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31-03-2013, 16:43
Empire - Detachments
The main unit is charged. A detachments wants to counter charged. Does it reguire line of sight?

Dark Elves - Cauldron of Blood
A Empire unit with a Priest charge a Cauldron of Blood, and the Priest wants to use Soulfire, how many models are hit? 1 Cauldron or 3 crews?

31-03-2013, 18:36
1: Sorry dont know.

2: You cant damage the cauldron, its the same as a regular attack. One hit done, if it wounds and not saved and cauldron is att full strength, 1 witch gets removed. If both witches are dead ( meaing it has already taken 2 wounds) it takes another wound, for having 4 wounds in total.

31-03-2013, 19:20
The cauldron has 4 Wounds - the first 2 eliminate the regular witches.
Soulfire would deal damage to the cauldron - but its only 1 model. As the crew are there as 'wound tokens' really. So S4 vs T3 but it has a 4+ ward and if it has magic resist (1) (I think it does?) then 3+ ward.

As for detachments: they follow the normal rules to charge, except that they charge outside the regular sequence of movements.

31-03-2013, 19:51
1. Yes, it follows all the normal rules for a charge.
2. It's 1 model....like a normal war machine is 1 model even though it has multiple crew