View Full Version : WoC 2400 Slaanesh

29-03-2013, 15:05
I build this to try out a Mono MoS army... Not sure how well it will work in practice. Comments are welcome.

Sorc Lord General, Lvl4, MoS (Lore of Slaanesh), Sword of Anti-Heroes, Dragonhelm, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Endurance (5+ ward), Ironcurse Icon, Flaming Breath, Scaled Skin
17 Chaos Warriors w/MoS Full Cmd, S&S, Banner of Discipline

Sorcerer, Lvl2, (Lore of Shadow), Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Chalice of Chaos, Chaos Familiar
17 Chaos Warriors, Full Cmd, Halberds, Banner of Fire

7 Forsaken, MoS

6 Warhounds w/Vanguard

Exalted BSB, MoS, Steed, Sword of Battle, Helm of Many Eyes, Luckstone
9 Hellstriders Full Cmd

Chimera w/Reg and Flaming Breath

Gorebeast Chariot
Gorebeast Chariot

Notes: Naturally I'm wanting to see if monoSlaaneesh works well and I would like to try many of the elements (MoS Forsaken, Hellstriders w/a Hero, Lore of Slaanesh). Sizes are flexible and I'm already considering the Charmed Shield instead of the Dragonhelm for the Sorc Lord. The banner of Discipline could also be traded for something else.