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06-04-2013, 11:19
Lords: 516

Lord (246)
-Bow of Loren, Arcan Bodkins (4 ignore armor shots), Amaranthine Brooch, Light Armor, Shield

Archmage, Lore of Beasts (270)
-Level 4, Dispel Scroll

Heroes: 500

BSB (140)
-Glitter Armor, Sword of ASF

Eagle Noble 1 (179)
-Armor of Destiny, Shield, Spear

Eagle Noble 2 (181)
-Helm of the Hunt (+1 A/WS on Charge), Hail of Doom Arrow (1 use 3d6 S4 arrows), Light Armor, Shield, Spear

Core: 654
Eternal Guard (1x24) Full Command
Glade Guard (1x12)
Dryads (2x8)

Special and Rare: 830

Treekin (1x4)

Has defeated Twin White Lion Hordes.

Is duel Treeman cheesy?

A long time ago, there were two eagles in the list. But they failed at pretty much anything useful (except for re-direction). Re-direction is desperate, and I wanted to move away from such things so my chaff became more capable killers by putting nobles on top. Now they can raze war machines, take a cannon to the face (Eagle 1), slaughter spearmen, and ignore small arms fire (long range glade guard and high elf archers).

The dryads were 1x16 for a while. They could do what I needed them to do (distract a horde and cause some damage) before being ruthlessly crushed. Conserving points is not high on my priorities (I don't play on a team). They became 2x8 after a while to increase my drops and disrupt Shadow Warriors.

The Treekin are fun to run straight into High Elf core, with no concern for life. They do surprisingly well sometimes. They die to what you'd expect, but that isn't really a surprise. It allows for the Bow of Loren to make a few more injuries, than I'm happy to give them up.

260 points to get a few more shots madness? Its a long story, but against High Elves 8 ignore armor shots can do sufficient damage to most elites and cavalry. Of course, that spell is a priority for countering which gets me more Wild Forms, Curses, and Spears through. Those spells can be equally frustrating, but its sad to see 30+ White Lions shot to death (with arrows) over 4 turns.

Lore of Beasts is better for my aggressive nature (and 8 bow shots). The only spell I am not fond of is Transformation. I find Lore of Life to be too cumbersome.

The eternal guard are always wider than whatever I hope to smack in the face. I used Rhymer's harp a long time ago, but the character holding it become rather easily taken out without contributing much to combat resolution. The BSB and the Lord go in this unit to provide some cover to the unit. Directed attacks are less likely to wound these two models and can save a lot of resolution, because the gains of killing them are always good. Amulet of Light would be an issue, but so far I have been lucky with that.

Its been fun playing this list. I am retiring its use after the new High Elf book to make something more interesting. With ASF gone, some of the other army book options open up a little more, as in, they might actually do something in close combat before being horribly mauled. Its always more exciting that way.

What do you think?

06-04-2013, 15:22
Your layout is a little clustered and not that easy to read, any chance you could throw in a few more spaces please?

The Highborn doesn't really need the ward save, nor does he need the armour and shield. Instead, I'd recommend giving him the Charmed Shield so he can dodge the first cannonball that comes his way, and the Annoyance of Nettlings as it's great for keeping him safe vs Scar-Vets and other mounted characters that try to hunt him down and can't Thunderstomp.

At 2500, you can get the Moonstone on the level 4 which I would absolutely recommend. If you can find the points, I'd also recommend putting MR2 onto the mage as it helps take the edge off of Death magic and magic missiles.

Your BSB isn't really going to be able to fight anything relevant, he's just too easy to kill and does very little damage. The BSB is also incredibly important to Wood Elves, so I really don't agree with the idea of trying to kit him out to do well in combat, as he should rarely be there unless you can't avoid it. Instead, I'd suggest going with the more standard Asyendi's Bane and Hail of Doom Arrow combinations- it's standard for a very good reason, which is that it's a very good combination.

I've tried double Eagle Nobles, and for the most part I find the second just gives diminishing returns and usually ends up being a little too easy to kill, even with the Armour of Destiny. I'd suggest dropping your second one, who is just far too easy to kill against pretty much anything relevant and adds very little, and swap the kit around on the first one. A lot of people, myself included, have had good results with Warrior Bane, Dragonhelm and Amaranthine Brooch along with light armour and shield. If you want him to hit a little harder you can swap Warrior Bane out for a Great Weapon and Potion of Foolhardiness, but then he has a slightly different role so it will depend what you want him to do- when I want mine to be more of a tank (for example, when I only have 2 Treemen) I'll go with the former option, or if I have enough doorstops and want him to hit harder to hunt small units and Ironblasters I'll go with the 2nd option. Both are good, they just do slightly different things.

Without beating around the bush too much, Eternal Guard are just all sorts of awful, really a terrible and pointless unit. They lose to everything relevant in combat, and kill nothing. They need a massive amount of support in order to not be awful, and even then they're just not viable in their current incarnation. Dropping them will get you a unit of 20 Glade Guard with full command and the flaming banner.

I don't think you get any real benefit from taking more than 10 Glade Guard in a unit beyond the one compulsory larger unit with the flaming banner. They also need a musician.

As you've said, Treekin can do well if your metagame has a lot of infantry. However, as soon as you start playing against tougher lists with armour, cavalry and monstrous cavalry Treekin quickly become an expensive liability. They're great on paper, but in practice they're unplayable in competitive metagames.

At 2500 you can get an eagle in as well as 2 Treemen. Drop whatever you have to in order to get this in, as it is extremely important.

Out of interest, you mention a couple of times that you're getting 8 shots with the Highborn- how is this? He gets 4 basic, and then 3 from Savage Beast, where is the 8th coming from?

06-04-2013, 16:40
8 shots is a mistake. *cough* Its 7 (a long time ago, he was also an alter).

I guess I should have been a little more clear with my characters. The BSB and Highborn are both used in combat to defend the Eternal Guard (10 or 12 wide), if that makes any sense. I've been using my BSB and archer lord to defeat hordes by hanging around with eternal guard. The Eternal Guard Kill White Lions just fine (sadly I only need the EG to kill 4 or 5 WL). My set up was specific to reacting to the High Elves I faced quite frequently. The BSB is surprising resilient to White Lions. The ASF sword had some kind of origin, but I forget why I started using it. The EG WL slayers are gimmicky but were fun. At best, 11 WL (of a starting unit of 30) made contact with my unit (AB stand and shoot and previous shots), Killing 4 Eternal Guards. The Lord and Noble could take out a few (depending on buffs), the EG had enough attacks to finish them off. Wild Form I found more or less made the EG useful for what I wanted them to do.

The duel Eagle Riders evolved from regular eagles just failing. Plus, they could always hang around the archmage for buffs in desperate yet exciting times. I also found that spending the points on characters worked out better for me. I don't remember why I picked the gear I did. I think at one point I had Eagle 1 with +2 S Sword and Enchanted Shield. He eventually ended up with Armor of Destiny as I was finding I just wanted him to live one or two wounds longer at what he was doing (often, killing HE archers). Eagle 2 had the ever so important 'arrow of solving one problem'. He was the weaker of the two more often than not. If I keep one of the eagles, I will take your build into consideration (I will never need Warriors bane, so probably just a spear instead).

**The BSB had AoN a long time ago, I dropped it because he was combated to death by White Lions with no champs or characters. So I took the Armor and the Sword to make him less vulnerable to ASF shenanigans.

06-04-2013, 17:57
Well if it's working against him then by all means keep doing it. However, he is doing something badly wrong if it is working :/