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05-04-2013, 10:47
I'm really struggling to come up with small point lists for my Nurgle warriors. Mainly at the 1000 point level, i plan on using Festus but if I fit in a BSB then I'm limiting my options. Any ideas?

I have the following models available:

Lord on foot
12 nurgle great weapon warriors/chosen
26 flail/GW marauders
10 forsaken
5 war hounds
3 nurgle ogres

06-04-2013, 15:40
12 Warriors Full Command w/ GW and MoN
10 Forsaken standard
5 Warhounds
3 Nurgle Ogres, MoN
Dragon Ogre Shaggoth
1000 Points

That's what I would build for a 1000 point list, out of what is there anyway.
No need to worry about taking a basic lord and what items etc, Festus comes with all his stuff, stick him with the Warriors.
Ideally I would have given the warhounds poison or something for 5 points, but this comes in at exactly 1k.
Command on the Warriors, nothing on any of the others, except a Mark of Nurgle on the Ogres and Warriors

09-04-2013, 14:58
Cheers for the reply, I've taken the musician from the warriors to give the hounds vanguard. But otherwise I seems good. Although I am worried about the shaggoth getting sniped so I may swap him for marauders.

09-04-2013, 19:22
Vanguard is ok for the warhounds but I'd almost be tempted for poison and scaly hide for the same cost..
The trouble is that the marauders are overpriced now compared to other stuff imo. I'd go with another set of warriors over them (although the points don't allow it unfortunately..)
I guess 20 marauders Full Command, Flails, Light Armour is 210 which is close..
But I think even with the possibility of the Shaggoth being a target, he is still worth it, packs a good punch. You need something big and devastating, and he is pretty good, in 1k he won't have too many things targeting him, the wolves can hunt war machines, and the warriors and forsaken can march on unmolested if they are going for him instead, and they are pretty good..

10-04-2013, 15:48
Well it turns out I'm in for 1500 so here's what I've got:

Festus the Leechlord
Exalted Hero: Battle Standard Bearer; Helm of Many Eyes; Flaming Breath; great weapon; Mark of Nurgle. 206

5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard. 40
8 Forsaken 152
26 Chaos Marauders: Marauder Chieftain; Musician; Standard Bearer; flails; Mark of Nurgle. 290
12 Chaos Warriors: Aspiring Champion; Standard Bearer; halberds; Mark of Nurgle. 248

3 Chaos Ogres: Ogre Mutant; great weapons; Mark of Nurgle. 145

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth: great weapon. 227

1,498 points

10-04-2013, 18:24
Cool, good list.
Festus is awesome in a unit of Nurgle Warriors. You thinking of putting the BSB in the same unit I assume?
The Marauders have taken a hit in the newer book, so thye aren't the best, I'd prefer the Warriors to be a bit bigger, but is a cool list none the less =)

10-04-2013, 23:50
Ended up playing three 1000 point games in the end, ditched the marauders and used the shaggoth, ogres,12 warriors, 8 forsaken, 5 vang. hounds and Festus.

Tables the first two opponents, a VC list with terrorgiest and ghouls then a dwarf ranger & organ gun castle list. Shaggoth literally wiped out the dwarfs single handed with flank charges. Forsaken owned against undead. Festus was fun to use with the warriors but didn't see too much combat as everything else was so fast.

Last game vs tomb kings with 40 archers, 4 chariots, casket and warsphinx i got tabled. Partly bad manoeuvring on my part but also his army was used very well. The archers ruined my smaller units and chariots hammered the ogres. His magic with very good and really made a difference.

Anyway cheers for the list building help danny76