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21-06-2013, 19:54
Greetings to all of you fans of Warhammer Quest! Clearly, you have excellent taste in pseudo RPG-boardgames as much as I do. Or, perhaps you enjoy a random dungeon generator, who's to say. Perhaps I'm in the minority ,but I actually enjoy this game as an RPG as it is, using it's rules and some of the expansion rules (as I find them in White Dwarf and Deathlbow). Yes, I think WQ makes for an excellent light RPG with an old school feel for me as a 30 something professional with virtually no time to absorb hundreds page core manuals. I'm lucky in that my group and I have enough base knowledge of the Warhammer World to just play a sweeping light RPG epic and accomplish several adventures in just one evening. Now that we have combined this game with Mighty Empires, we have added a gorgeous 3D map of the provinces in adventure in (that takes for ever to set up! haha). Anyway, all this is to ask, does anyone else play this game as a light RPG? If you do, do you have some house rules or expansions you can share with me that adds some more depth to your games?

Second, and maybe most important, I am PLEAING with you custom community, PLEASE, CAN SOMEONE MAKE WOODLAND BASED WHQ TILES?? I have seen Sha'el's excellent jungle tiles and I felt that it was SO close to what I am looking for. Having Roads, Forest Paths, Wooded Glades and Cairns opens the door to another depth to the game involving Beastmen, Chaos and Wood Elves!!! I was shocked to find out no one has produced Forest based tiles before. Heck, I'm willing to "donate" to someone for their time to produce these kinds of tiles, because frankly, I do not have the skills to do it myself. Anyone out there? If someone has already done this, please send me a link! Thank you everyone for your time!!

22-06-2013, 00:55
Hi amigo, welcome!

Not to sound rude about the quest community here, but I've tended to find they are very active and vocal if your posting reports etc but for stuff like the above, perhaps less so.

You know, I'm very much on your wave length. I have been working for a while now to get it to be more RPG but I only ever play it with two adventurers at the mo so can't afford a DM, hance my quest to get a procedurally generated DM of sorts. I'm a big fan of choice and not a big fan of this games post game content and am also trying to draw a friend of mine into this game, knowing how good and fun it can be. Unfortunately the two games we have played have been painfully boring in comparison to the ones I've had with my son (in one I was a noble and rolled horribly and he was a pit fighter and so could wear no armour we found and had a better weapon than most we came across, meaning the excitment of looting was diminished, and in the other we got squished by an ogre, which was at LEAST funny!)
I think more story elements would be great to draw him in, more RPG stuff.

In another post (the one asking about ideas for locations) I;ve stuck a couple of spreadsheets with some stuff on that you may find fun, but let me know how you get on and I'll keep you up to date with ideas I've had etc.

Cheers and good luck!

22-06-2013, 08:42
The only reason I haven't made any out doors tiles is purely a selfish one. I don't like being restricted for space when playing a outside games. I'm lucky enough to play on 6ft by 4ft board for outside adventures.

Because of this I find it hard to be inspired or get the enough motivation, to build them. I MAY look at creating at least some corridors woodland sections, but don't quote me on this. Ideas for room areas will help me with the inspiration side.

As for RPG type scenarios I have so far 1 basic quest on my site with a bit of back story.....again time is always against me.....when I win the lottery i I'll have more free time.

Again with the RPG on my site I'm working on something currently for a zombie game, but I do intend to transfer these to fantasy and sci-fi.

All the ideas and no time to do them.....if any one would like to donate 1,000,000 for me to quit work, I'll get this all done :rolleyes:

22-06-2013, 14:39
Have you checked out Descent 2nd Ed? While the tiles for that game aren't 100% compatible with WHQ tiles, you can easily play outdoors (or dungeon) adventures using only the tiles from Descent.
The areas are fairly small, but then again so are those in WHQ.

For city adventures, nothing beats Rackham's Cadwallon tiles.They're sadly long out of print, but if you happen to come across them somewhere they're very sexy and very useful. They kind of demand a gamemaster though, since it's such large areas that are revealed with each tile.

Wizards of the coast releases regular tile sets for Dungeons & Dragons, and some of them have a forest theme. Here's one set.

None of them are entirely combinable with the basic WHQ tiles, in that the squares are usually slightly smaller and there is no black border to slot the doors onto. Doing an adventure with only D&D tiles or only Descent tiles should be very easy though!

22-06-2013, 15:27
Indeed it was the Descent Tiles that inspired me to ask the question of why. I tried Descent hoping it to replace WHQ, but sadly, it cannot replace it as it is a Tactical Miniatures Wargame only, as I have been curtly informed by the descent community.i have seen the D&D tiles as well and have considered them as my best possible option at this time. Two things have held me back though, one is the scale of the squares, and the other is just well...not having that Warhammer Quest touch to them. I don't have a 6x4 play area and scenery to use, but I don't think the outdoor environs would be too restricting if you look at it from the Descent perspective. I could be wrong of course, it very subjective. I was just hoping someone looked into this already.

I certainly appreciate all the comments. I'm new to this forum and wish I had found it years ago!

22-06-2013, 17:30
I can sympathise with the time restriction problem Crimso. I'm in my late 20s and don't have a gaming group at present, so I'm mainly just collecting and painting for now. I might crack out my brushes and create some boards though - there are some good guys on here who have made some very nice boards, and it'd be nice to get in on the action.

22-06-2013, 18:42
i'm part of the Lost And The Damned, a forum mainly for old-school gaming.
one of the guys there has been doing His Own WHQuest Sections (http://the-lost-and-the-damned.664610.n2.nabble.com/Warhammer-Quest-New-Rooms-td7071212.html) that are pretty Sexeh.. maybe worth signing up and PMing him?

22-06-2013, 20:56
@green stuff_gav - already here mate....answered above. Thanks for recommending me though.

22-06-2013, 23:01
and you didn't link your awesome work! bad talion! :)

23-06-2013, 05:49
It's my signature but links to my site a setup for them.

Edit: except for some reason my sig isn't showing

So www.quests-of-legend.weebly.com

24-06-2013, 19:24
What kinda rules are you after, Crimso? I have some prototype rules on fatigue, dungeon terrain and movement (loose rubble, frozen ground, rivers etc) that I still need to test but am happy to share.

Likewise, some of the members here helped me put together some rules for bartering when in settlements, and I'm waiting for a good chance to test them.

Either of those sound more like what your looking for?

24-06-2013, 20:54
Started playing around with a forest tile today, at the moment I'm not digging it, but it does just consist of grass and path at the moment and not any details.

3 room ideas I have are - toadstool fairy circle, quick mud, and standing stone

I'll look at posting 2 rooms for my dwarven mine set as well soon, need to do the cards, and finish the one area.

It's a shame I don't use any of these tiles myself - need to source a decent printer.

25-06-2013, 13:38
EldritchGamer: I guess I'm thinking along the lines of how one would handle social encounters or perhaps just stating up Chaos Cults and how you would play out villains. another thing I would ask if how about if anyone stat'ed out costs for raising armies, upkeep of keeps/towers. I have picked up Mighty Empire to kind of help me with that abstractly. I'm sure the game is not built for such depth, but I'm only trying to put together a skeleton system for player at higher levels engaging more in the Political Realm and military campaigns using our Warhammer Armies against a great incursion of some kind. It's just me thinking really. It's a tough straddle with two diffrerent and very good RPG versions of Warhammer in my possession. But WHQ allows me to be fast and loose and not have read 300 page core rules before each game (which sometimes have 6 to 8 month gaps) Talion: Thank you for even considering some work on Wooded Areas!! Looking further at the D&D Tiles, they would be great, but does anyone know if they scale well with 1990's era models?

25-06-2013, 13:52
Ok hows this it's a low res JPEG but as a standard corridor, and concept of the fairy ring



25-06-2013, 13:58
Double post

25-06-2013, 15:48
I think those are brilliant, Talion. Just a couple ideas for location while they are in my head would be Wood Elf/Beastmen Cairn (good objective size room idea), River Crossing, Open Glade/Clearing, Remote Cabin, Witch Camp, Narrow Path, Desecrated Shrine (Chaos Cult Objective Size Room), Marsh Clearing, Good Dirt Road/Path, Wooded Glad (creates line of sight issues with a couple tree obstacles), Caravan Ruins, Camp fire Clearing. Just some thoughts...from someone with no talent.

25-06-2013, 20:01
Amazing work as always talion! I have no idea how you manage to do such a good job on those tiles but I know I appreciate it to the nth degree!

As an aside I have a whole revision of quest in my sig that you are welcome to use. There are a ton of rules/balance changes but I think you would the most use of the adventure books for lustria/old world and soon the sewers. There are somewhere around 100 unique quests currently and growing that would be easy to adapt/expand for a light rpg session or 20...

25-06-2013, 21:12
Ok hows this it's a low res JPEG but as a standard corridor, and concept of the fairy ring

have you considered just plain tree/clearing tiles? must admit i'd be tempted to use 'em instead of rolling for travel!

25-06-2013, 21:40
Cheers guys......it's your positive comments that keep me motivated.

I will do a large clearing, the biggest size tile I can get on a sheet of A4 is 8 by 6 so I'll make one of these with just trees the problem is the branches of the trees will block everything............so I can either just have the trunks, or make the trees see through, I'll post a couple of testers and gauge your opinions.

26-06-2013, 16:44
Uuuuuhm.. If you want to do out-door games, why use tiles at all?

Just add a little mordheim mix. Use inches instead of squares for movement. Add some ranges to the ranged weaponry and you're done.

Right? :)

26-06-2013, 16:51
it's more about avoiding cross-system play; from personal point-of-view i'll be teaching my group how to play WHQuest, as 40k-exclusive-players they'll be picking up WHQuest rules as we go, so effectively using outdoor tiles to enhance the endless tables-between-games should help spur on their imagination... moving to Mordheim-rules is a complication methunks...

26-06-2013, 17:06
Mordhiem is also incredibly expensive and very hard to find. I have already crushed my budget just getting Warhammer Quest. I know, I can hear the world's smallest violin now. I will say though, that Mordheim makes some great Chaos Cult figs I would like to grab and use. I plan to use a little open world play like you mention, but I do also like the idea of trying to keep it contained and again, saves me more money and table space/storage space by not having tp use so much scenery...that's a lot of trees!

27-06-2013, 21:15
This is a very interesting discussion... I've often thought kind of rhetorically about the rules of the different versions of Warhammer Fantasy, skirmish, Mordheim and Warhammer Quest and wondered if there couldn't be some sort of universal ruleset to govern them all. Having labored on multiple occasions to absorb all the rules of WHFantasy in several different incarnations, it seems like there's more than enough complexity, but I DO enjoy the simplicity of games more like HeroQuest and WHQ. At some point I'll have enough practice in all of 'em to come up with rules I like so that we can play linking skirmishes/quests between our 2000 point battles that affect the outcome like in a campaign.

The easiest part of all this seems to me like it'd be using movement characteristics as "squares" of movement and/or inches. Gonna have a look over the additional WHQ rules posted previously though. Neat!

29-06-2013, 15:17
it's more about avoiding cross-system play; from personal point-of-view i'll be teaching my group how to play WHQuest, as 40k-exclusive-players they'll be picking up WHQuest rules as we go, so effectively using outdoor tiles to enhance the endless tables-between-games should help spur on their imagination... moving to Mordheim-rules is a complication methunks...

I'm not saying use all mordheim rules. I more mean there are a lot of similarities. If a model moves 4 squares, he can move 4 inch a turn. Etc etc

The only thing that changes between using a grid, and not.. are the movement and weapon ranges.

Examples I could think of my head:
- All movement is converted from squares to inches
- Single hand ranged weapons have a range of 12"
- Double hand ranged weapon have a range of 24"
- Ranged spells have a range of 24"

There you have some house rules. :P

30-06-2013, 07:08
Hi to all readers and WQ fans I'm been reading all your projects for a long time, and loving the continued joy and support of a much loved game which got me into GWS in the beginning. my project started 7 months ago but it's all paper work and research atm, reason being my half and I have had a baby joy and are getting married in 4 weeks, apparently that's more important than models?
Crimso I'm actually hoping to make a forest board from Fantascape resin bases. The way I can see it is I make the board tiles a little bigger so a 2x6 corridor will be a 4x6 board with the 3d woodland bases either side to create the illusion of a forest path and for bigger areas but few I be using the warhammer plastic trees to add height and look to the game.
Rules wise i'm just using the same in book. the dark forest the trees reach high into the sky where little light breaks through the canopy. so although the lantern is not needed each room is lit only by rays. traps well really the same again, this enables me to either use models from the two ranges I want to use savage orcs or beastmen. Fantascape have a good communication and good quality resin bases. Hopes this helps you

01-07-2013, 05:59
Hi Richard and welcome :)

It sounds like you have had your hands full!

I think the beauty of this game is that you can dip into it as-and-when you like.

I will check out those forest boards.

01-07-2013, 20:26
Yeah been busy which is why I decided that this be better option long run for me than a army. don't get me wrong 17 years, 19 armies I believe I have done my fare share lol but I sold all as soon as I knew Baby Gethin was on his way. Now looking at it money wise if I bought another army I wouldnt be able to get down to play at store and its a lot of money to sit around on shelf where it could go else where. this way I can like you say dip into it when I can and play in house with family and friends. Also throwing this out there anyone use hirst arts molds? dungeoncastings base in Britain have a site that I can make a table worth of dugeon with extras for under 4o quid but has anyone use them before and do they fit with our models?

31-07-2013, 19:42
Just a little update, I recently procured the D&D "Wilderness" Master Tile set. I have to say that this was a great idea in the long run. It really opens up a new world or scenarios to try using forests and clearings, all they way from Chaos Cults to Beastmen to who knows what else. The Warhammer Archway Clips seem to fit on the tiles just fine! However, please note that I would still of course still love to see some tiles made by the community here, but for now, I feel this is a great option. not only that, but it also appears that "The City" master tiles set contains quite a network of sewer tiles!!

On another note, having to do house rules, has anyone designed NPC's?? If so, what do you do? Also, how do you guys handle social encounters?