot of time to do a lot of any of those things, but it is what makes the hobby the most enjoyable for me.

The thread that finally pushed me over the edge in deciding to get mine over to project logs was Jackdaw's wonderful "High House of Chains" plog. Not only is his painting/modeling magnificent, his fluff makes me downright jealous. Check it out if you have some time. http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?311290-The-High-House-of-Chains-a-Druchii-plog

If you have a habit of checking only a few forums but like my thread, I'd suggest subscribing to it so you can check it out every so often and it won't get lost when you do want to look for it.