View Full Version : Toronto - Dueling Grounds

31-05-2006, 19:24
Has anyone ever played there? I was thinking about joining their Fantasy ladder league.... and I was curious as to what it was like there.. ie - avg age, attitude, etc of the gamers... and just general atmospere of the place was like?

07-06-2006, 18:20
I've gone there a few times, though only for 40k. The gamers age was mid teen, to early 30's. Unfortunetly it was the average maturity level, that has stopped me from becoming a regular. Granted there are a few great guys to game against in a nice quiet 1vs1 match, but not when you get 10 people down in that basement. Then the average age might as well be 12 :(

Now if your looking for a good game of fantasy swing by the Eaton Centre GW. The fantasy vets are just that veterans. Well rounded polite gamers, who don't aspire to too much cheese.

Your other option is sending me a PM since I live in T.O. and have my own 6'x4' gaming table.

Best of luck with where ever your gaming takes you.