View Full Version : Hellpit Abomination and 1 UM

04-04-2013, 20:51

So if we have the hellpit abomination surrounded by skirmishers (1st image) can i charge to any of those units? (when charging u can move within 1UM from units, though you first pivot then move, then if touch it's like a charge) Or my only option is to move straight?

So more or less the same in the second image, could Abomination charge unit B? (when pivoting, HPA will be within 1UM from unit C).

I think i know the answers but... xD

04-04-2013, 21:33
The hellpit uses random movement it doesn't declare charges. If its pivot will make base contact with a unit as far as I'm concerned it will count as a charge. At the end of its move if it hasn't made contact with anything then it has to stop 1" away.

Lord Inquisitor
04-04-2013, 21:51
Answer: technically, no, you cannot pivot within 1" (1UM?) even with random movement due to the wording of the random movement rule.

That said, several major tournament circuits have ruled that you can make a "virtual pivot" despite being within 1" and therefore still move in any direction.

So, there is the technical answer but most people (and tournaments!) house rule it to say that you can't stop something with a 360-degree charge movement from hitting you by being too close.

Lord Solar Plexus
05-04-2013, 08:09
The question is whether a pivot is moving / part of its move, and this is not specified. As LI points out, the rule implies that it is not, since you pivot and then move, and random movers can only contact opposing models during their move.

It really could go both ways though. This is one of the few rules we've decided to roll for once and forever since our group has a couple of random movers (HPA, STank, Spawns, everyone under that WoC spell...), so it's not as if one party could possibly be overly disadvantaged.