View Full Version : 2000 points of feral Vampire counts army (for fun)

04-04-2013, 19:59
Trying for a fun feral list. Tellme what you think


Vampire lord: red fury, fordibben lore (beasts), black periept, Sword of Strife, Level 4


Manfredd the acolyte (general)

Wight king: Sword of striking, potion of strength, dragon helm, barded skeletal steed shield, heavy armor


39 ghouls: Ghasts

5 dire wolves: doom wolf

5 dire wolves:doom wolf


9 black nights with lances, barded skeleton steeds, banner of barrows, champion




The vampire lord goes for the spell six in spells. If he doesn't get it, there are enough buff spells in the rest of the army to keep the big unit of ghouls alive and stomping peoples faces in. Tell me what you think

05-04-2013, 19:10
Its doesnt seem that "feral". The ghouls and pups are a good choice. Strigoi is a better feral Vamp Lord, especially if you think ghouls fit the description. Also in a feral list wouldnt Conrad be much, much better than Mannfred for the theme? The Varghulfs are good, you could take Blood Knights if you were settled on the Red Fury Vamp- those 2 choices fit better in my opinion (with the corresponding Strigoi or Red Fury, of course).

05-04-2013, 19:24
Got to agree with BurkWolf, really isn't feral enough. No Strigoi lord, Manfredd the Acolyte seems a bit too refined for a “feral” list. As do the Black Knights.

When two wolves agree that you need more animal...you need more animal...

If you really want to go "Feral", you want a Ghoul King, Strigoi Vamps, counts-as Ghoul Shamen (Necros), Ghouls, Dogs, Vargheists/ Crypt Horrors, Varghulfs and Terrorgheists.

07-04-2013, 20:51
Mannfred can't be the general as only LD7 and the highest LD has to be the general. Sadly that therefore also mean you can't have lore of beasts on your lord as the general has to have lore of vampires. Unfortunately for vampires there doesn't seem to be anyway to get a level 4 in any other lore than vampires or death in all but the largest of games (not that those are bad lores, I'd just prefer more choices).