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02-04-2013, 00:15
So, having not played WHFB since the early nineties (4th ed.?), I've been sucked back in. My brothers and some mates have started playing, and I decided I really couldn't afford to join them. Then I won 100 and just couldn't resist. That got me an Ebay rulebook, the WoC army book and a battalion box. A quick base swap with a very old Daemon Prince from my 40k army, and that's basically what I've got to work with. I've come up with this:

Daemon prince
Daemon of Khorne

Chaos Warriors (15)
Aspiring champion
Standard bearer

Marauders (20)
Standard bearer
Light armour

Chaos Knights (5)
Doom Knight
Standard bearer
Ensorcelled weapons

Chaos Warhounds (10)

Bearing in mind that I'm twenty years out of date, does that look like a reasonable starting point? Is there anything else I could do, given the models I've got? Any tips on where to go for the next 500 points?

Fighting Newfoundlander
02-04-2013, 00:55
I'd give marks to the warriors and knights for sure, whatever suits. I'd also split the hounds into two groups of 5. Otherwise it looks fine, though obviously the DP could use with some more gear, and a Battle Standard Bearer and mage w/ Dispell Scroll are often considered essential, but doing w/o characters is kind of par for the course with small point games and Warriors.

Generally, you've got a fine start to the army. Have a few games, and good luck.

02-04-2013, 01:00
I would drop luck stone due to not having any armor and take a charmed shield to protect you from a cannon ball. I would also split hounds into two units.

02-04-2013, 20:58
Thanks for the tips. I've played a bit of 40k over the years, and getting boots on the ground seems to be a better bet than spending on upgrades most of the time, particularly in smaller games. Does this hold true for WHFB? As for the smaller units of warhounds, would they not die pretty quickly? Or is that going to happen anyway? I had them in mind for getting in my opponents's way, guarding flanks, annoying warmachines, that sort of thing. I suoppose 5 does that as well as 10, and they aren'y going to kill much anyway. I would spend a bit more on the Daemon prince, but I thought I was limited to 250 in a 1000 point game? The luckstone was just five spare points to burn. I'll find something else.

So what should I go for next? I was tempted buy another batallion. Bigger units of warriors and knights, twice as many units of warhounds and marauders. Is this a good idea? Three Dragon ogres or a Giant would then see me to 2000 points. Or is my money better spent elsewhere?

02-04-2013, 21:13
The marks can play a very important part to the unit, it just depends on what you want them to do. On the DP, I would suggest switching mark of khorne for mark of nurgle and swap luck stone for charmed shield. It stays the same point cost. And at this level, yes, it is a 25 percent limit. On the warriors, I like to run them either khorne with Halbreds, or nurgle with shields, and run them 6 by 3. The hounds are better in units of 5 to 6 because it gives you more deployment drops, more things to take fire, and more things to hunt war machines. Another suggestion could be try running units of 5 to 7 forsaken with mok instead of the block of marauders. U can just proxy the models for now, but they are a hard hitting attack force

04-04-2013, 05:23
Personally, Marauders just dont cut it in my army. Id proxy them as Forsaken, maybe of Slaanesh for the swift stride.

05-04-2013, 22:28
I have found in 40k Quantity will beat quality. With fantasy and the limited amount of guys attacking its just the opposite ( of course i stopped playing 40k about early 5th edition, didnt like where it was heading), you can have 100 guys in fanatsy, but they usually dont all have guns to shoot and you can only fight with the front 2 (3) ranks. so aside from steadfast, which IS important, killing more of the enemy is better... usually, most of the time, except when it isn't. ;)

Fighting Newfoundlander
06-04-2013, 00:05
I'd agree w/ ZZM to a point, but I think the idea carries over in as much as you need that critical number of units, and most times you're better off w/ troops over characters (except BSB - and in Chaos even that is so-so in really small point games). Numbers do rule, and you do need enough good fighting units and enough other chaff/stuff to do the job. Most characters won't win you a game, where as one extra unit might.