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27-03-2013, 18:57
I've been wanting to bring Maneaters back into my Ogre Kingdoms army for a while now, and I'm wondering what the general consensus is for what the best loadout for them is. I'm leaning Ogre Pistols (either 1 and a regular hand weapon or a brace), with heavy armor for equipment, with Stubborn and Swiftstride or Strider. Is that a solid loadout or is there one that's accepted as better?

27-03-2013, 20:59
Depends what you want them to do.

I like a unit of 8 with pistol (or brace of pistol if I have the points) with Poison/Stubborn. Poison works well to take down tough monsters, which there are more and more of these days. You can even throw the flaming banner on them and hey can strip regen in the shooting phase and allow your ironblaster to follow up with the killing blow.

Scout/Swiftstride I like on a unit of 6 in the backfield. These I usually go AHW since they will be in combat quick and won't be shooting much.

27-03-2013, 21:04
It depends which role you have in mind for your Maneaters. They can be character hunters, Infantry chewers, roadblock or fast Monstrous Infantry...depending on their loadout. A few builds which I found useful are:

- 6 Maneaters, Heavy Armour, All with Brace of Pistols, Poisoned Attacks & Sniper (Optional: Banner of Eternal Flame to remove Regen from Ironblaster targets): Quite expensive, nevertheless these guys can really pose a danger to any character or smaller/wounded monster. 12 poisoned shots at 24" hitting on 5's or 6's, the latter autowounding. Many people find it to situational, others never use another loadout. Personally I think it is fun, and can be effective, but is nowhere near "must-have" or even overpowered.

- 6-8 Maneaters, Heavy Armours, Front Rank with additional Handweapons, Vanguard/Stubborn/Swiftstride & Poisoned Attacks: These guys are just brutal against pretty much any infantry unit in the game. 24-32 poisoned WS 4 S5 attacks + Stomps are evil against anything less than Elite Infantry like Swordmasters, Savage Hordes or Chaos Warriors. I used them once against a Vampire players who shoved 50 Zombies into them...not even new VC can raise the casualties these guys inflict. My personal favourite.

- 6 Maneaters, Heavy Armour, All with Brace of Pistols, Sniper/Poisoned Attacks & Scouts: The sneaky lot. Depending if you want to shoot warmachines or characters with them these can prove a nasty suprise for many opponents. And even if he's aware of them 6 Maneaters tend to attract a lot of responsive deployment which usually benefits the rest of your army as well! :) Also works in larger units without Pistols, for nice flank & rear charges.

- 8 Maneaters, Heavy Armour, Front Rank with Additional Handweapons, Banner of Swiftness, Swiftstride & Vanguard: Footslogging Monstrous Cavalry! Another build I really like because they are so unexpectedly fast that they can act as surprise or heavy support for other Ogre units. If you feel audacious (and you should, they're brave Maneaters after all!) they can also attempt some nice early charge. This also works with Stubborn insteadd of Swiftstride to bind units longer.

Why haven't I mentioned single Ogre Pistols or Great Weapons? In my opinion both are not necessary on Maneaters. Greatweapons are very expensive on an already expensive model and offer little advantage over a bucketload of poisoned S5 attacks. Against lots of cavalry they could be worth a second thought, but I personally tend to field (lots of) Leadbelchers who take care of problems like that.
For the single pistol: It leads to a Maneater who can both shoot and stomp, but neither with full potential. If you use them for shooting, then they only have 6 instead of 12 shots (for the usual unit size of 6) and in close combat they are just as good as Maneaters with additional handweapons, but more expensive.

Experiences may vary of course, I hope you still find my ravings useful. :)

27-03-2013, 21:06
I've been happy with several options, but the strength of Maneaters is CC. I favor swiftstride as a first choice (gets them into CC, give a fair chance for D3 impact hits). Scout and Stubborn are both good to get them where you want them and the difference if you you use them as flankers or war machine/small unit hunters. The Gleaming Pennant (re-roll first failed Ld check) can be a good substitute for stubborn. Poison and sniper also aren't bad abilities depending on the role you want them to fill.

A single pistol is good for both a ranged attack and an extra hand weapon when you have the points. Otherwise a single extra CC weapon is another solid choice. I don't favor the brace of guns because for the cost you can't really get the volume of fire like you would get buying Leadbelchers. I suppose you could use sniper to try to kill enough characters/high PV targets to make it worthwhile, but I generally want to use them for CC instead.

02-04-2013, 01:59
Hey, people responded and I didn't. That's inconsiderate of me.

I actually really like the first build Morkash suggested, partially cause seems like a fun build (and Ogres are an army where I've always tried to put fun ahead of competitiveness) and partially cause it suits my needs rather well. Far and away my most common opponent is Vampire Counts, with Tomb Kings in second, so the ability to sniper a character out of a unit is...of great interest to me. And the idea of blasting the regeneration off a Vhargulf with Banner of Eternal Flame sounds rather nasty as well. I also like the additional hand weapons with Stubborn and whatever (probably Swftstride frankly) since that seems less tailored for VC/TK and more all purpose. I agree that Great Weapons aren't useful, especially since I can't even knock out a chariot with a S7 swing anymore (and if I want to hunt big monsters/heavy cavalry...well that's what Ironguts and Ironblasters are for).

This has been quite helpful. Thank you.

Asuryan's Spear
04-04-2013, 00:40
I would say if your going with a brace of pistols that poison was a given... your hitting 6s with sniper anyways so might as well have auto wound as well... -2 to AS is better than people think but i'd focus on wizards first with these things

04-04-2013, 03:17
as others have said it depends on what you plan doing with them.

i keep the unit about 4 strong. no hvy armour as it really doesnt save much. vs s4 its just a 6+ save. i never give them flaming banner as many heros have the 2+ save vs flaming.

have had some success with 3 units of mannies.
- 5 brace poison and sniper
- 4 xhw, 1 pistol, flaming, scout, stubborn
- 5 xhw, vanguard, swift stride

the 1 pistol guy will strip regen where needed. then the poisoneers do their damage. they are glass cannons but they really do alot of damage especially on the charge. you can give them all 1 pistol to clear away chaff redirectors but can become expensive.