View Full Version : A question and The 4 chaosgods, the comedy fiction.

27-05-2006, 11:53
Hi, firstly does anybody know when the 7:ed ( or (8:th?) is going to be realesed?

And secondly, does anybody have my stories or some story of the four chaos gods saved on their computer?
I would really like to repost them here on warseer, but I rebooted my comp and well the stories are now gone, so please if anybody have please PM them to me and I will give you cred in the thread about the stories :)

wiz ;)

27-05-2006, 14:42
Well... if they were posted on the forum during its current version as Warseer, all you have to do is do a search and you should find the stories.

As for 7th edition, rumours has it that it is going to be released sometime during the later part of the summer or early fall

27-05-2006, 16:33
OK thanks, no it was Portent, man, those stories where so great. :(