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Brother Haephestus
03-04-2013, 22:19
I found the new Daemons book to not be my cup o' tea, so I am shifting back to my beloved greenskins. Going to start a project with the following army list:

NG Warboss w/Shield, Handweapon, Glittering Scales armor
(Army General, Tucked into Trolls)

NG Warboss w/ Shield, Handweapon, Armor of Destiny and Great Cave Squig
(Tucked into Squighoppers)

NG Big Boss w/Light Armor, Shield, BSB, Bad Moon Banner
(Tucked into Night Goblins horde)

2x NG Shamans w/LVL 1 Wizard

Night Goblins (40x with full command, netters, 2x fanatics)

2x Goblin Spear Chukkas

3x Trolls

5x NG Squig Hoppers

Mangler Squig

15 points left over (still thinking items)

That gives me 4x units, 3 with Immune to Psychology and the 4th with Stubborn. Redundant shamans for those 'ead-popping times. Did not take a dispell scroll out of Daemons of Chaos habit of them not getting one, but I may shift points around a tad to make one fit. Pretty happy with the army, and I loves me some squigs.

03-04-2013, 22:25
Not going vanilla Warboss for the extra LD?

I see the theme if that is the reason, but there is no Night Gobbo spear chukka so you already have a couple of non NG's.

I know there is a fair bit of stubborn but they are not exactly heroic at the best of times.

03-04-2013, 22:28
Not sure I'd be happy sticking the general in with the trolls - he won't get a look out sir in there (and with so few dudes in the unit, even regular shooting will easily kill him (every 4 hits will cause one on him - not too bad odds, but he'd be so much better protected in a block close to the trolls), so it is highly likely a waste of points giving him the glittering scales (he'll probably be dead by the time its relevant).

Otherwise looks fun :)

Brother Haephestus
04-04-2013, 04:07
Excellent advice, which is why I love to post my lists.

I didn't even look at the generic goblin Warboss, even though I know them and the NGs swap I and Ld. I just got wrapped up in the NGs and never looked back. I'm going to have to think about this one. He does stand out, but that extra Ld is going to be needed.

Also, I didn't even think about the character-sniping, good call! I'll put him in the NG swarm and just make sure the trolls stay within his Ld bubble until they get into combat.