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28-05-2006, 23:54
Alright, I was having a slightly retarded brain-storm today(It involved shooting, Imperial Guardsmen, Gamesday, and chicken.) and started thinking about Lazer Tag. I put my brain-storm and the Lazer Tag together and came up with-

Gamesday Imperial Guardsman Lazer Tag Chicken

My idea involves getting a few LT guns from Wal-Mart and instead of using the ****** gun shells that are supplied, I'll be creating a few Lasguns(Now, called by me, Lazguns...when I remember.), wire them with the LT gun stuff, bum a few of my gaming buddies to gang together and call ourselves a club, and get into Gamesday and be the most kick-ass club thingy they've ever had.

Yep, that's my plan.

However, I'm fairly sure Gamesday people won't let me do this. What do you guys think? Do you think they'll let me do it? I know they have seperate rooms in the Gamesday 'hall' thing, those would be perfect to set up some awesome(Yet fake) cityfight terrain. Put the 'recievers'(The things with the health.) on a piece of Cadian Body armour and let anyone who is interested organize a fire-team and go in against the enemy. That's...fairly interesting, right? Do you think they'll let me do -that-?


29-05-2006, 00:05
not sure what the US games days are like, but the UK one's packed to the gills, having a group of people in the middle of that making dashes and sudden dives to dodge lasers would be...well, stupid. Stupid to a colossal degree.

If the US ones have enough space that you can get the game running smoothly without getting in anyone's way, then it's woth a shot.

If you're suggesting having it as one of the "club games" there, I can't honestly see you being allowed to.

29-05-2006, 15:34
Charax is right about trying to mix this with regular GD activities - bad idea. In fairness, I see that that's not what you're suggesting, but be prepared to have to talk nervous organisers around to the idea that you're not going to start charging around exchanging shots over the gaming tables.

[begin ramble]

If you're going to make a decent job of doing your stuff up as 40K weapons (although I'd suggest Catachan or Tanith might be a little easier than Cadian) then you might be able to talk the organisers into giving you some space as a sort of novelty/diversion/random extra cool stuff event for a bit of extra Games Day buzz. However, speaking as someone who's in the throes of serving on the committee for an SF convention in a couple of weeks, a few of points of advice.

Firstly, even if you're in a separate space, as soon as you start talking about people running and jumping about, diving for cover and waving hardware around, you're talking a whole extra level of liability cover and supervision. However much that makes you want to roll your eyes and groan, it's a real issue for people organising this stuff: be prepared to be asked what supervision you're going to be able to provide and what happens if something goes wrong. If you're doing your job right then half the con organiser's brain will be thinking "hey, that would be pretty cool", but if they're doing theirs right they'll already be thinking "so what happens if little Jimmy trips over and sprains his knee and his dad starts dialling his lawyer, or if some random guy gets a little too het up at the guy who's just zapped him and just hauls off and smacks him across the mouth with his gun?" This may not be an issue if you're horsing around with your friends at home but as soon as you do it as part of an event, however joy-killing it is, it's an issue.

Secondly, if you're still going to pitch this, do it well in advance. The very strong odds are that the floor space for GD will have been meticulously planned out, allocated, fought over, booked, paid for and confirmed way way way ahead. You won't get far showing up a week beforehand asking for a big room to play Lazer Cityfight in.

In general, the way to look at it is this: you're about to suggest adding one more element to a huge, migraine-inducingly complicated affair with a million different things already needing to be juggled and organised. When you show up with the million and first, the more stuff you've thought of and planned out the better. You'll win some instant good will by showing up and saying "we want to do laser tag, and here's the space we think we'll need, and here's our plan for supervising, and here's our roster of people, and here's our equipment and storage needs, and here's our proposed terrain, and here's how the bouts would run, and here's what we thought of for signage and publicity and prizes, and..." As opposed to "we got these tag guns. Gizza room. You guys can sort all that other stuff, can't you?"

If you can show you can bring something extra and cool to the event, and do it without creating a crate of extra work for the administrators, then hey, why not? You might even set up something that other GDs will want to emulate.

[end ramble]