View Full Version : Another Heroic Killing Blow question!

08-04-2013, 15:29
Hey everyone. I have scanned across other threads covering HKB, but none quote cover what I wanted to ask about. I am planning on giving a Vampire (Hero) Master Strike (for Heroic Killing Blow) and the Sword of Swift Slaying (for ASF and a re-roll to hit vs lower initiative), plus buff him with a re-roll to wound from a spell to give me a decent chance of nobbling something big and scary like a HPA or Screaming Bell. He'll have a hit on 3+ vs most things with a re-roll, then 5+ to wound with HKB with a re-roll from the spell.

Is there anything wrong with what I am planning to do?

Lance Tankmen
08-04-2013, 15:45
nope, except.. why not use quick blood? isnt it under 50 for both HKB n ASF in the blood lines?

08-04-2013, 16:08
It is, but I'm playing 1000 points, and as the Sword is 5 points cheaper than QB, I can fit them both into my Hero allowance - the limit is 250, and taking Quick Blood would have come to about 254.

I have a 100 point naked level 2 Necro as well.