View Full Version : Help with 2k WoC for new tourney player for doubles in May

03-04-2013, 22:20
Hi guys, new here and new to tourneys, so really grateful for your thoughts.

Firstly I think GW have messed up big time by allowing people to take one 2k army rather than two 1k armies to Nottingham - it will really spoil it and turn it from a true doubles as two 1k allies simply won't be able to compete - still we are where we are with that typical GW error, and not wanting to be uncompetitive, me and a mate are going with......

1 DP (MoN, Soulfeeder, Chaos armour, Sword of striking, enchanted shield, Dragonbane gem). 300 pts

1 Festus

12CW, MoN, halberds, Ch, Std. 248 pts (a home for Festus)

13CW, MoK, halberds, Ch, Std. 267 pts

5 Warhounds, Poison. 35 pts

6 Warhounds, Poison. 42 pts

3 Gorebeast chariots with MoN. 420 pts

3 Skullcrushers, EW, Ch. 244 pts

3 Skullcrushers, EW, Ch, Std. 254 pts

Total 2k exactly.

I dropped a couple of warriors per unit to buy the dogs who are going on the extreme flanks next to their respective unit of juggers (assuming I'm not in a random deployment scenario - so they wont panic anyone if they are destroyed), I worry the CW are a bit light, but figured the extra 2 CW per unit were chiefly ablative anyway, although I do need the banners to live.

I sense the MoN DP is going to become the boring cookie cutter. I could go Charmed shield, but thought I'll probably just get hosed down with arrows or bullets first anyway by a sensible enemy. He is going to be horrific in combat though.

Festus is our only magic user - great value for MoN lvl2 sorceror, and I guess with typical winds of magic dice, 2 spells can make use of them, with one getting through on average.

Lastly the Gorebeasts (hopefully in my centre) are a steal over regular chariots but I do wonder about MoN vs MoT.