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09-06-2005, 22:34
in the skaven army book it repeatedly states that the slaves are commonly skaven, but also contain many other races. im wondering what cnversions people have done to create units of slaves of differing races? perhaps enslaved humans or other weak creatures?

Captain Brown
09-06-2005, 22:42
Only thing I have seen was some Goblin models. Some were converted and given Skaven heads, a few had sort of bone masks or something like that tied to their heads, and others were just Gobbos in rags with shackles on their legs made from green stuff. No pictures it was a friends Skaven army.

09-06-2005, 23:36
A guy in my club has a Lustrian-themed army, with a fair number of Skinks as slaves. Looks very good. :)


09-06-2005, 23:58
What I see as slaves:
night goblins
gnoblars (mine will mostly be gnoblars once my OK army is done)
humans (mostly peasants and militia)
other little creatures I don't know about

Also, I'll do this because I like the idea and can explain it in my background: I will have randomly 2-3 of these in my slave units: chaos dwarf, halfling, gobbo, dwarf(?). The rest of the unit will be gnoblars and some skaven slaves.

Also, one thing I'll do is put some packmasters in the back of the unit:evilgrin: I will be able to play these slaves for my OK and skaven army :D

Warlord Queek
10-06-2005, 00:25
I'd use humies as slaves: what else are they good for?!