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26-03-2013, 23:37
Can characters join units with a screaming bell in it. Obviously excluding the grey seer. The bell makes the unit unbreakable but not until it deploys. So what's the go?

27-03-2013, 04:57
You can deploy characters in the unit during deployment, but characters may not join the unit later while the Bell is still 'alive'.

27-03-2013, 07:47
Thanks. That makes sense. I think I need to pick that book up.

27-03-2013, 12:40
...and then print off the second accompanying book from GW's Shrine of Knowledge. ;)

28-03-2013, 20:17
For completeness:

From the FAQ:

"Q: Can I join characters to the units with the Screaming Bell/Plague
Furnace? (p43 & p48)
A: At deployment, characters can be deployed in the pushing
unit and will become Unbreakable, but cannot leave the unit as
long as the Bell/Furnace is still there. Once the game is started,
no characterscan join the unit. In addition, with the Plague
Furnace only characters that belong to Clan Pestilens may join
the unit."

29-03-2013, 19:41
Except Queek. Queek can't be part of a unit containing a Bell or a Seer, so no 11ppm unbreakable Stormvermin. ;)
If you're hording them up and have the points, hiding an Assassin in a unit of clanrats pushing a bell turns them into a tarpit with a bit of a punch.