View Full Version : Feedback scroll used after spell cast with irresistable force

28-03-2013, 23:01
Hi I am wondering how people interpret the use of a feedback scroll after a spell has been cast with irresistable force against them. Can you use the scroll at this time or not? Can the feedback scroll only be used if dispelling the incoming spell was an option (successfully cast, still had dice?, still had a magic user that could choose to dispel?). Thanks.

28-03-2013, 23:11
IIRC it says "may be used instead of a normal Dispel attempt". So you have to have the ability to make a Dispel attempt to be able to use the scroll. Irresistable Force would prevent that.

29-03-2013, 01:55
You can't use it against Irresistable Force, because it's instead of a dispel, which isn't an option. Also, you can't use it if the carrying wizard has failed a dispel attempt this turn. However, you don't have to have dispel dice available to use the scroll.

29-03-2013, 05:39
That's covered in the FAQ btw:

Q: Can there everbe more than one attempt at dispelling a spellper
magicphase? Can a Wizard use a scroll if it isn’t allowed to make a
dispel attempt, forexample the spell was cast with irresistible force
orthe wizard haspreviouslyfailed to dispel a spell that turn? (p35)
A: No to both questions.


31-03-2013, 23:58
Huh, never realised a mage couldn't use a scroll if they had failed to dispel in that phase... (not that it often comes into play, with scrolls typically carried by the lower level mage in most armies I face).