View Full Version : Help with playstyle / armylist for couple of friendly games.

04-04-2013, 14:18
I could use some help with a list/plays style. I havent played much warhammer. And most games i did play i got tabled.
Im facting WoC, Choas dwarves and Empire at 2250 points. We usualy play battleline. We will be playing against everyone of eachother during the day.

My list roughly:

LHP lvl 4 (nek) - Talsman of preservation
prince -AoF - Dragonbanegem - GW

30 archers
30 archers
3 chariots (Fire banner)
30 TG
4 necroknights
3 stalkers (entombed)
2 ssc
1 casket

Im realy torn between Khatep and arkhan. Death seems awsome against chars/monsters and the -3 ld hex seems teal nice in conjuction with skulls of the foe and casket (question: when you cast this on the generals unit does it affect inspiring pressence? im thinking it does since it doesnt say "unmodified leadership"). However i cant imagin not buffing my troops and winning a combat.

Seccond doubt: Should i drop the archers and make a 60ish unit of skels with pears and a royal if i do go nek lore?

Third: Should i fit in a heirotitan. making 2/3 dicing those buffs an option

Any suggestions on my list and/or go death or Nek

04-04-2013, 14:40
Ups, can some1 move this to tactics plz? :(

04-04-2013, 15:33
Maybe take out the 2 x Skull catupults and add in a Necrosphinx.