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06-06-2013, 20:12
Hi all.
I'm a huge Quest fan and have managed to get my lad into it recently as well as my warhammer playing mate finally!
Anyway, the one aspect I was never keen on was the post game of Quest.me and my bro when we played eventually found the travel from the dungeon and the 'uneventful days' a real chore. With this in mind I've got a bar room generator where events happen and the results of the events are dictated by yes no decisions you make.it's in excel and has a great deal of possible outcomes, an aspect of it being temporary luck bonuses or detriments to represent confidence given or taken by situations.
Anyway, I'm pleased with the bar, the macros work so u just answer the questions etc, but I want another location...
It would have to be fairly generic that most people would visit... I'm even considering different TYPES of drinking establishments, wine bars or exclusive bars, dives and real scum dens, but am looking for some more inspiration.
I'm also working on an automatic excel generated gambling den where you are give horses to back or fighters and odds etc with weighted random results and a puzzle generator, so people will have to solve them to unlock doors or disarm traps.
I love excel...

07-06-2013, 20:28
I love the thought of this. Some good ideas here.

Perhaps for the Wizard you could have some sort of oracle puzzle where you attempt to divine the future (getting luck bonuses) by reading the constellations etc.
I have also toyed with the idea of banks and having investment options, but not really thought about it in too much detail.

I like where this thread could go and I hope it helps provide lots of great new ideas.

07-06-2013, 20:44
Cool idea! Gambling den / casino maybe?

08-06-2013, 11:45
I was putting the gambling den off cos I can just seen what a pain it will be but I think it has to be done doesnt it?I'll go with the fights then, should be fun to come up with.I may even let it track win loss records...
I like the idea of a magic based puzzle.I'm thinking it has to be randomly generated. The first idea I have is for a letter lock where YPU get given a series of numbers, each the position of a letter in the alphabet and you have done time to mentally input the code.I was thinking that the time limit could be determined by your charicters intelligence? Simple, easy to get and a bit different I suppose. A number one is another option too... Keep the ideas flowing guys and I'll get cracking on the fighting den.

08-06-2013, 14:37
What I tend to do for puzzles, is look up appropriate game apps.......for sci-fi I've got game apps for building circuits or positioning laser beams, for fantasy I've got thing like ball mazes and cogs. Pretty much the player cannot do anything whilst try to sort the puzzle in real time, and the other players have to defend them.

19-06-2013, 21:09
Hey all

So I have finished the fighting booth gambling location for quest

You should be able to download it with the following link

I think anyway. You will need Macros enabled and I did them in Excel 2001 so anything later SHOULD run them just fine...

The bar is simple to run guys, click generate event then answer the questions. You can clear it after with the clear all button.
The fights are pretty similar, there is a button to generate then one after each round and a clear button. You have a betting slip in the top courners to fill in... I limit this to 1k per bet and three fights a settlment. Let me know how you get on with it.

For those of you interested I have a game generator too. I'll stick the link below, be warned, it's MASSIVE!!! It has every treasure card in it and a system for it to randmly generate you a treasure. Also, there is a little monster table at the back but I'm working on making this MUCH better!

Enjoy guys