View Full Version : WoC 2k for first doubles tourney in May

04-04-2013, 19:04
Except it's not a real doubles seeing as the geniuses at GW are allowing 1x2k aswell as 2x1k. Therefore me and a mate are taking advantage of this and taking one 2k army between us. Here it is, so appreciate advice...

Demon Prince, MoN, Soul feeder, Chaos armour, Sword striking, Enchanted shield, Dragonbane gem: 300pts

Festus the Leech Lord

12 CW, MoN, Halberds, Ch, Std: 248
13 CW, MoK, Halberds, Ch, Std: 267
5 Dogs, Poison: 35
6 Dogs, Poison: 42

3 Gorebeast Chariots, MoN: 420

3 Skullcrushers, EW, Ch: 244
3 Skullcrushers, EW, Ch, Std: 267

Exactly 2k by my reckoning.

DP is a bit cookie cutter and boring - could go Charmed shield but figure I will be hosed down with arrows etc before someone fires their cannon at me.

We sacrificed 2 CW per unit to pay for the dogs. Figured the back row was just ablative anyway, now just less so, but now have the use of dogs on extreme flanks.

Think Festus is great for the points in the Nurgle warriors. I know it's only 2 spells but given normal Wind of Magic rolls and average dispels we should get one off per turn.

Big question for me is the mark on the chariots, I think Gorebeasts are way better than vanilla chariots for the dough, but wonder about MoT instead.