View Full Version : 2500 Bret's vs WOC - What I own list

28-03-2013, 15:36
I have a game against a friend this weekend. He's an experienced WoC player and I usually play WoC myself or OK but I picked up a pretty
decent sized Bret army in a trade awhile back. I've decided to give the army a spin before I decide to ebay/swap shop it to see if its something
I want to keep or put painting time into.

This is the best list I could come up with according to what I own and have on hand.

The Green Knight
Propethess; Lore of Heavens, Warhorse, Dispel Scroll, Crown of Command (not sure which Knights to put her in, I'm thinking KotR)

Paladin, Charmed Shield, Morning Star of Francasse, Vow of Empathy (model is on foot, will join Grail Reliquae)
Paladin, Lance, Gauntlet of the Duel, Enchanted Shield, Virtue of Ideal, Grail Vow, Royal Pegasus (Mage Hunter)
Paladin, BSB, Gromil Great Helm, Wyrmlance, Warhorse (in with KotR)

Knights Errant x9 with command
Knights of the Realm x9 with command
Men-At-Arms x20 with command
Peasant Bowmen x20 with Braziers and Villein

Grail Reliquae x11 Battle Pilgrims
Pegasus Knights x3
Questing Knights x5 with Standard Bearer

Grail Knights x5 with command with command

Models not included, I have up to 15 Pilgrims so I can add 4 back if I drop magic items, I also have a Damsel on foot with a staff.

Any suggestions are very welcome. My friend does play a pretty decent mixed mark list.