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26-05-2006, 13:29
Hi there.

Two days ago our Blood Bowl box arrived (short of a block dice:eyebrows: ).
Just minutes ago our third game using just the basic rules (hey, my brother isnīt that fast at reading) ended.

We played Orcs vs humans, my Orcs won 2:0, humans vs Orcs, my humans won 1:0 and Orcs vs Lizardman, the game ended 1:1 but I won the dice roll.

So, now we eill use all the rules for our further games and I want to test the Orc team I would use in a league- if we ever find enough other players.

I came up with this, but not alot thought went into it.Also I donīt have much experience.

The Boarhide Tribe (Orcs)

4 Blitzers 320.000 gold
-I scored 3 touchdowns with my Orcs, all of them made by blitzers. They picked up the ball and started running. I have more faith in ever single one of them than the rest of the team combined.

5 linemen 250.000 gold

2 throwers 140.000 gold
-they always got beaten up while getting into a good position with the ball

2 Gobbos 80.000 gold
-Well, since I used the team from the box I have no experience with them, but want at least two in my league team. Should I buy them at the beginning or later on?

3 re-rolls 180.000 gold

3 fan factor 30.000 gold

That would be a total of 1.000.000 gold (by the way, I dont care if you use a "." like we would use a "," and my numbers donīt make sense to you because of that :p )

This is only for single games against humans (maybe) and Lizardmen (they will have a kroxigor).

How does the team sound? The blackorcs dindīt do much, didnīt move much and just pushed sauri forth and back until those ran past them and knocked down my blitzers/throwers.

And I hate skinks, you would understand that when a skink pushs your blitzer into an angry mob of fans, leading to a blitzer on reserve (the only one the Lizzies could take out), a lost ball and a failed touchdown:cries:

Anyway, tell me what you think, what I should change and give me lots of tipps and please do it fast (because Iīm going to France tommorrow and wonīt have I-net) and I will reward you with my teams history, neat minies full of funny details and a self-build arena with rusted nails on the enemyīs reserve benches :angel:

Autobot HQ
26-05-2006, 14:15
3 fan factor is almost asking for death if you plan to gain experience. Someone will die, and FF3 just wont generate the money to replace them. And if you're playing one-off games the goblins aren't required, you don't need 13 players. I'd much rather have 6 linemen and FF6, and that would probably carry you through a league as well.

4 Blitzers, 6 Lineorcs, 2 throwers, 3RR and FF6 will be fine. Probably survive in both league play and one offs.


26-05-2006, 14:20
(I've not played very much with these recent new-fangled rules updates, so people can feel free to contradict what I'm saying)

I've played with Orcs a bit, I find they become really solid in leagues - they've got good toughness, decent speed and decent strength going for them. You might lose a couple of games near the beginning against really nippy people, but once you start to rack up the spp's you're laughing.

You're not a fan of the Black Orcs? I find them pretty handy. Essentially, they're just a lineman, a little slower and a little stronger. I'd use them in the same place though. Most people won't be able to field anyone stronger in their initial games (except Undead).

I like gobbos - they're great for packing out the team cheaply, and wicked in their own right.

I've never personally seen the need to take more than one thrower, even in league play. If he gets sacked, something is going very wrong...

And Orc Blitzers are ace. If you can afford it, deffo stick with 4. They rule.

Autobot HQ
26-05-2006, 14:57
id also usually go with one thrower, but if you're new and cant seem to protect them adaquetly then stick with two. If you think you can support them ok, drop one of them


26-05-2006, 15:13
3 fan factor is almost asking for death if you plan to gain experience.

Well, but do you need more for one-offs?

I took it because I had 30.000 left.

What do you need it for in one-offs except for the kick-off chart (? Is that the right term).

I want the gobbos just because I had the idea for two funny conversions before falling asleep. I could simply use the models to represent two linemen if theyīre useless.

Well, the black orcs. Against īumies they were okay to bash heads at the LoA, but against the Lizies they didnīt do that well. The Saurus have the same strenght and are faster. Without block they arenīt that hard to push back or knock down. But yeah, without the gobbos I could upgrade some linemen to black orcs.

The throwers suck, donīt they? I have the feeling that Orcs arenīt that great when it comes to throwing/catching.
I just took them because I somehow felt I had to, not because I really wanted them. And of course my strategy at the moment is a bit whacky.After my first games I now think that you should only use them to pick up the ball if youīre receiving then bomb it away and hope the best?

For league play later on, would you recommend 4 re-rolls at the cost of an 12th player? When should Orcs buy their crazy doks?

And thanks for every comment, I love this game! Itīs certainly better than Mordheim and maybe a tie with Necromunda for best specialist game. Maybe even better!

26-05-2006, 22:28
the pbbl rules are becoming official sometime soon, so ff isnt a key issue there but in the current set of rules even for a 1 of i try to get a decent amount of fan factor as it helps with some of the roll offs, for orcs i would only go with 1 thrower 4 blitzers 4 blackorcs- black orcs are good because there there for a front line to give the opponent something to hit, use the blitzers as the work horses of your team there your most crucial players, try not o put them on the front line if u can help it.i wouldnt go with gobbos for a 1 off, maybe in a league after igot some money but i would stick with orcs becasue they are stronger and more versatile, goblins are annoying but i find a full orc team works better

i play skaven, Choas Dwarfs, Nugles Rotters(for a laugh) (did do humans) and Pro Elves, orcs are proberbly one of the best teams in the game and are good all rounders

27-05-2006, 07:24
Hm, the list I made yesterday had

4 blitzers

2 blackorcs

1 thrower

4 linemen

3 re-rolls

7 (or 6) fan-factor.

I could take off some fan-factor to uprgarde a lineman to a blackork?
To be honest, I thought blackorcs were restricted to 0-2 :shy:

What would be a good line-up against Lizies? The blackorcs in the middle, linemen on the flanks with blitzers waiting behind them? So that the linemen can go down/take the opponent down and the blitzers run around the flanks without worrying about tackle zones?


Iīm off to France! This very minute! Bye

27-05-2006, 19:12
4 black orcs 4 blitzers 1 thrower and then linemen is the best way to go and chucking a orc with a chainsaw carnt go amiss either