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05-04-2013, 20:45
This is my army list for what will be my DoC list if anyone ever starts playing fantasy in around here again. Its based on what I have painted and loved using in 7th ed. I was wondering on what people thought of it, do you think it would be fun to play against:

(all magic users using lore of nurgle atm)

lvl 3
exalted/lesser gift

Herald MoN (<< this guy because i loved his feats of awesomeness last ed it feels wrong to not include him, may get him a BoN unit for better protection in the future)
Greater locus

Herald N
lesser gift*2

20 Plaguebearers

20 Plaguebearers

20 Deamonetts

3 nurglings

3 nurglings

5 fleshhounds


3 Plagueflys

Total: 2590

nurglings act as redirectors because of scout, Hounds do what ambushers do, plague bearers and greater demon and bsb move as a block, deamonettes for support.

06-04-2013, 08:39
seems a shame not to have beasts to protect the herald, especially sin the whole unit could benefit from the locus. Also there a very solid unit. I also think the lesser gifts aren't all that great could be put somewhere else in the army. maybe put the 2 units of plaguebearers together to make a horde. why dont you get some Seekers for your army, deploy as vanguard so they can be in combat by turn 2

06-04-2013, 23:32
Yes it is indeed a shame but a unit of 5 beasts with the herald would be a bit much for 2600, am planning to do it for 3500 though. I am a bit sceptical about the horde unit of plague bearers, the double 6 instability thing puts me off and I seem to have very bad luck with big units but I think I will have to give it a go. I do have some seekers and thought about using them as a supporter unit for the plague drones, but if not could use them for redirectors or something as 5 seekers would be cheaper than 3 bases of nurglings.

I do have a deamon prince of Nurgle, 10 seekers, 20 horrors, 3 heralds of Tz, 20 bloodletters, herald of Khorn, 6 screamers, 10/12 flamers (im going to miss them :'( ) lord of change and keeper of secrets to play around with though, just don't want to get to far over 2600 until more has been painted and iv played with them more.

07-04-2013, 01:10
Plague Drones are skirmishers and don't need the musician other than to not lose from another musician, not worth 10 pts.
Give 'em flaming banner instead, the riders won't benefit, but the mounts will.

Drop the War banner from your BSB, give him Greater Gift and choose the Fencer's Blades - your BSB will only ever be hit on a 6 against WS4 or less and on a 5 against WS5+ and he gains a 4th attack.

07-04-2013, 02:14
Thanks for the pointers Kalandros, ill give it a go. I quite like the fencers blade suggestion :)