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31-03-2013, 23:41
Ok so im new and im starting my O&G with putting togheter a 1000p list.

This is what im going for that will be expanded into 2000p later.

Goblin Big Boss 79p
- Gigantic Spider, Light Armour, Shield

Night Goblin Big Boss 84p
- Great Cave Squig, Light Armour, Shield

16x Forest Goblin Spider Riders 238p
- Full Command

40x Night Goblins 195p
- Full Command, Nets, spears

5x Wolf Riders 55p
- Short Bows

5x Squig Hoppers 60p

2x Pump Wagon 90p

Doom Diver 80p

Mangler Squig 65p

Thats a total of 946p. The remaning 50p can be used for magic items or more troops

My plan for the 2000p army is lots of squig hoppers and ill add some more heavy hitting orc units.

01-04-2013, 01:14
That's the beginnings of a decent list there. The Night Gobbos, Wolf Riders, Pump Wagons, Doom Diver and Mangler are all good options.

The Spider Riders, sadly, don't work that well, certainly not in big units (I wish they did, I've got about 30-40!). There isn't anything in the army that will generate kills, especially in close combat. With no Warboss or BSB, you'll really struggle to pass leadership tests, steadfast or not.

Normally, you'd also be advised to take a lv2 NG Shaman, but if you're using this for beginner battles, I assume you're ignoring Magic in your games until you have a grasp of how the game works first.

Fanatics can help generate some kills. You don't actually need the Spider Riders, as you already have the minimum core requirement, so I would recommend getting some killy stuff with the points. Black Orcs are a good bet for this, or Savages. If you like the idea of a Cavalry army, Boar Boy Big 'Uns can be powerful at low points levels. A Warboss (any kind) and BSB are important in stopping you losing the game.

I'll give more / better advice once I've slept (!), just a few points to consider.

01-04-2013, 01:34
I agree with dropping the spiders. That's almost a quarter of your army and they won't make up their points. I would consider adding done sort of hammer unit, or a unit that deals out damage. U can get a nice block of savage orcs with additional choppas, and even upgrade them to bigguns if wanted. Or you can grab a small boar unit, with some trolls, and a bsb to buff leadership for their stupidity. You could add a goblin great shaman and some fantics for your block and add more toys like another mangler and some more war machines. The nice thing is that u have options. All that really matters is that u need to replace the giant unit of spiders

01-04-2013, 06:11
I dunno...

I use a smaller unit of 5 with bows/musician in my army and they are very versatile troopers still - the ability to ignore woods/buildings/walls at will is handy, the spider mounts got good ini values - fast cav rule is handy.

Having said that the larger unit size...

It's a strange unit - it takes a chunk out of the army for points - but overall the larger units don't perform as well as smaller units.

There is an exception...SNAGLA!!

Him in a large unit of Spider Riders is the gift of Gork himself!!! This is a nasty unit - and works well in 10-15 strong units of Spider Riders. For that reason alone I have 20 Spider Riders painted up for the odd occasion I use him.

As for the list - it's fine, it has a nice mix of units, your obviously going for units that appeal in terms of models or fluff - and that's always been a great reason to collect the army!

At this stage of the army consider dropping a single Pump Wagon and use the other 50pts to grab a Goblin General on foot with a ward save or something - the two mounted characters won't do much for you as they will be too far ahead to lend the inspiring presence to the foot sloggers

01-04-2013, 12:03
Ok thank you guys so much for the advice, ill come up with an imprived list soon.
Im really bad at the magic weapon/armour department though, what do you usualy wield in a O&G army ? Lets say its not a 1000p list but a 2000p one, what would you equip ur chars. with ?

01-04-2013, 12:54
Depends on what I want the Characters to do. For example, in a lot of lists I take 30+ Savage Orc Big 'Uns with extra hand weapons. To buff this, a Shaman with the Lucky Shrunken Head. Then, I stick the Savage Warboss in there. As a Savage Orc, he gets a 5+ ward from the Shaman's item, so I kit him out with Basha's Axe.

BSB usually gets Silvered Steel armour, and Talisman of Protection usually gets used somewhere in the army. If I take a Warboss on Boar, he usually gets Armour of Destiny. A NG Warboss usually gets Silvered Steel (if not used elsewhere) and Dawnstone. A character in a Blorc unit usually gets the Ironcurse Icon, because if it saves even one Blorc, it's made more that double it's points back.

02-04-2013, 09:42
I keep it easy

Night Goblin Level 4 - nothing!
Goblin Warboss has 4+ ward and great axe
Goblin BSB has spider banner, light armour and shield
Night Goblin Warboss has armour of fortune, stunts basha, shield
Night Goblin Big Boss has great axe
Night Goblin on squig has spear, enchanted shield, light armour

Why? If the job of the character is to lead the army he has to live - so ward save is a must. Best way to live is to stay out of combat so that's why my BSB has no ward save - but that's why I run the 2 combat characters in the Nigjt goblins to act as a disposable combat block
You need to work out what role your assigning to your characters and tool them up accordingly

04-04-2013, 15:17
Ok so updated list. Shaman and War Boss in the savage group. Goblin Big Boss and Squigs out and take care of enemy chaff.

Savage Orc War Boss 200p
- Basha's Axe

Savage Orc Shaman 120p
- Lucky Shrunken Head

Goblin Big Boss 109p
- Gigantic Spider, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone

22x Savage Orc Big'Uns 277p
-Full Command, Extra HW

40x Night Goblins 195p
- Full Command, Nets, Spears

5x Squig Hoppers 60p

Spear Chukka 36p

TOTAL: 996p

10-04-2013, 09:23
Btw, are savge orcs with bows any good ? and how big would you field them ?

10-04-2013, 12:48
I'd say don't even consider arrer boyz. They were fun in 4/5ed when you could give them crossbows. Orcs are for fightin' gobbos for shootin'. Every now and then someone tries to justify the use of orc archers but I don't think it came to any good. I fielded them to protect my WM but in the end they didn't perform that well for the points they've cost. Savage arrer boyz are even more stupid because of frenzy which doesn't give you extra shooting attacks. They are meant for combat and there's really no purpose in changing them from good fighters to flimsy archers.
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