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06-04-2013, 04:29
So I am fairly new to Warriors of Chaos and I want to enter this tournament that is happening in 2 days. I came up with a list i feel is pretty hard hitting but need advice on a few aspects since I am new at this. Anyway here is my list! Any C&C welcome

Chaos Lord
MoT, shield, scaled skin, soul feeder, Third eye of Tzeentch, talisman of preservation, +2 strength sword


lvl 2, MoT, chaos familiar

Exalted Hero
MoN, shield, helm of discord, +1 strength sword, horrifying visage, Nurgle's rot

22 Warriors
MoT, Full command, shields

20 Warriors
MoN, Full command, Great Weapons

5 Hounds
6 Hounds

Hell Cannon
Hell Cannon

I have roughly 282 points to spend and I am unsure what to do. I thought about bumping up the size of the warrior blocks or adding some marauders. What do you all think?

06-04-2013, 08:15
Chaos Lord. Lose the shield and the Ogre Sword. Get a dragon helm and a great weapon. This will save you 25+ points and you will be just as effective while also giving you the bonus of a 2+ ward save against flaming attacks. Don't worry about the lost initiative, you're indestructible.

Festus is a very solid choice

If you're serious about being competitive in this tournament, I wouldn't take the second sorcerer. If you plan to keep him, DEFINITELY get a dispel scroll for him. Other than that, buy him a charmed shield just so he can have a shield to get a 3+ armor save for cheap.

If you're taking an exalted hero, he should be your BSB. Use the saved points from your lord's loadout to make him one. The helm of discord is too expensive for what it does unless you have leadership lowering abilities (which you do not). Swap it out for an enchanted shield and save points.

Units of warriors: These look solid and in decent sizes. I'd keep them as they are. Consider that with such potent characters in them, they might not need champions. You absolutely MUST get a +1 leadership banner in Tzeentch warrior unit. This stacks with your general and will give your army a 12" leadership 10 bubble. You do not need more warriors or marauders.

Hounds: Hounds are always good. I might consider making them poisonous instead of that extra hound, but it'll all work out fine, 2 units is almost always a good idea.

Hellcannons: Solid choices that are devastating, if they work. Having 2 is a nice insurance that at least one of them will do something but also consider that you are spending 400+ points on a war machine that might miss and do nothing, let alone rampage.

With your remaining points you need speed. Your army consists of 2 chaff units and 2 slow units. Get some high movement things. Your choices are vast. The hellcannons are taking up most of your rare slots, so you can't get most of the big monsters or skull crushers unless you lose one. Here are your remaining choices.

Knights, a solid fast unit. you could potentially mount you chaos sorcerer or exalted hero to increase their armor save and put them in this unit.

Chimera. A good solid monsters. Regeneration is mandatory, flame breath is optional.

Dragon Ogres. Solid strength 5+ attacks that have great damage output due to stomps. They will generally cause more wounds than knights but also take more wounds in return.

Ogres and trolls. I wouldn't recommend them. They are movement 6, but not swiftstride, so they are only medium speed. They are still both solid units.

Chariots. Both flavors of chariots are potent are great at supporting warrior blocks.

Forsaken with mark of Slannesh. I wouldn't recommend these guys because you have so much infantry already.

Another point to note is that the stubborn crown would pair well on your general considering having stubborn is really handy when you're invincible.

07-04-2013, 04:38
Trolls are some of the best units in WOC - 35 points for a ws3 st5 regen troll that can throw up at str5 no armor? Toss in Throgg and you get a breath template with stomp on charge? They are absolutely devastating.

I'd dump the Hell Cannons - they are too expensive and random.

MoS Knights on a flank (they won't need the BSB/General), Skull Crushers are OKAY - they are just ultra-expensive and you may not get your points back and MoK is the only mark that can be lost - so you would need to take the Khorne banner to keep it making an expensive unit even more so - so they aren't very good price point wise.

Dragon Ogres aren't very good when compared to trolls or even ogres.

If you want fast stuff - take chariots - lots of chariots. Toss on MoN and watch your opponent cry as 3+ chariots charge into their 30 man halbardier unit and massacre them. Chariots are the bread and butter of WOC that isn't a troll army. At 120 points they are just amazing -1 to hit (MoN) with WS5 and 3+ save with multiple wounds AND core? Heck yeah!