View Full Version : Tactical wiki

01-04-2013, 22:44
Anyone come across something like this? I think it would make a much better medium for sharing (and developing) tactics than forum-threads.

Gobskrag 'Eadbasha
02-04-2013, 23:39
Wow. That's a really good idea.

06-04-2013, 15:47
guess we are the only two people who share this notion :S I know myself well enough that I would not be able to be the driving force behind such an endeavour, but I might be able to host the wiki, and contribute abit. Anyone else?

Dante blackfur
06-04-2013, 17:34
I have one in the building process. I'm still gathering the basic tactics and formatting it, so it'll be at least a month before it even goes live but when it does ill post a link on warseer and then move on to more advanced tactics.