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27-03-2013, 14:37
Or the Red Thirst, the vampire power that grants extra attacks. Forget what its called.
Anyway, in a game the other day I had 3 Bloodcrushers and a Herald on a Juggernaut in combat with a ghoul king and a horde of ghouls. The ghoul king went first, killed the bloodcrusher he was in base-to-base with, and a few wounds onto the squad. He now gets his 5 bonus attacks from the vampire power, but is no longer in base contact with any of my models. What should happen here? Does he get to make the attacks before the bloodcrusher is removed from the unsaved wounds, or are they lost because he isn't in contact with an enemy model?

27-03-2013, 15:18
Since the wording in Red Fury says immediately, his extra attacks wound happen. It would be against the bloodcrushers unless he was in base contact with the Herald also.

27-03-2013, 15:58
The immediately is what made us unsure and think it could go either way. My main doubt is that it says you get an attack for each unsaved wound, which I presume to mean the ability gets triggered after the model has been killed in this case.

27-03-2013, 16:08
I would read it as being an intervening step between unsaved wounds and removing slain models, as it's an "immediate" attacks it wouldn't make sense for him not to get them, since they are still in the same initiative step (That's almost as if saying that you wouldn't get to attack with your dragon because your breath weapon killed all models in B2B with it, despite them happening simultaneously. Bear in mind I said 'almost' :P)