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08-04-2013, 03:49
Hello All, I'm thinking of getting into Dark Elves and have done up a draft 2400 point list to collect to. I'm keen to hear what people think. I'm going for a competitive army based around 3 Peg riders as I'm keen to convert these up.

Dreadlord - Dark Pegasus, Heavy Armour, Giant Blade, Pendant of Khaleth, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield
Supreme Sorceress- L4, Earthing Rod

Cauldron of Blood - BSB
Master - Dark Pegasus, Cloak of Hag Graef, Dawnstone, Shield, Halberd, Heavy Armour
Master - Dark Pegasus, Armour of Eternal Servitude,Dragonbane Gem, Halberd, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield

10 Dark Elf Warriors - Muso+Standard
30 Dark Elf Warriors - FCG
8 Dark Riders - Muso+Repeater Xbows
7 Dark Riders - Muso+Repeater Xbows

6 Shades
6 Shades
6 Shades
30 Witch Elves - FCG, Banner of Swiftness

08-04-2013, 20:51
I usually see the Stubborn Crown on such a Dreadlord. You could drop the Giant Blade and replace it with a Great Weapon leaving you the points for either the Dawnhelm (retains your 2+, and give 2++ vs fire) or the Armor of Darkness (1+ sv). You only get S6 and you strike last, but you can tie up anything almost indefinitely while you wear them down with your four attacks.

You can try the Hag Cloak + Dawnstone, but a straight up 4++ on top of a 2+ or 1+ save generally gives you more protection. A metal or other armor ignoring attack will easily paste that master.

Another useful Master build is the +1 Sv armor, the Ring of Hotek, dual repeater pistols (4x shots), and a Dark Pegasus. You can fly him near enemy units, shoot, and wait for miscast fun.

The Witchelves would probably do better with the DE AP banner (Banner of Murder). With S3 attacks, the -1 save really helps.

If you decide to turn one of the infantry units into shooters, the Guiding Eye is a good trick for the Supreme Sorc to buy. Re-rolling misses with 20-40 S3 AP xbow shots can really destroy a closing unit.

Don Zeko
09-04-2013, 00:33
Too many characters! Elf characters are expensive, and DE troops are great. I'd drop the dreadlord and shave maybe 5 witch elves off of the WE unit, then use those points to bulk out both warrior units and buy a unit of 20 black guard. Also, I wouldn't feel comfortable in any competitive or semi-competitive setting without a dispel scroll. Drop the earthing rod and get a scroll instead. What lore do you plan on using on your mage?

09-04-2013, 01:28
You have far too many points put into characters and almost nothing to speak of when it comes to units. You really need more bodies...a lot more bodies. You have almost nothing in the way of high strength hitting power to cut through armour.

09-04-2013, 01:34
dark riders are total crap IMO... id swap them for regular crossbows which can be outfitted with shields. Make the witch unit about 25 at most and run them 7 wide. also rune of khaine is a good pick for the champ. drop a shade unit and make the remaining two with 8 each. drop the 10 man unit of warriors and either add it to the other unit or try to salvage some points for a chariot (you can tie up units with pegasus and hit in flank.) As for magic, since youre going melee heavy with only one mage, id say it would be wise to take a ring of hotek. also add a banner of discipline to the warriors since they will most likely not be in range of the general