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14-06-2013, 10:53
Hey guys, just a quick heads up. I was having a game last night, and i was trying out my warrior priest for the first time. All and all, i'd say he was a fun character to play as, because his weapon skill was low and you cant use any extra armor, except furs, but he was still a beast on a natural 6 roll. I like going characters that dont just empty the dungeon straight away, it gives more reason for strategy.
Anyway after doing a few quests and getting to level 3, i came across a treasure from the "objective room treasure table" which was "the rune of death". Now im not normally 1 to moan about this, but after not being able to use my last 3 objective treasures, because i can only carry a hammer and not allowed armor, i was chuffed to have an item that does such damage...

(Cant remember exactly what it says, but its something along the lines of,)

"This stone has a dwarf rune embossed upon its surface and its warm to the touch.

When pressed into contact with any bladed weapon, the runestone burns a rune of death into the blade and then vanishes, the rune of death itself is permanent.

If the to hit roll with this weapon is a natural 6, the rune of death causes an extra 2D6 wounds on the target.

I just need to know, does this mean it can only be used for swords? Im guessing it does, but i was so pissed off last night, after finding something that was so powerful, then being told i can't have it once again, but my mate, who was the witch hunter was allowed 2 of these and whatever else he had for his sword, which actually gave him 6 dice to roll for damage on a natural 6... Doesn't really seem to fair. Im just wondering what people thought, as the warrior priest wasn't really considered in the treasure tables at the time they were being made, and how even though runes can be fitted to hammers, this rune suits being stuck to a dagger more than it does a hammer??? And even though i cant have it for my guy who cant have any treasure anyway, whe witch hunters allowed two of them, plus summat else i cant remember giving him 6 damage dice on a natural 6 at just level 3...

Again, i just wanted to see if anyone else came across this little problem, or just wanted to see what the hardcore heads had to say about this... is it fair?? Should it be changed for house rules sake?

14-06-2013, 13:28
Two things. First of, despite his name the warrior priest isn't meant to be a front line killer. He's a support character that can swing a hammer and specializes in fighting chaos and undead.

Secondly, Quest is not a balanced game. We frequently handle situations as they come up by consensus. If your fellow players agree, by all means put it on your hammer.

14-06-2013, 14:15
Yeah i agree it isn't meant to be front line, but we thought we'd try a game with just 2 characters for once. Suppose i can't argue too much, seen as though the only other item of treasure i have been able to keep was "the hammer of sigmar" (which is pretty much the only weapon on the table for W.P.) so it's not all that bad, i'm just sick of being lumbered with all the wizards treasure.

Which also reminds me, I'm having a bit of trouble understanding what wizard treasure is acceptable, and which is not, for instance, i got the finger of doom treasure card, which is a permanent spell. I ended up selling it because it didn't seem right to be able to cast a spell that isn't in the priests holy book. I think i was right in this decision, but was still unsure.

I'm not expecting anyone to fully explain every single wizard treasure, but i was just wondering if there's some basic rule or outline to how it works. I read it in the priest's book, but I'm still skeptical about weather I'm right or not.

Thanks in advance

15-06-2013, 16:25
We ended up house ruling the warrior priest with an extra point of weapon skill and toughness at level 1 after finding him to neither be a warrior nor a very good priest, particularly when his healing abilities caused damage. The slight tweak made him a decent character, with some fighting ability and some usefull buffs without being overpowered in either and his equipment limitations still keep him from being a true front liner.

I've always found it odd that all the runes specify they need to be placed on a blade, doesn't seem to make any sense. Like snottlebocket says, just houserule it with the group, we allowed runes on swords, axes and hammers.

I've not read the priest rulebook for a while but I think a good general guidline would be if it adds power to spell casting, he can use it, otherwise it's wizard only. The best advice however is probably the same as with the runes: discuss it with the group, houserule, done ;)

Also, I've always found it frustrating that the hammer of sigmar is the only weapon the priest can use. If you're going to be using him for a while it may be worth checking out some of the alternate treasure tables that are out there.

16-06-2013, 20:11
I'd have just kept hold of all the treasure you can't use, sell it in town, and buy up as much goodies as you can so you can simply outlive anything that comes your way :P. What's a death-rune to a dead warrior aye?

18-06-2013, 06:04
Everyone has there own little house rules.we forgo traveling dangers as they don't scale and a lot of the post game content is being redone by us. We also use luck as a more flowing commodity to represent people having confidence etc. Luck can be used to increase or decrease a dice roll by one instead of rerolling if you choose... Loads of stuff.
The only thing we try to keep is things clearly intended, so our WP only use hammers, but I'd allow that rune.without it your screwed late on. I wouldn't allow it on a hammer of sigmar though...

18-06-2013, 22:40
The Warrior Priest has his moments and in my experience it is not stood at the front racking up kills. His gold comes from the 5gp per healed wound rule :D

Sat behind the frontline, spamming +1 A blessing onto a fighter and pimping out his rings power, he is content and happy and will quickly grow into a moderately useful party member although not a patch on the utility of the Witch Hunter, the healing prowess of the wizard or the fighty goodness of the Barbarian. Even his role as a combat caster is made to look pants by the hilariously powerful Elf Ranger.

Of course the rune can be used on a hammer, whats a few words of flavour text, you need all the help you can get. There isn't even the 3 runes to a weapon limit in Quest that comes later (our party had a regenerating dwarf stacking 8 runes of restore one wound per turn :D )